Bank Repossessions & New Car Trades in Las Vegas at Wholesale Dealer Auctions

greetings folks, Bob Assadi, Deals on Wheels, [email protected]… you know, the other day, I was looking through
Craigslist and cargurus at the online classifieds for those really high
demand vehicles, that would be your 7 to 12 year old Japanese vehicles, maybe
domestic vehicles, specifically I’m talking about 80 to 120 thousand miles…
Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, maybe a Honda Civic, a Toyota Corolla, a Nissan
Altima, maybe a Nissan Sentra, Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion ,you get the idea, the
ones that are really low on insurance and in maintenance, but very high in fuel
economy and resale value, so you drive this vehicle for five years, put fifty
sixty thousand miles on it, sell it down the road, if it’s in the same condition
that it was pretty close to when you purchased the vehicle, you’re not going to
lose very much money at all, especially when you buy from me at the right price…
so I started thinking, you know, again this is the kind of vehicle you wouldn’t
mind owning as a second car, maybe a first car for the kids, these are really
high in demand… now, when I was looking through the classifieds, I got very
frustrated because every single one that was an extraordinary deal, whether it was
the model year of the vehicle, or the mileage, or the seemingly outstanding
condition that attracted me to it, or a combination of all three, when I would
make the phone call and talk to the seller, I would find out the vehicle had
salvaged or rebuilt title, or it would be designated in the spot in the ad that
tells you the status of the title, it would say salvaged her rebuilt, or I
would read the body of the ad, and it would say salvaged or rebuilt, so I grew
very frustrated because I couldn’t find, I could… it wasn’t worth my time to look
for someone that didn’t have a salvage to rebuilt title, and the vehicle was
priced reasonably well, so I started thinking to myself… hey, why fight the
market?… it’s probably the same exact way in your city, so let’s take advantage of
it… I came up with a win-win situation for both of us, and here’s how it works…
okay now folks, the real secret to ending up with the best deal possible in this
area, again the high demand, three to five thousand dollar vehicles, about seven to
twelve years old, 80 to 120 125 thousand miles, would be this… you have to have enough for them from which to choose, so you
don’t just settle on a meh offer, you settle on a great offer! okay, that is the
whole secret to this… let me tell you when I used to specialize in purchasing
just this segment, what I would do is I’d go to the dealer only auction on the day
before, troubleshoot the vehicle, kick the tires, look at the condition report, know
if it’s been in any accidents, know how many owners it has had, then what I would
do is I would come back the following day, after having organized my list of 20
of these, and I would be lucky to end up with two or three at the right price.. why?
and I’ll tell you almost every single time I would end up with a real cherry,
it would have been because the lane that I was in was slow, it was about the last
third of the auction, after the dealers already spent all their money on
other vehicles, they either went back to the dealership or they went to another
auction, so then it would be just me and maybe a couple of other dealers, or maybe
there wouldn’t even be anybody in the lane. it’d be just me and the guy on the
internet… alright, there’s always someone competing for these vehicles on the
internet, which is great if your seller… those were the situations where I ended
up with a fantastic deal, and made some money on the vehicle… this is the same
opportunity, in essence, that I’m offering you … right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, there are 2,000 vehicles that are being sold at wholesale …wholesale units, every
single week… where do you think your vehicles that you’re trying to purchase
on Craigslist and CarGurus come from?… I Got News for you, they come from the
exact same sources as the exact vehicles going through that dealer only auction
here in Las Vegas, Nevada… actually, we have two of them, they run on Thursdays
and Fridays, cheaper cars on Thursdays, more expensive cars on Fridays… here’s
the thing, where are those coming from? more specifically, they’re trade-ins to
new and used car dealerships and bank / financial institution repossessions…
those are the two sources for your three to five thousand dollar vehicles between
7 to 12 years old, that’s where they come from… either they go right to the dealer
only auction, or a friend of a dealer… I have friends who are looking for, you
know, making a little money on the side that I help out from time to time… you
have salesmen who work at car dealerships, what they’ll do is they’ll take the trade-in, it’ll still be under the
previous owners name, and they’ll try and just flip it to you through Craigslist
to CarGurus… you probably run across this all the time… so look, my friends, you’re
already dealing with dealers, anyway… right out of Craigslist or CarGurus…
and if you ask them if they’re dealers, many of them will tell you yes, they are
dealers, but you might as well be dealing with a dealer that has 15 years of
experience in this segment, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, I’ll put
everything in writing, everything you see in this video,
everything that we might discuss on the phone, by text, by screen share, by Skype,
