“Back to Back September to Remember Sales Event” VIP Auto Sales, September 2018

it’s the September 2 room that’s right
here I just chucked my VIP it Scavo with Jimmy J that’s right everybody out there
and it is going to be a September to remember yes right everybody’s been out
and joined as you can see we’re still address for summer summers that are
either of us yet but it’s definitely gonna be September remember the kids are
back to school yeah alright if it’s high school they’ve all been off to college
now it’s about taking care of yourself eating yourself for a September remember
and getting this something like this this truck right here key example when
you bought this truck it is a Larry it’s a 2015 yeah and look at it now you turn
into the six inch lift kit on it we got the 35 inch wheels brand new tires 35
inch tires 17-inch wheels everything’s brand new the cool thing is when we do
this right it doesn’t only obviously make this truck stand out it makes it
look great we have another truck that obviously benefited from us taking the
wheels off of this one we have 2015 lariat wheels on a 2009 Ford f150 fx4
brand it just said keep going rolling man what’s going the next thing next
thing we got a few lifted trucks that nobody’s seen yet right it’s it’s
exciting I’m happy to be here we’re gonna do some crazy stuff kids are back
to school I mean switch and stuff giving our
friends giving in here at just trucks back these couple months have been great
for us here and as you can say we’re doing different things to these trucks
to make them right for the customer out there sees everybody sits at home and
you open up a magazine say hey I like that dream home I like that vacation I
like that car that truck and I want to do this this and this
yep and it’s already done for you and I can’t be no payments until after the
holidays zero down delivers you see the payment on the screen here you could
drive this truck home today there’s only one 2015 with the lift on here yeah and
this one again this is the lariat 49,000 miles great for the 3-year four years
it’s been a truck right and you know it’s ready to go we got to lift it
ourselves again VIP lift yeah so it’s ready to go with the crew
cab four wheel drive go to our website wwlp.com
that’s it 24 photos we’re here we’re at the truck store it’s me and Jimmy Jim
Jim we’re we got a lot to go over man we do we’re gonna show you a lot of trucks
and we’re gonna ping to the other two stores here where it all started raw
began here at VIP we want to treat you like a VIP
enjoy the show we’re about the show you guys can’t wait to see you come on come
on in for our back-to-back September to remember sales event we’re at VIP
they treat you like a VIP Kevin I know you’ve been out there hard working day
in and day out to find instructions you know we see everybody out there and we’d
say our friendly competition it’s hard to go ahead and handpick these trucks
that you’re looking for with all the different options no different on you
know mileage two years so people are coming in with the cap not a cap to a
dually to an f-150 f-250 Eaton look bad there’s so many and I’ve learned so much
even being the car business for a long time yeah just learning these trucks
yeah it’s it’s a whole thing in itself and when the people are coming in they
know what they want yeah all right we’re you’re there punching away trying
to find them a truck but we want people to come in it’s easy by everybody wants
to go online see what they want come in and leave with it and we make that
buying process simple putting a tag on it let them take it home make sure this
is a truck they want they’ve never driven an extended cab or a crew cab or
a mega cab and that’s why we do everything we can for that VIP customer
out there yeah I mean right I mean we have so many different options I mean we
got big families that need the crew cab but they don’t necessarily need the
four-wheel drive they prefer to will dry because of the the payments gonna be
that much cheaper or whatever it might be they just need the space they need a
six and a half foot bed on a crew cab they need they want a five and a half
the towing capacity pull them load their camper exactly it
all comes down to what you have on the line okay and we try to get a little bit
of everything so you’re right when people do go online they’re looking for
their search in countless hours we have so many people who come through car Gers
yes because they see what the price is compared to what they have some market
value is course when they come in they’re getting what they are expecting
which is the price that they see online the condition of the truck I mean 24
photos its I see lots of dealers they’ll take six photos of just shows outside
the one seed and yeah I mean it’s whatever it might be they do what they
do we do what we do and I know what that is and that’s at the end of the day
you’re going over that and we try to pump in order get everything set
ourselves higher standards than anybody else out there and again your time is
your time and you’re doing at home your research that’s way say if you’re
watching the TV commercial now we’re here just trucks in Maple Shade yeah all
right it’s gonna be September it’s real you don’t need gimmicks and tactics
every month wouldn’t come you know what you’re getting in based on the
reputation the reviews and what we’re trying it here try it before you buy it
take the truck home and if you’re watching a commercial as you can see
we’re still dressed because we’re filming this a couple of weeks before
the commercial air so this inventory goes quick and there’s new inventory
coming in and not know that what we’re getting in so if you see something that
you want get on the phone call get in the car you have the rod we’ll pick you
up we’ll get you this is a 2000 you’ve seen everything on the screen there
you’ve seen payments we don’t really need to go over we’re just trying to
tell you the benefits of coming to a family owned and operated dealership yep
with three Lots but again this is just trucks all the trucks are here at this
location for you this one here this is a sport right this is the sport the 2014
yep and it’s mean there’s so many different trucks to go Hemi to the sport
to the Laramie to the was she showing this at this one here keva beautiful
it’s loaded up I mean it’s a five and a half foot bed so easy maneuverable it’s
got the five seven liter Hemi in there you got the black leather interior the
sunroof the navigation screen HID lights in the front it’s got 52,000
miles I believe off the top of my head 52:53 I mean the truck is ready to go
it’s here it needed brakes we put on it right and one of the headlights we had
reconnect whatever was that when you buy these trucks they get checked out
motor rear and trans they get checked out choice yeah this one we just got in
I mean the first four that you guys are looking at what all just got in this
one’s a 2011 a little over a hundred thousand miles but it is the Kami that
based on the condition I’m looking at the tires
yeah rims on this truck you wouldn’t even be able to tell what it’s one
hundred seven thousand miles you know crew cab again four-wheel drive
it’s got the metallic wheels on there it’s not just that how will they stand
out a little bit goes with the girl like you’re saying a little bit earlier we
got everything checked out in terms of motor air trends and that is that even
when it gets to our shop that’s before it gets there we spend $130 per vehicle
