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Good morning everybody and welcome to the Balancing Act.
I’m Julie Moran. Good morning, I’m Olga
Villaverde and this morning we are talking about something that
is so important today especially for you and me.
It’s family matters today from how to shop for car insurance
especially important when you have teens in the house that are
driving. Mine is 15, she got her permit like that so I’m a little
nervous about teenage driving in my house.
So we’re nervous about teenage driving and paying the insurance
that’s coming along with it. Absolutely.
So, great tips. The Balancing Act starts right
now. Stay tuned. (Music)
When was the last time you thought about your car
insurance? Probably only when that bill comes. Then you wonder
why does it cost so much. Well if you’ve wondered just that,
wether you’re getting the best possible price on your car
insurance we have some incredibly helpful information
you’ll want to hear about. Even if you haven’t thought about
shopping lately you’ll be surprised by what you might
learn. And here to explain is Andrew Rose, President and CEO
of Good morning Andrew. Great to have you here.
Good morning. Thank for having us.
Andrew, right off the bat what is a free fast easy way to shop for auto insurance.
Easiest way to think about it, you use those travel sites to
book hotels, to book airlines, etc. Exact same thing but for
auto insurance. It’s a simple easy way to do it. Apples to
apples comparisons to let you understand up front how to get
the best deal on your auto insurance.
But aren’t there other companies who say they’ll compare
insurance rates for you? There are. There are other
companies out there that will do that, but we’re different.
Ok. They’re other guys out there
that will give you estimates. They’ll give you calculations
etc., but you can’t buy those and if you can’t buy them why
are you going thru the whole process. There are some out
there that will give you rates, but then you have to buy thru
them. You want to buy thru the insurance company that you’ve
just quoted from and that’s where were different. That’s
where makes its’ mark. We allow you to come to
our site, get all the information and then you can
purchase thru that insurance company the way that you want.
Over the phone, over the web or in person with an agent. You
decide. Now who should be comparing auto
insurance rates and can anyone benefit?
Who shouldn’t? Ok Perfect.
Is probably an easier question. We’re all out their driving. We
all have to have our auto insurance. We all out there want
to save money. We do it on gasoline. We’re going to drive
from one gas station to the next to save a few pennies. Cutting
coupons for the grocery store. Well those are pennies. Your
auto insurance is huge dollars. Over time you’re going to spend
thousands of dollars in the auto insurance. If you got the wrong
one you might be spending way to much and our objective at is to give you the opportunity to compare lots of
rates all at once. Make sure you get the right deal. Now, we
can’t promise everybody that we’re going to save you money.
Nobody should do that. We can’t promise that every person’s
going to get tons of rates on our site, but it’s an
opportunity to go to one place and get a bunch of quotes rather
then just one. How actually does
work? works just like
those travel sites. Ok.
You’ve gone to those to book hotel rooms or airlines.
Sure. You come to one spot, you enter
your details once and then you get back a bunch of rates all at
once. If you’re going to spend the fifteen minutes or the seven
and a half minutes whatever they’re arguing about these
days, why not get a bunch. You them back in real time and
they’re accurate. You can buy them right then and there. Your
choice. You’re in control. Nobody sells your information.
It’s just to make it easier for you to make sure you’re getting
the right price for the right coverage for you.
Alright now, women are watching this show and I want to know if
there’s anything important that you think that our female
audience and our viewers should know about
Ok, well they have to promise not to tell the guys, but I’ve
been in the insurance industry for a long time, they are better
risks, they are better drives and their obviously better
shoppers. And so from that stand point they’re the ones that can
go out their and prove they can get a whole lot better deal. is a simple easy way to do that. It’s an easier way
for you to save money and we hope that you’ll go to and see what you can save.
Well first of all I love the fact that it’s free. I love the
fact that it’s one stop shopping. That’s really
important because who wants to go and look at, you know, 45
different insurance companies. I mean I want to go, I want to see
it, I want the data and I want to shop.
There are more then two hundred insurance companies out there.
Most people tire out in the shopping process after two or
three. Yea.
So from our stand point let’s make it easier. Sometime you’ll
find out that you already have the best rates. Sometimes you’ll
find out there’s alot better deal out there for you.
Thanks so much. Great tips and thank you for being in the
studio with us. Thank you very much.
Alright if you want to know more log onto
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stories with us. (Music) Oh dear to have fewer wrinkles
and less fine lines on the face. Not to mention cellulite. Ladies
and yes men you can relate, I know you can. well i have great
news as our new year, new you series continues. You can
refresh the skin on your face and reduce the appearance of
cellulite without surgery. Here to explain is Dr. Cheryl
Burgess, Dermatologist and an authority on non invasive
cosmetic procedures. Good Morning.
