‘Badhaai Ho’ Official Trailer | Ayushmann Khurrana, Sanya Malhotra | Director Amit Sharma

Is Mom okay? Well, that’s why
I called you guys here… So the doctor said… The doctor said that… We’re expecting a guest at home. A guest? I’m not vacating
my room for anyone, Dad! I’ve already told you. A ‘Little Guest’. Mom’s pregnant. Mom, as in… Your mom? Who else’s mom? Yours? What? How? I think… how it generally happens? They’ve done it. What? They’ve done it again! Hello. Mr. Kaushik! Not as innocent as he looks, eh? First of all, I want to know… When did you find the time for this? Now I understand… Why her body aches every morning! Don’t be angry. It doesn’t suit your pretty face. Don’t you dare flatter me. This is exactly
what has lead to this! – What happened?
– Tell me… Are parents supposed
to be doing all this? What? Do you find it embarrassing
that your parents have sex? If your mom got pregnant,
you’d know how it feels. If my mom got pregnant,
it would be a bigger problem… See! Because I don’t have a Dad! I’m not saying Nakul is a bad guy. He’s a nice boy. But his family is a circus
I don’t want to buy tickets to! Never lock the door again! May I turn off the lights? By God, I’m so jealous! Congrats, Big Brother!! You’re having a baby too? Good, very good. You’re at the right age. Let’s go, son. Yes, mom.


Indians are really louts they only know to increase population nothing else… Father of Donkey's 👉 Indians

Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress – Neena Gupta
Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor – Gajraj Rao
Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress – Surekha Sikri

Ha ha ha happy to know many of us have been there 😂👍🏽 I was 21 when my baby brother was born.

Please watch the movie 'pavithram(1994)' in malayalam. The story of badaai Ho is copied or adapted from this movie,directed by rajeev Kumar sir, cinematography handled by Santhosh sivan sir and edited by sreekar prasad sir. And also give big salute to mohanlal sir.

If this movie made in Telugu, it would be good. If the lead actors are Allu Arjun, Prakash Raj… it will be more more than good.

this movie is so brilliant and hilarious and very touching and emotional at the same time. could not have asked for more

Full movie link in two part
Part 1. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x71r1ug?playlist=x69v8d

Part 2. https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x70ab0e?sharing-enable=false&queue-enable=false&queue-autoplay-next=false&ui-logo=false&ui-theme=dark&ui-start-screen-info=false

Laughed out loud while watching the trailer. Read the comments after, then confuse. For me, husband and wife, those who legally married dont have to be embarrassed to have a child in any age. The safety and the mother's health during pregnancy, those are that might be considered more. Not how they become pregnant. For God's sake. The husband and wife may shy, but… people judge them negatively, even do not want to see them anymore??? Hellooooo.

I love the new plots that are being introduced to Bollywood. It's developed greatly and i love the new aspects that they are bringing. It's normal and i love it.

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