to get the post sale inspection and not only covers us it covers the cost of
covers them and that’s who we it’s all about yeah darker blue another crew cab
good mileage it’s a 2010 only 80,000 miles it’s a one owner I’ve driven this
truck myself it’s tight it drives great I mean the interior like a beach sand in
here came off my sandals by now but uh no yeah I mean another truck with great
mileage it’s it’s odd the mileage on a 2010 to be that low you know and you’re
looking at four trucks that we just got in three Fords one ram we’re trying to
keep it diversified we got a lot of words that we have just gotten in a lot
of a lot of nice trucks that were able to put some nice wheels on and
everything so at the end of the day we have a lot to offer let me saying pick
up the phone get on you start the island we’re here just trucks like VIP we got
some necklace yeah we’re gonna hop on the other side okay we’ll be right back
can’t wait to see can’t wait to see come on in for our back-to-back September to
remember sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP we got some more
force to show you we got a lot of particular yes we do right but again we
have a lot of different Ford’s a lot of things that will fit different peoples
like criteria this one here has number one seller so far I’d I mean what for –
I mean we’ve been selling a lot of Ford’s a lot of Chevy’s gmc’s I mean
Toyota’s soon as they come in I mean you know if you find the right
buyer but it’s hard to switch people on different manufacturing lines but on the
Ford let’s even say on this one it says the XT series wheels yeah all right the
aftermarket headlights taillights it’s FX four and it’s got a tuner in there
yeah I wish they can hear it but we wanted to show you with the wheels on
there they have to market lights that’s another bad truck coming down the street
you’re blowing in that release valve it sounds sick and it’s already tricked out
for you yeah and you see the price all right it’s a September 2 remember
there’s never a day that we’re not selling cars or trucks and have to put a
sale name on there you have to for the commercial to give a little bit but
every day is a special day you never know what car truck SUV is going to come
here to either location in three great locations yep try before you buy it
Keva what else I’m trying to think we’re an auto trader buying Kelly Blue Book
buying Center true car buying center so if you’re looking just to sell your
vehicle that’s where we’re getting a lot of these nice vehicles to in all the
locations and these trucks here like I said are going quick they are this is a
2013 and has 79 thousand miles yes there’s no factory warranty on this
trouble but one of the other things that we offer to every single one of our
customers is the extended warranty two years of equity or they just want that
peace of mind the lifetime engine warranty this available brakes for life
that’s on selected cars that are 2,000 and I’m trying to remember is it 2004 to
75,000 miles so we’re giving everybody that that comfort of knowing and buying
and give you the VIP treatment no matter what the credit situation is yeah taking
care of you we’re moving on we’re gonna show another Ford yeah Wow Sports baby
this one again is like the blue that we had previously
that was the crew cap 2011 with a hundred seven thousand miles this is a
2009 extended cab four wheel drive was 111 the xcr yup consider an XLT package
you got the chrome 19-inch wit or 18 inch wheels it’s an extended cab again
the two doors that do open its the regular cab you have seats in the back
you guys see the price it’s 40 I mean for for a four-wheel drive yeah
vehicle yeah with those miles on there freely be that price point that’s I
think one of the cheapest sports honestly that I think that we have on
the lot right now we might have one that just came in that is comparable this one
here I love this red I mean ham it out and again when he got your you’re like
should we put wheels and tires on this one and put a level kit and you did we
did yeah right now we did and it doesn’t fortunately totally different man and
it’s it does it has alloy wheels which don’t get me wrong alloy wheels are nice
right when you got a red like this I feel like you can take advantage by
doing the extra separate making it look a hundred percent because at the end of
the day people come in they see these trucks if they’re buying something else
they’re coming to us they’re asking us can we get a lift kit on a truck and we
get wheels on our truck and then you’re down from the truck you bought the truck
and then you have it at the shop for a week or so that’s what I’m saying we’re
doing it for you and again if it’s a truck that we have here that has been
done maybe we can take care of that in the findings and options as we did to
the one gentleman that wind up getting that taken care of that was on that
dodge its kind of Plain Jane we only put it here it was wheels tires
I don’t think he ended up doing the lift if I think it wasn’t the full blown-out
six inch or whatever yes it’s another King Ranch yeah twelve we got this one
in again 123 thousand miles went through our psi went through our shop down in
Southampton right they told you yourself where they do to the truck need a oil
change I know I will change nothing else came in brakes are good tires are good
right engine there’s a hundred percent this one’s the 5.0 liter it’s the King
Ranch you take look look at pictures online right take a look at the seats
it’s hard to maintain these seats whoever in this vehicle they took care
very good care you know again that’s why we try to get you every vehicle to give
you options give you choice everybody wants it they don’t want to settle and
again being here at VIP just trucks just these couple months that since we’ve
been back and how many trucks that we’ve been selling it’s taking care of these
fam they’re coming from all over – yep you know the commercial reaches out for
all right and even further yet it’s the word-of-mouth it’s a reputation and
really taking care of that customer going the extra step the extra mile but
it could talk a good game and dance but it’s followed through the process and
making sure it tree that plus the Mack BYOD you just got just got this one in
again we got a lot of stuff we just got in so this one here it’s a 2007 it’s got
the marker lights up it’s got the marker lights up top very clean it’s a
one-owner the interior spotless it’s the beige interior I’ve driven this one
myself it’s a five seven liter Hemi not to have me I’m sorry the five seven
liter eighty four thousand miles on the 2017 999 correct a two of where we stay
about the price I don’t mean cut you off in ten thousand nine hundred ninety nine
dollar I think they see it in on the screen but on the f-150 remember the
other day we had a guy coming about towing capacity yeah
and he’s like well you know I but we want to find if I’m correct on the Ford
f-150s that the towing is is a better tone capacity and the Toyota Tundra
suing it so again that little bit and you wouldn’t expect that let’s just said
Nissan’s Toyota’s to the to the Fords and Chevys they drive a little bit
different as I said open your mind yeah open the whole reality concept that try
something different you know don’t stick with the same thing you know that’s why
we yeah and at the end of the day you decide to resort back to what you’re
comfortable with what you like and what I know we have that and we don’t we will