Good morning. No really, good morning.
(laughter) Ok, because when i was told i
was going to do this segment i was like yes! I’m always talking
about wrinkles and aging and it it bothers me. I’m not gonna
lie. Yea, it’s so exciting to have
new things that come about for us to feel better about
ourselves. I mean, we dye our hair so you know you do things
on a daily basis that change the way you feel.
Absolutely. And so there’s a new device that
I want to talk about today. and it’s important that we talk
about this today because I’m you know I’m a bit of a chicken and
I’m not into the needle stuff and all. and non-invasive
procedures, that kind of catches my attention. So talk to me
about this. Right, well non-invasive does
sometimes relate to needles, but this in particular is not a
needle. It sets right on the skin. It’s called Pelleve and
Pelefirm. so first, we have um the one for the face which is
called Pelleve and this is a radio frequency device that is
used to refreshen the skin, it actually um really reduces and
smoothes out wrinkles on the skin. And you see just a
dramatic affect. Lets talk about pain cause again, chicken here.
You know, I have had this procedure. It’s very relaxing
and Peleve is done on the face and Pelefirm is on the body. And
if you’ve ever experienced any spa treatments, it almost feels
like that. (gasp)
It a yea, exactly. Now we do have a patient that
has gone thru this procedure. I’d like to hear what she has to
say, can we listen? Uh huh. Yes.
Ok let’s take a listen real quick.
You get like a glowy look. And then within a couple of days I
see the skin just looked and felt tighter. With Peleve what I
like about the eye is that um there really aren’t much
injectables that you can put in there. And this made took away
under the circles under my eyes and it made them, the wrinkles
have gone away. I actually just had lunch with a girlfriend who
hasn’t seen me in a while and she’s like you look so young.
What have you been doing? Well she seems happy.
You know that is the common response. And again, I try to
give me patients the reality of different procedures and that is
so typical. Alright, so we have some before
and after photos. Walk me thru this and also tell me more about
Peleve and how it works. well Peleve is the device that’s used
for the face and they’re different hand pieces that we
have and if you can see, this one is much
smaller then the other two. Uh huh.
This one is used around the eyes. It delivers radio
frequency which is a form of a heat thru the skin to the dermis
which stimulates collagen. But it’s very relaxing and you can
get it done in these areas and you’ll see a dramatic response.
Really? In the skin around the eyes. And
so that’s what’s done and there’s a series of these that
are done a month apart and you’ll see an immediate result
so you can go out that evening if you wanted to you could put
makeup on after this. There is no down time.
Which is important because I see alot of my friends coming and
I’ll say what did you just do? Right.
And you can see they’ve done something.
Exactly. No, you will not see this. in fact it will look
better that same day. But the final or delayed response is
about four to six months later so it actually gets better.
Oh that’s… So there’s a series of treatment
that are done anywhere between four to six a month apart. And
you’ll gradually see that improvement at the six month
mark. Alright and that’s for the face.
for the face. Now, the other one is Pelefirm.
That’s kinda for the cellulite areas?
Yes, it it helps with the appearance of cellulite and
women, you know you can be a size two and you’ll have kind of
ripply fat areas on the thighs or the buttocks. Now that’s not
me, but I am a size two. (laughter)
Well, I have it. Not yet.
Yes, I have it and it’s wonderful because these are some
massage heads. This is a radio frequency piece of it for the
Pelefirm. And so it’s used over the body so the technology is
the same and these are used on a monthly basis. That’s
what the series would be. Four to six treatments and you’ll see
a dramatic improvement of cellulite and just the fine
lines and wrinkles on the skin. When you see your before and
after pictures that’s one thing I like to show patients is
before and after pictures and even the ones five years before.
They actually look better now then they did five years ago.
And you know to be honest doctor, it it’s not so much
about vanity, I just think if it’s happening and you can do
something to still make you feel beautiful.
Oohh yes. And even more confident. Why
not? Why not? The best compliment is
You look great for your age. Isn’t it?
Well I’m starting to get that. Ooohhhhh.
(laughter) I guess, ah whatever, it’s a
reality. But take it in the positive
aspect. I will, I will.
You look great for your age and ultimately people are saying you
look younger then your age. And that’s important to me too.
That’s a compliment to me. So far women who’d like more
information, where do they go? They go to Yes.
Alright thank you so much. You’re welcome.
As long as it doesn’t have needles, I think I’m going to go
for it. Thank you. I think you’re a good candidate.
(laughter) You look great for your age
Olga. Ahh i’ll take it. Alright
if you want to learn more, log onto the website you can also follow us on Facebook and
Twitter. We’d love to hear from you. Share your goals with us.
