Aviva Drive App with Dash Cam

I had to react
Because a horse ran into the road wearing a dress
And who comes chasing after it? A tin man I would recognise the tin man if I saw him
again who also had a red dress on
It was more like a kaftan a tabard
poncho It’s not what you see every day on the way
to Aylesbury is it Some things are tricky to explain, so at Aviva
we’ve added a dash cam to our drive app Search Aviva Dash Cam


I find this advert terrifying. A man is called in to explain to 'Big Sister' why he made a driving move which did not cause an accident and appears pretty innocuous. Why has he been called in to explain? We don't know. We do know that it is not going well for him; she does not believe him and he is getting nervous. What torture does she have in store for him? I can only assume it's something involving hot tongs and pliers; she has a sadistic "got you now you sucker" look on her face, and he will be lucky to leave the office alive. Fortunately, you can be spared whatever fate awaits this poor guy; you can allow AVIVA unrestricted access to all your driving data. Nice one Aviva, you scare the sh*t out of me.

Just curious, was the horse clip taken from a real incident and adapted into the ad or was it filmed solely for this? It seems like one of those things so ridiculous it could be real 😀

At first I thought this was funny until I watched it for the hundredth time. How dumb is this guy if he doesn't know what a knight in armour looks like,he says it's a dress and even calls him a tin man. If this is the case he shouldn't be given solid food in case he chokes on it,let alone be given a driving license. He should have on one of those helmets that mentality ill people wear in case they fall over because he's obviously seriously retarded. Give him some colouring books and some soft crayons and he'd be happy just no pencils as he'd probably stick them in his eyes or up his nose.

funny the first couple of times now I just think so he cannot recognise a knight in armour if so I seriously doubt his ability to walk and talk never mind drive.

It looks real. Hard to imagine the incident being staged. The script is brilliant. Does anyone know the story?

I like the fact that he doesn't pause to say tin man..

He's just right in like stabbing her senses to heighten the fact that it just gets worse!!

Why did he claim? The horse ran in front of him and he braked comfortably with no damage. Very odd that an insurance company would promote insurance fraud 🤔.

This Actor should have SO much more work the way he delivers the lines keeping it so deadpan and straight is hilarious

The fact that he has the ability to use descriptive words “caftan” and “tabard” yet he has no idea what a knight is kind of odd

I thought this was one of the (very few) decent adverts out there.
But it's been played so many times that now I basically hate the guy.
Companies really shouldn't play the same old adverts to death.

As funny it’s sounds, this ad is very relevant. Try telling those greedy insurance companies your ridiculous stories (with nothing to back it up) and see if they will pay you.

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