get that we I mean I’m sure we do have it but hey yeah 2010 black-on-black it’s
got the black leather interiors SLT extended cab four wheel drive listed at
fifteen five so you know you got the crew cabs we went through a lot of
terkoz then we got a few extended cabs that were going that you’re a comparing
to the blue one yes this is again 2009 one hundred eight thousand miles I
believe listed at the same as the the blue one extended cab four wheel drive
nice truck and it’s a different different looking little different color
yes again the 4×4 the XLT so we’re trying to give you a variety options
back to school back to reality back to life all the hustle and bustle but we
are here to take care of you we have your back so it’s the back we’re gonna
do back the back or front to fun okay go for the wild you now we’re
filming usually I’m off on these days I come in through the commercial not even
thinking the way I’m at we’re still in that fun mode zone we’re always in that
to take care of customers and have fun and buying a vehicle it’s buying a big
part of your life you’re taking on a payment it’s a commitment and we
understand that we try to point the people in the right directions I wish
you guys could sit here and watch certain conversation we have with the
customers and we let them know yeah we talked hey this do you want this or hey
we’re gonna go on and get you this truck and don’t worry about it we’ll bring it
in then you could drive it you know yeah for the night make sure you like it make
sure it fits everything you want so we’re taking care of the we do do that
and that’s what it’s all about that’s what we do here that’s feel good you
know leave it it’s a work truck work truck 2017 shift shift yep manual
transmission access cab there you go see that you like only 10,000 miles for 18
six yeah beat that on the factory warranty factory warranty that’s a great
work little truck economical it’s a five cylinder
yeah right see I’m learning stuff people highly knowledge is good I’m getting it
I’m sweating a little my self so you got that we got this truck now we got this
another cheaper yeah if you have a little higher mileage yeah but listen
now I’ll be sharing up with you guys we put money into the tree yes we did but
when you come to buy you’re not then going to put money into the truck and
having to do it yourself we have taken care of everything it’s a ten thousand
dollar sales price yeah 9999 on a 2007 it’s the 5.4 liter one hundred
thirty-five thousand miles for what that’s a for what it is and when we’ve
seen the truck you bring it in that’s I mean we knew we had to take extra steps
and everybody when we put that best price out there again if we could do a
little bit better that’s we’re here we’re here to sell them not collect them
but when you’re buying something that’s pre-owned it’s not a factory warranty as
you said you know you’re worried the customers worry about why I paid this
payment a month I got corn shorts I got gas and that was if I need this done
cleanse if this happens or you know we have everything written down in our
system and shows what was done to be if it’s a blinker switch if it’s a
transmission cool you know in these older trucks you have
to do the preventive maintenance that people don’t do that it’s our name
exhaust manifold it’s our name and our reputation on there and we want that
customer for the longevity it’s not short term we want you to come back over
and over and over again and were you showing this little cash-and-carry yeah Dodge Dakota it’s the only cheap truck
we haven’t a lot and listen to tell you guys I mean this was our mechanics truck
before he traded it in for his dream car which was a the 300s and Chrysler
blacked out and he traded this in to us yes I mean he took great care of it the
truck runs well LED lights lights inside except for a little cash and carry cheap
truck yeah we have it here it’s gonna go quick we’re about to show you on the
other side we’re gonna flip back to that side not the broad side the back side
no that’s the front side over there sorry yeah back to reality we are here
VIP trucks just trucks can’t wait to see you baby come on come on in for our
back-to-back September to remember sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a
VIP welcome back folks it’s Oh chair would you oh you’re not by the door yet this one here we got a 2012 no I’m sorry
2013 right Ford f150 lariat as you see power running running doors you got the
leather interior baby seats air conditioned seats and with the cool
option here and that’s a note that I want to show you guys power you could
sat on this oh I don’t have the key see I’m getting excited here but on the
mirrors here they’re bigger camper mirrors and they actually come out so
you don’t see that much on the f-150 and it’s got like I said the back wheels the
EcoBoost Larry a lot of the guys are coming in and so said a lot of different
motors we we don’t talk about the motors as much as I said you see the
description on the commercial we should wait we got to show so much I got and
you know how many people just listening blah blah blah really Kevin saw clearly
Jimmy Jim Jim talking again the SUV’s I thought you guys want me posed and doing
stuff I don’t know I’m feeling really good back to school back to reality back
to work summers over right in this truck here
we got to show you guys yeah PMS wheels yes baby you know what that stands for
yeah you guys figure it out for yourself again all right 2013 yes Ford f-150 SVT
Raptor 6.2 liters a point two liter loaded up it’s got the light bar on the
top see that front wheel in the front the delay in the grille makes it all
there I mean you got the lights on the bottom here coming down the road at
night yeah oh man yes you see you’ll see yourself listen we got like you said
we’ve been looking for this round we have and we finally got one we’re again
not buying out of necessity we buy what’s right it’s a 2013 76,000 miles
that great mom the Raptors that I see out there they’re all either brand new
or the run-of-the-mill they got 150 hundred eighty thousand miles and
they’re still going for all the money huh so you know this truck it’s priced
right we got you guys see it on the screen the interior I mean everything
about this all the color combination is fenomena as we look at that so I said
there’s only one it’s here at VIP just trucks yeah zero down delivers all right
no payments after I hear the holidays that are coming we could push that far
out for you and when you look at somebody that’s who would want to have
this after the summer’s over and really take your care of treating yourself and
having this in your driveway driving to work that’s a good conversational piece
2009 chevy silverado extended cab 113,000 miles it’s got the lyric app on
the back big 18 inch wheels I mean it’s it’s a today it’s got green mulch for
the year listen at 14 9 9 9 I mean it’s a Chevy Silverado again 5.3 liter he
Vortech engine it’s a beautiful truck so we got another one another Chevy this 3
years newer 2012 it is the crew cab same engine 5.3 liter again it’s the LT
so you got the power seat driver’s seat listed 1999 that’s a great price this
one again this is the two wheel drive crew cab so you need them bigger space
but you’re okay with the two wheel drive that’s what this is here for perfect you
know it’s got the leather interior it’s the lt1 you got driver and passenger
side uh CC power seats beautiful truck it’s got 119 thousand