Remember it’s a new year, new you.
(Music) When someone you love is
diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease the news is devastating.
But it doesn’t have to mean that life is over. Now in the past
care givers would turn to nursing homes to help, but today
there are communities dedicated to caring for those with
Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory impairment. Here to shed
some light on this very important health matter is
Kristin Dupont, Vice President of Marketing for Autumn Leaves,
which operates memory care assisted living communities and
Clair Jameson, Director of Life Engagement. Good morning ladies.
Good morning. Good morning.
Thank you so much for being here.
Thank you. Kristen let me start with you.
Autumn Leaves, what exactly is that and what do you do.
Ahh we basically specialize in Alzheimer’s Care as well as
other forms of dementia. Um that is our sole focus and um we
really take the time to make sure each of our staff members
all the way from our care givers, to everyone at the home
office, anyone that at any point might be engaging with our
residents has the education that they need to be able to best
interact with our population um to make sure that it’s
fulfilling for our residents as possible.
And what are the communities like because you know, you
think of a nursing home… sure.
And sometimes you just wonder should I, should i not. Is there
a difference here? There truly is. Our communities
are built from the ground up specifically for memory care. We
have our own development company, our own construction
company and our own design company that make everything
conducive for folks with Alzheimer’s and other forms of
dementia. Um so everything from the color of the walls to the
carpet, everything is specifically for dementia care.
Now let’s talk about family members who have someone who’s
diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. You hear this you say gosh it sounds
wonderful, but Claire, it’s not easy to come in, say here’s my
mom and take care of her. How do you make it easier and what do
you do to kind of help that family make that choice?
Well your right Olga, it’s really difficult for families to
um partner if you will with any organization to care for someone
that’s so dear to them. But at Autumn Leaves we really try to
make it a serious effort to get to know their loved one. Get to
know their mom, their um father and partner with them to really
understand who they were before they came to Autumn Leaves so
that we can better serve their needs and increase their quality
of life. Kristen.
Our residents are so much more then just people with
Alzheimer’s. They’re our family. Um we get to know every single
one of our residents as an individual before the disease um
thru our family members and the adult children our whomever is
helping the resident move in to one of our communities um there
job does not end when they move into one of our communities. It
just changes. Yhey’re free to be that daughter again. Um they
don’t have to take on that burden of the care giver. We do
that for them because that’s what we specialize in. So you
know, they’re free to be the daughter, the son, whom ever
again and to really enjoy the time that they have with their
loved one. And it’s not only taking care of
them, but clair, explain to us also maybe the activities
because obviously you know there are things that can help slow
down the process. Exercise, are all those things included?
Absolutely. And we’ve been talking about getting to know
our residents and so our activities within our
communities are just as varied as the people that are living in
them. As you get to know people you discover their likes,
dislikes, their preferences, their life long habits and their
their hobbies. So we focus those activities around our residents
to increase their quality of life and also as you pointed
out, slow down the disease. Um and add to a richer experience
for them. Once a resident moves in to be
part of our family, their family becomes our family as well. We
make sure to care for not only the resident but also for the
whole family because they need it to. We offer support groups
at each of our communities and we try to be a resource to the
outside of our community at large.
Clair, is there a certain time that you would tell the family
to bring their loved one in? Alzheimer’s obviously is a very
slow disease. When is the right time?
That’s actually something that depends on the individual.
Depends on the families needs but um we’re definitely there
for them when they decide to make that choice.
Throughout the entire journey we’re there for them. We try to
say that you know, the sooner the better so that people can
engage in socialization and be among other people that have
neurological impairments um so that they don’t feel ostracized
by other people that they might of told the same story to a
couple times over and over. A sense of relief for the
families. Absolutely.
It’s a win win if you think about it for both the patient
coming in and the family that bestows that upon you guys.
We try to make sure that in everything we’re doing, we’re
giving as much back because our residents really they have so
much more to give and so much more to do then i think alot of
the perceptions are out there of people with Alzheimer’s and
other forms of dementia. For anybody out there who would
like more information on Autumn Leaves where would they go?
They’d go to our website at
Thank you so much for what you do.
thank you. God bless both of you.
Thank you. I do appreciate your time. And
if you want to learn more, you know the website. or log onto our website You
can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
(Music) Thanks so much for spending part
of your morning with us. We really hope you learned a
little something today and remember we’ve got so much on
our website. Check it out.
Alright, how bout you head over to our Facebook page. We’ve got
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tips on better sleep. I love those. Share your thoughts about
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And until next time remember, find you balance. So long.

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