miles right yeah this Ram is the 8 foot bed this is a foot bed
yep crew cab dually 2013 one hundred and one thousand miles right 6.7 liter
Cummins diesel engine notice about we learned about this the other day
remember there’s a button in there for that intelligent it’s pretty cool for
your tire pressure but when you’re towing so before the load and after the
load it actually tells you on the screen with the tire pressure is before and
after you put in that load on so it’s pretty good a little extra feature as I
said we learn stuff every single day ourselves intricacy they come with all
these short trucks and so another one here this is the 2015 comparable to the
2014 that we showed that was the sport this one’s the Bighorn has got the dual
exhaust pipe you got the bigger screen in front crew cab four wheel drive it’s
got the nice chrome alloy wheels 5.7 liter 2015 with 13 oh this one’s got 52
ok 52,000 miles great miles for the year and 28,000 yeah $5,000 salesperson
Keva we’ve showed this before we have we had had this for a while the truck I
mean there’s people here that want it’s crazy holy body yeah I’m shocked still
here 2500 with the Hemi it is gas so these guys want a diesel but yeah the
way we have this priced in the 79 it’s great on 2012 but hey listen I haven’t
listed at 21 thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars you go to CarGurus
they’re saying it’s a fair deal you can’t add the utility box on the back
end that’s $1,000 ad that’s a crane that is beta that $21.99 being a fair price
is based off of it just being a regular 2012 with seventy nine thirty miles 5.7
liter Hemi so you add the fact that it’s got the you told box you’re getting a
great deal on a truck that is ready to it’s fully therefore we’ll make that
money that’s why if you want to start your own business however I mean it’s
got everything you could think of to start making yourself money
all right this one year we had the 2015 yeah army long give a shout-out to
Deborah Deborah yeah all right she a horse horse trainer has horses had this
truck brand-new yeah I if it’s funny she came in and once she opened the doors on
our 2015 Laramie she’s I gotta lick the steering wheel this is mine I don’t want
nobody to take it and again she was shocked put her in it she took it the
truck wasn’t here to be traded in they kept it on overnight they’d help back
the truck and we put all the numbers together but this is a one owner
yes it’s 2005 yep 3500 he’s got one hundred eighty three thousand miles
which listen it’s a 5.9 liter which it the Cummins are right all right we’re
watching your car going by 5.9 liter it’s a 2005 crew cab dually one hundred
eighty three thousand miles this thing we had it ran through yes boy I didn’t
need an oil change though that to replace nothing had place on this truck
I mean they went underneath your thing I notice on the back there was a little
ding and holding here whatever but again for what this truck is yeah I mean we
have there’s two other trucks out there yeah and they’re priced I mean have
higher miles and don’t have the exact same as this truck has they have four
pictures easy right when we’re trained because we’re gonna keep this and this
is priced to sell yeah alright we had somebody called today just driving by
this is a busy highway we just put it out here last night because we knew we
were doing commercial yeah and they’re calling on it I mean and you can’t go
wrong with this it’s got the fifth wheel of back so anybody out there that’s
looking to be a driver car carrier the transportation horse people to have to
camper whatever it is this is your truck for you and it’s gonna go quick listen
for people that don’t know they hear that 183 thousand miles you’re you’re a
little of that yeah it’s the sales price is
eighteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars for a reason this truck is
not going to blow up on you it’s not gonna have issues anytime soon it’s a
wonder it’s a workhorse the woman took great care of this truck you look
underneath we didn’t under coat it’s all original yes I mean the truck is ready
to go it’s it’s gonna last you you’re gonna get you’re gonna make money off
this truck and we can’t still finance this truck here it still catch so if
people watch there you know we can get it still done through a great bank with
a great interest rate so don’t worry about that yet it’s better getting here
if you need a ride we’ll pick you up call us yes give us a go Jimmy Jim get
us on the phone but we’re about to go over to maybe where it all started where
it all began Maple Shade we’re gonna see Miss New
Jersey over there yeah and we’re gonna have some fun over there so stick around
and watch us cuz he right VIP we treat you like VIP what Jimmy Jim Jimmy come
up can’t wait to see you come on come on in for our back-to-back September to
remember sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP what’s going on
everybody out there you know it is Jimmy Jim Jim in keV oh and of course the main
one in the center first time I’m meeting her miss New Jersey is here with us
she’s representing Jamie talk a little bit about yourself we are here it is
back to reality summers done all the hoopla yep right
and it’s would say was back to back back back and here we are to help you guys
get into the vehicle we’re all starting here 2809 route 73 South in Maple Shade
yeah I like to talk a lot myself but go ahead good to have you yet to be selling these
cars with you guys excited I’m really excited I’m looking forward to it of
course so yes I mean we have how many cars we have so many cars to go over me
and Jim we spent a good amount of time we were at the trucks three guy just got
to see a good variety of trucks over there now we have Corvettes behind us we
got Camaros to the right BMWs to the left a whole row SUVs brand-new stuff
that have came in 2018 17 16s now before we get into all that you were handed
over the the mic we want to talk about Jamie like you said the one that we are
paying attention down to today Jamie you last time your platform and I found it
great don’t what nutv audience that’s the issue I advocate for yes miss New
Jersey and what exactly is that platform I mean what is that issue what do you
stand behind why are you not getting not even my platform is inspired by my
younger brother Michael who was diagnosed with multiple severe food
allergies and anaphylaxis to just 9 months old so I’ve seen him deal with
food allergies and I’ve seen the struggles that not only he’s had to deal
with but my family as well living in the same household so I advocate for food
allergy awareness I try to be a voice for the 15 million Americans with food
allergies and that that’s a platform that hits close to home for you yes so
of course it’s great to have somebody like Jamie not only representing New
Jersey being here at VIP Auto Outlet we are here at the home location where it
all started in 2005 yes so of course we got these Corvettes we got these Camaros
yes Jimmy what’s it this Camaro over here this is the Corvette come over here
in the Corvette but the only two different type of vehicle American
muscle vehicles yeah but again there’s only one has the black wheels the
stripes it is automatic this is gonna go quick if you’re watching a commercial
you’ve seen us that’s right there’s three of us here Miss New Jersey is here
with us but this is where it all started back to back to back to back to all that
back you’re going yep you’re back to school you’re back to work kids are back
back to work well kids can be back to work no we said this earlier yeah but
again when you’re coming here if it’s her representing of yourself or myself
or anybody inside any great locations and it’s three great locations easy get
to Westlaw reporting every day is the right day to buy here we don’t put a
sales gimmick out or anything we sponsor we put out to the community
we give back and our prices alone sell themselves not alone having everything
else in place the banks zero down delivers no payment here until the
holidays all right are over you can’t go wrong
more money for your trade if you have a payoff if it’s bad credit
yeah you need a ride pick you up we were just talking about at home delivery
service yeah we’ll take the car do you see
to worry about coming here people don’t like to come to a car dealership we love
to show you all the vehicles here better yet come here 2809 route 73 south where
it all began and that Camaro over there as we were just saying you see the
payment you see the price yeah you can still drive a convertible I’ve always
liked a convertible you’ll see in the winter with a way I got the Jeep though
doors are that I got the top off in January and it’s snowing
beautiful thing it’s a beautiful thing but we’re about to show you a couple
other vehicles here yep have fun and enjoy the show with us and at VIP we
treat you VIP see it’s not scripted is not scripted but yeah can’t wait to see
you come on come on in for our back-to-back September to remember sales
event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP here we are back and we’re about to
show you the line here of what what do we have here to show everybody come on
plenty of SUVs that’s right in different options different moms what was I
telling you a lot under one owner many are cylinder factory warranty so again
I’m trying to get her in there I mean everybody says I’m a little bit
different and it’s not scripted here we have fun and that’s what is when you
come here it’s not uptight as you see we’re still relaxed this commercial is
you know September but like I said earlier we film here in August so again
these SUVs cars the trucks you never know what the inventories give me that’s
why if you’re watching you can hear us you can see us come meet Miss New Jersey
calvo’s here I’m here all the boys inside over here you have Edwin you have
Anthony and you have oh my goodness Tom how can I forget Tom so you got all the
guys in there Mark and everybody here to help you it’s Chris and Southampton and
I’ll set the truck store seeing is believing getting here so let’s move
along we’re gonna walk this line you have the Mazda SUV alright and I’m based
on if you’ve never driven a Mazda alright
you never driven on Nissan SUV a Porsche no problem at all cuz you could test it
out yeah that’s basically it try it before you buy it we have the at home
delivery service you have the lifetime engine warranty and brakes for life on
these because our we’re walking you could see we’re gonna kind of Panther
get a little different you’re gonna see pricing payment all you know is to get
your zero down delivers no payments till there
the holidays you got anything else to say keV I know you’re out there buying
the cars like you said I mean we got this great new selection in a lot of
cars go fast I mean these SUVs are seeing a couple of 2018 s17 some with
under thousand miles as you guys are seeing on the screen I mean it’s it’s so
much to choose from I don’t want to get tied up talking about the ones
specifically like we have so much more I mean we got cars in the back over here
we got cars to the side we got a raptor that just cars coming in which you know
it’s it’s kind of fun and exciting and to be able to talk about what we do
rather than just speak about the vehicle itself like what gets better than that
we got Jimmy Jim Jim talked about herself how a busy schedule and again
just as her up and coming being Miss New Jersey what she’s went through becoming
what you are and as again when you look at it now it’s same thing a working
mother a father if you if you guys are work for we met people the other day cuz
my wife truck store looking for their daughter and they drove them Marilyn
every single day just for work yeah and again you have to you know you have to
go where the money’s being made and you have to take your family and here we
treat you like a VIP and so when you come here no matter what the situation
is we’re taking care of the cost the cool thing without that everything and
to be completely honest they’re looking a year and a half ahead of time it’s
crazy yeah but we still treated them as they were buying one day they could have
if it was a right deal and they were just looking and she wanted specific job
but you’re right again you feeling comfortable coming
into us you watch us on a commercial it’s the same once you touch grandeur
you know you’ve met us the first time you met me and you see we’re we’re full
of light we’re having fun we’re told but it’s all about being serious and taking
care of the customer because if it wasn’t for the people the true people
out there the real VIP we won’t be standing here and been in business for
over 15 years so we’re doing something right
three great locations maybe another one coming soon all right pump the brain I
know but hey you got two more coming three
no like Bachelet or with others flora Bama or whatever next week you don’t
know what’s happening I know what made me say that but whatever so you gotta
know he’s online and this is a brand new body saw 2018 this is the 2015 the
Morano yep and let’s talk to you here I’ll take
that mic all right your drop yes I am currently driving this SUV this Jeep and
I love it it’s really neat because before this I was driving a Honda Civic
so I’m getting the experience driving different cars which I love so you can
come and you can test out as many different cars as you want you could
really see what car fits you the best so that’s what I love about coming here
you want people to have a selection yes you don’t want to give them one and say
you want to give that back alright i you wanted to say hey here this is
what you got this is what you have to settle for so again sometimes we think
outside the box all right we want to give you what fits the best that’s why I
said try before you buy because you don’t know open explore the options we
have another Nissan here that’s another Murano I could run of
them but the pretty neat on these where has the intelligent where you can see
the satellite the camera at something we’re not showing inside these vehicles
and that’s what the benefit of us getting to drive different vehicles but
that’s what we’re saying come in go on an extended test drive
try press all the buttons all the features you can go online VIP auto calm
when you’re watching the commercial and you can see all the pictures the videos
but better yet how is the feeling to be behind something and drive it and know
what you’re getting into alright zero down delivers we are what’s
the sale Kevin come on back let’s back-to-back September to remember oh
it’s oh listen it’s always to remember here at VIP those people say hey
watching the commercial over and over to come and say whoa hey you’re back on TV
look you guys are doing good we’re great because of all the experience of the
customers out there the reviews the testimonials we had to get some more
customers back and doing it in the commercial with us that was always big
and fun we don’t want to go you know I try to bribe them with pizza
the day just you don’t get me pizza yeah what are you doing right we didn’t eat
lunch yet I got weird BMW x1 yep that’s the crossover it’s the
smallest BMW SUV that they’ve came out with which it’s another journey good
this one in particular is probably one of my favorite SUVs out here it’s got
that brown leather peanut butter you know Kent it’s the compass latitude
sunroof navigation beautiful car they are so there’s variety here we’re gonna
help you make the right decision for you guys I want to say so much more just
trying to think I mean again these cars here as you see when they’re here that
yellow sticker means that it’s been through the shop it’s already been
checked out peace of mind if he needs tires brakes the oil change has been
done every little thing you can think of and detail ready for you gas in the
vehicle so all you’re doing is just driving out of here shaking hands taking
a picture and being part of the VIP family yeah that’s what it’s all about
that’s what it’s that’s what it’s all about we basically you basically covered
everything I know about that and referral program right we got the three
locations we got Jamie jello rattle here you know we got so many great things
going on a possible in other locations coming up I mean you never know but
maybe another another endorsement sponsor
I heard possibly maybe bands out there yeah don’t worry you’re up top where
don’t worry you know so again you see us here but get here 2809 route 73 south we
are open late on Sarah’s when this TV commercials going you could pick up the
phone you can get one of us live here or you’re gonna call it to the call center
Josh is one of the handles our calls here so again you’re watching the
commercial or seen a vehicle come through we need we need you to come in
we need to pick you up listen we’re here daily a guy called a
couple of days ago he’s talking to Jim like a normal conversation then the guy
asked what your name was you’re like Jim Jimmy Jim Jim’s a guy when a static so
yeah every day we were they do but you know when you say hello and then you
start talking then they hear your voice or everything put it to and it’s a great
feeling to know that we are here and we’re doing something good we’re not the
average car dealership I can honestly say that
sit there and and be proud to say that to be working here and as everybody
knows I’ve been watching my left and came back and left a different career
path but want to come back because I know what’s right and when people see
that and they feel that comfort as you know working in so many of these
pageants going people you know what’s feels right or clunker or somebody’s not
taking care of you the right way or taking advantage of a situation and not
to say that people out there do that but we go the extra mile for the customer
here I know how much time we have here we’re gonna flip maybe to go to the
front here and show some other September to remember we treat you like a VIP
that’s right to wait to see come on in for our back to back September to
remember sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP it’s almost that
time to end this segment here in the Maple Shade location but what do we have
here a 2015 Cadillac Escalade look at that this just came in the inventory
great miles priced right as you can see the bombing screen recap we are here
where it all began and started I’m in the center in the middle here in the
center and center of attention it’s Jamie Miss New Jersey got keval over
here it’s been great showing you a little bit here and just showing you how
really we are everyday human no script having fun and telling you it is a
September definitely to remember here at VIP auto alley you’re hearing us you’re
seeing us get here come meet us better yet we’re gonna put you in the car of
your dreams a one-minute credit application can change your life forever
and no payments after holidays if you think you can’t get approved think again
need a ride we pick it up is there anything you want to say it’s awesome
here I love it I feel like I’m a part of the family when I come and I know that
you’ll feel the same when you show up – well that’s good thank you and Kevin she
said what I was about to say so there you go she I just matter and again here
a VIP extra we treat you like a VIP we want you to be part of the family come
and enjoy the experience and get driving in one of these or plenty of other SUVs
cars luxury vehicles that we have here – in VIP we treat you like a VIP and we
what can’t wait to see you come on come on in for our back-to-back September to
remember sales event we’re at VIP they treat you
like a VIP we are here it’s not an illusion you seen us at Maple Shade and
just trucks and here we aren’t Southampton Kevin’s still dressed for
the summer I put jeans on and look for September to
remember but here we are back to back well now we’re front to front
now what are you doing to me but here we have a Cadillac in in front of us we’re
stay in front of that house behind this I know people are watching the
commercial you can see it a big lifted truck I hate to say that and it’s not at
just trucks but it’s here because all the vehicles come here to get serviced
to get once-over look if whatever needs to be done any recon work or lifted or
however yeah comes here again that’s kind of you moved to just trucks that’s
why not we’re not showing you right for this one for example I just came here
yesterday yes you’re still it looks like you’ve still been here since yesterday I
pick up this truck last night one do that one extra we’re here for the South
Hampton commercial you don’t over the truck store as soon as we’re and
especially saying and as you know you’re buying trucks all the time yeah cars
SUVs yep they all come here and and people watching the commercials as we
know it’s September to remember yeah you never know what during the commercial
once you’re seeing it and watching and going online yeah you guys don’t know
what’s coming in and hopefully when you’re watching the car truck SUV view
dreams it’s here but better yet visit the website give us a call we’re gonna
make it happen so we gotta start this off we only got a little bit of time
yeah we over here had a lot of trucks this uh this week that we went over yeah
a few asses over in Maple Shade we got more SUVs as you guys can see we got a
2015 Cadillac SRX it’s not the whole everything it’s got the gray leather
interior navigation would you look at that would you look at that it’s a
Cadillac at the end of the day and if you guys are looking at the price on the
screen all right with that monthly payment I mean you’re a no-brainer being
in the system right you’re being system that that anything yeah and they’ll call
the caller one what are the payments no pay no fees one after the holidays
zero down delivers top dollar for your trade no matter what the credit
situation is we are getting you done baby that’s how it is all right we got a
lot of one owners today still yep and this one this is the SLE we got the one
Denali over at the maple shade store I don’t think we got in the shot this no
we didn’t but this is the SLE you got the third row it’s different in terms of
what that’s Rx is I mean again we always like to say we have a variety this one’s
got the third row it’s not loaded up like that corrects is but at the end of
the day you’re still looking at a gray so people don’t want the leather they
don’t want sunroof they don’t need the sun shining through I mean that’s why I
said we’re giving you so many different options that’s why try it before you buy
it yeah here at VIP will give the extended courtesy let you take it home
this was this one’s different it’s got the aftermarket wheels you guys know
that we do a lot of stuff to our trucks we lift them we put wheels on them
bigger tires this one it’s the limited 2015 34,000 miles one owner I mean it’s
got the aftermarket wheels on a factory warranty under factory warranty yeah
yeah it’s a piece of Moss great with black man factory warranty a small
payment zero down yep delivers if you have a trade if you think you’re buried
bottom lines get here get the South Hampton yeah Maple Shade 73 Maple Shade
South North Truck Center whatever you’re looking for we have all your needs we’re
gonna take care of you we’re about to go to the other side yes
sir the IP we treat you like VIP and can’t wait what can’t wait to see you
come on come on in for our back-to-back September to remember sales event we’re
at VIP they treat you like a VIP here we are back to show you some SUVs camo that
you bought we got a lot of you stuff that came in new that’s a tight shirt
now our new stuff again I mean I don’t want to say this but we literally just
got this in today you can see the dates right just came in just came in today we
got the Malibu that just came in that Cadillac just came in I mean a lot of
stuff that is coming up we’ve been busy over all three of our locations South
Hamptons been doing great with the the stuff that’s been coming in you’re here
by the all the military bases and we’re getting a lot of people from Browns
Mills yeah member temperance an area that are coming in and then want in
vehicles so we’re touching people even down towards Ocean County area you know
the commercial might not touch there but still we’re on every website you can
think of car guru auto trader cars calm yep USAA
I’m trying to remember now the website I want to bring that up we haven’t brought
that up and just something bringing you that we got onto the website which I
know that we kind of were castrated got on there and you wouldn’t Josh you guys
have been working on the backend I’ve been at the auction for the past couple
of days unfortunately it’s cool you guys go onto our website every single vehicle
it gives you a base monthly payment money down a percentage and yeah
interest rate you’re right and it just helps the customer at the end of the day
if you’re shopping for a payment you’re trying to be realistic with yourself I
mean this is where I want to be you don’t have to come up to one of us or
another salesperson and say I want to be 250 a month what can I do
yeah exactly so hey yes we always had that payment calculator on there was
kind of tucked away on the website this is right up in front of your face go to
our websites WWI um that’s an again like Jim said you can’t see the interior
during the commercial I can’t see the sides you can’t see the wheels whatever
it is 24 photos of every vehicle so the website sits and it shows you today and
you were I was over there you were here yep and people once you click that it’ll
show you based on what your arrange is this morning we did a test and it showed
51 cars for that person and again if you’re looking at budget and you’re
looking at payment then you say oh I want that Escalade or you want this
forward you’re being realistic or an unrealistic at least it’s telling you
when you come in here fifty cars to choose from that’s a lot yeah it’s not
saying when you go into a dealership and say hey I’m about to show you one car
this is your beauty here no this is all you get I want one girl you want or you
guys just in life of course and you going out
and buying the inventory that you’re buying and giving the people the
selection that’s a good thing about a business that’s been in 15 years yeah
and having three dealerships in the buying power and the banks and get
people done that don’t even think they can get approved yeah it’s funny I mean
Kristin’s I was saying about the people came in didn’t think they can get done
yeah sure enough they left yeah yeah that’s it 2016 Ford Escape it’s an se
all-wheel drive navigation leather sunroof we’re getting it apart from
wheels on here this is a dark cherry red G it’s the new body saw of course it’s
the 2015 its you’re plain-jane package at the end of the day but you’re driving
a Jeep with a four-wheel drive system okay so if you don’t want the leather
you don’t want to pay for those extra options that you don’t prefer or need or
need at the end of the day you’re getting a Jeep charge and that sticker
they’re certified pre pre owned by VIP auto means lifetime engine warranties
that right lifetime and brakes for life yeah so that’s available on all our
vehicles our 2015 we’re in less than 75 this one here it’s a 2013 Nissan Rogue
again you’re going from a 15 a 16 to at 13 right this one everything we try and
have good mileage just one 64,000 miles a 2013 all-wheel drive that’s gonna see
it on the screen at the end of the day it’s an $11,999 salesperson you’re
getting an SUV something that’s got more room you need the space in the rear you
know this is the car for you you want a little monthly payment this falls into
it that monthly payment calculator the next this is the EXL 2014 it’s loaded up
because you bought that auction I bought this one I thought the other day was
auto trader purchase Bay just got they did just get another one in Maple Shade
guy yes and that’s the 2016 he excel I believe that they can so it’s leather
looks like all loaded up yeah yeah great you can’t go wrong with a Honda 2011
that’s V again very comparable to the other rogue that we just showed 88,000
miles one owner 11 same price a little thousand nine hundred ninety nine how
much eleventh hour you can see on the screen that’s
unbelievable to have yeah SUV in your driveway zero down delivers this
everybody’s approved no matter what the situation is and the drive of eco under
Nissan they’ve run forever what 37 miles of the gal and I would think oh yeah
chop my head so pick up the phone if you need a ride we’ll come and get you if
you wants to deliver the vehicle to you you know go on the website print that I
mean click in and put the credit application name yeah one minute credit
application can change your life forever you don’t know what can happen till you
click it and we’re gonna say hey take a picture can’t wait to see you again yeah
I said referrals we’re getting a lot of referrals and a lot of people going on
the website leaving the positive reviews that didn’t think didn’t get approved no
and they did so we gotta move along and here’s a jeep another Jean hey I don’t
gotta say much they sell themselves at the end of the day like Jim is saying
come in to one of our three locations I mean everything is prior categorize
online what location it is it’s up-to-date at the end of the day you
live near Southampton you want to see one that’s over at Maple Shade
yeah well be brought over right if it’s in Southampton the trucks or it listen
we’ll bring the truck here if we have to but at the end of the day I believe it’s
better for the customer took come to the truck sir that’s the whole idea you see
a truck that you see that you like online maybe at the end of the day you
drive it you’ve never driven a Ford you’ve never driven a Chevy alright
trucks over at that truck store I mean it’s it’s worth the extra 15-20 minutes
that it will take you from coming here to the truck store to you but what you
said 15 20 minutes yeah that that puts a whole perspective on lifetime they’re
gonna keep the core average person what now keeps their vehicle probably like 2
to 3 years yeah so that worth of a little bit of extra drive that you might
be frustrated or whatever but it’s gonna go hey off same thing if you’re coming
here to look at vehicles or in Maple Shade to see any of our guys it’s thing
is that you got to work with me or Jimmy when you come over the truck hey listen
you guys wanna come meet us we’ll do the back to back pepper exactly listen we’re at South
Hampton we are showing you guys all these SUVs we showed you a lot of SUVs
over at Maple Shade don’t worry we have a lot of sedans to show you here go to
our website you haven’t seen the sedan you want I’m sure we have one for you
that that will fit your needs your wants whatever it might be your dreams exactly
so here at VIP Jimmy what we treat you like a VIP and we can’t wait can’t wait
to see you come on come on in for our back-to-back September to remember sales
event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP
we’re running out of time man we only got three and a half minutes go dance we
got three and a half minutes but at the end of the day we got a whole row we
want to pay enough attention to each one of them again this one is one that we
just got in today it’s got the black wheels 2016 Ford Fusion se all-wheel drive you
guys see it on the screen it’s got the name anymore they’re gonna stop me if
you never driven one you want one yeah my sister has one okay got it from
us and it loves it yeah oh she just got hit – all right two days ago somebody
was on their phone but again alright it’s getting fixed but again it’s a
great car so I say that but they are fun she’s okay that’s all that matters but
this core to the Hyundai Genesis oh man these are luxury yeah it is mm a Bentley
economy it is a bit I mean when people see this on the road when they see it on
the lot they’re staring right at the Genesis sign they still don’t know what
it is right they think it’s a Bentley and I listen until I start looking at
these cars so on that auction and actually scanned it right I know as a
Hyundai it’s at the end of the day but it is their top-of-the-line luxury they
took the hande symbol off they wanted to make it that extra little special right
and it really is it’s got heated seats in the back seats it’s got the panoramic
roof it’s got the premium wheels navigation is it’s a big screen there
you go we got to keep going so this one’s a 15 this is a 2015 Nissan Altima sales price has got the roof yes doctor
warranty yeah under factory warranty you’re getting great mileage you ever
need to get mean and son they’re very in expensive this one in particular we
actually had traded back in over at our maple shade store was sold to the
customer he then came back traded back in for I forget what it was he wanted
more CD’s bends he bought a Benz yes one that really
expensive one that was on a lot one day okay
but again that’s sleek it’s nice its sporty yeah only one here at this one
was through Auto Trader Anthony bought it over at the Maple Shade store 2014
Lexus is250 beautiful car is all-wheel drive can’t
say enough come to either location three locations wherever it fits your needs or
wants go to either location we’re gonna take care of you everybody leaves that
VIP you’re driving we treat you like a VIP we want you part of the family
you’re leaving in a vehicle no matter what the situation is it’s another BMW
this one is a 2013 BMW I believe this is the 323 35 i if i remember correctly
it’s got the beige interior dark blue exterior it’s a BMW it comes with all
your options you guys see the payments on the screen same collar very similar
they’re both Chevy’s I always talk about on our commercials the weight degree did
these Chevy’s they they go they go I can’t hold them for a week on a lot
before they get sold this one great mileage as you guys can see it’s an LCD
screen yes yeah this one I just got the board in town at the board in town this
one’s in 2014 6i Touring loaded up black on black sunroof leather navigation
group seeing is believing no matter what you’re gonna be able to
drive multiple vehicles take one home and make sure it fits your wants your
needs another Nissan Altima here this one here it’s got the tinted windows
sunroof yeah that’s what leather dark leather black interior heated seats
85,000 miles on 2012 $99.99 another Hyundai 68 99 is the sales price on this
one 2012 yeah I mean listen what can that yeah this is I mean we’re aggressive
with everything we’re getting these in I mean these haven’t been sitting here you
guys if you watch the commercials you know that these cars are all fresh
slipping on a lot we priced to sell as soon as we get them we’re not pricing
them and then if we don’t sell them the first 30 days people think yeah right
they say oh we’re watching this we said the other cars were people calling well
you had the car for twenty days however when we’re getting so much inventory in
yeah and you see that picture on the website that don’t show the physical
picture yeah once it comes in my time service gets through does everything
goes and gets detailed then gets picture to put online yeah you know that might
take a couple weeks because we have so many cars coming in and then somebody
watch the corner said well this dealership has this car and they drop
they think they’re gonna drop their price but when we’re pricing that
aggressive yeah and making a and it’s true small profit margin yeah to sell in
volume in the 15 years we here and just like we said soon to be maybe another
location more sponsors coming people that you might want or maybe know and
want to come meet Miss New Jersey I mean there’s so many things that we’re doing
giving back to the community and we’re doing something right that’s in Maple
Shade I’m proud of what we do because I know what we do is the right thing for
the customer it’s at the end of the day not how much you can be make but who you
can meet who else you can bring in how many more people you can so the big box
right to say they’re in business but they’re there and they have to make
money the overhead so big youth yeah and when here we’re taking care of the
customer and longevity the longevity means a lot so here we’re gonna wrap it
up and get back to back we got the two hundred dollar referral program we don’t
really mention that here at the South Hampton location that’s a great program
you know anybody you’re buying a car you’re not buying a car you know
somebody buying a car I mention us yes have them drop your name you’re getting
$200 it’s a day that’s it simple three locations you got the new inventory
coming in all the time the website’s gonna help you guys out
zero down delivers no payments till the holiday is over yep all right top dollar
for your trade in if you have a path wherever it is no matter great credit
bump credit ruin credit just have a bankruptcy whatever it is we’re
taking care of everybody so like we said morning noon or night you come in either
three locations we’re taking care of you yeah out there so what it right man
would treat you what like a VIP and what Jimmy Jim Jim and
keV Oh can’t wait wait come on you advantage broadcasting move ahead

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