by email, or in person will be put in the form of a very short sales memorandum,
and it’ll be backed, because talk is cheap, buy my hundred thousand dollar
dealer bond with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, so that you know
everything is on the up-and-up to make it a no risk, high reward
transaction for you… To get this vehicle, to get access to these vehicles, you
simply need access to the wholesale dealer only auctions… you don’t have it
and I do, so through me, you gain access… and when I say access, here’s what I mean… if you give me a commitment that tells me you’re not gonna back out of this
situation, because my time is just as valuable as yours, I will give you access
to not only the wholesale units and the wholesale pricing plus a small markup
for me, but you’ll also get access to information in the condition reports,
photographs of the vehicle, you’ll know how many owners it’s had, you’ll know if
it has been in any accidents, you will see the flaws that the vehicle has, you will
see how the vehicle is equipped, that includes the standard options and also the
added value options, and you’ll know everything about this vehicle before you
actually get in your car and make a little trip down to the auction…
in fact, I’m probably going to earmark at least two or three, so no matter what,
it’ll be worth your while to go down to the auction, look at these vehicles, and
give me the maximum price at which you’re willing to own it… see I’m
thinking of everything ahead of time, believe me, I’ve been doing this for a
long time… I’m the kind of guy who goes through the auction and looks at every
single car, and I’m probably the only one who does it, from the crack of dawn until security literally throws me out of the auction… I
love my business!… now. I want you to compare this to you purchasing your
vehicle from a private party… you’re going to look at, I don’t know, five or ten of these, you’re gonna spend fifty to a hundred
bucks in gas, ten to fifteen hours just driving all over town from Summerlin to
Henderson, Henderson to Summerlin, to downtown… okay, you’re finally going to
find a vehicle that ends up being the dog with the least fleas, as they say… you
settle on this vehicle it was doing well in the ten mile test drive, but after you
purchase it and you drive it a hundred miles, it starts to overheat, the
transmission starts to slip, the check engine light comes on, you can’t get this
thing to pass smog and registered so you could drive it around town… what a
waste! thousands of dollars, gas money, time, and
effort wasted on something that you have no recourse for, because you bought it
from a private party … now would you rather do that or would you rather have
a selection of 2000 vehicles, just here in Nevada, again, if you give me a
commitment to do business with me, I’m going to give you access to 8,000 more
in Southern California, now we’re talking about 10,000 vehicles
every single week between Las Vegas and the auctions in Southern California,
which I also do attend… in addition to that, if you’re looking for a needle in a
haystack, you’re looking for something rare, or you’re looking for a two to
three year old vehicle in fantastic condition, still under factory warranty,
it could be anything from a BMW 3-series, Honda Accord, up to a Lamborghini or
Ferrari, one of the exotics… I have access to them, like I said, wholesale units with
wholesale pricing… you can’t beat my prices or quality or selection!… now these
vehicles in Southern California, man, they are enjoying life for 12 years… it’s 80
degrees, they don’t have to experience 120 degrees summers or 40 degree winters, you know that heat fluctuation absolutely destroys the paint, that’s why
we have so much paint oxidation out here, you start to sweat, that’s why we have so
much wear on the interior of the vehicle, it affects everything, it affects all the
components under the hood, the rubber, it affects the tires, it affects the
wheels, it affects everything on the vehicle, puts a lot more strain and wear
on all of the accessories and components in the vehicle… so the California vehicle
is absolutely, the Southern California one,
head-and-shoulders superior to the las vegas vehicle… right there, you’re talking
about value, maybe a thousand dollars in value just there… hey, have you gone to
get a paint job here in Las Vegas Nevada? they can’t paint a coloring book out
here, my friends … you always get the vehicle back with a bunch of orange peel,
fish eyes, it’s awful !… overspray, they’re awful out here, awful, absolutely awful!…
even if you drop a grand, two grand, you’re gonna get an awful paint job back…
so how much is that worth, if your vehicle from Southern California has a
perfect paint job on it? factory finish, absolutely flawless,
beautiful!… this is the kind of vehicle I’m talking about!… alright folks, so there
it is in a nutshell… the way that you do this is you want access to a lot of
vehicles, especially in Southern California, and you want to be able to
put in multiple bids on multiple vehicles to end up with exactly the one
that you want, and you definitely want someone with experience troubleshooting
these vehicles ,who knows what he’s doing, knows his way around the auction, can
make sure that the vehicle is smog ready, you don’t have any funny noises, that it
engages and goes into gears just fine, here in Las Vegas, at one of the bigger
auctions, the biggest auction in town, you actually get the test-drive vehicle on a
little test track, it’s about, I don’t know, a quarter-mile track… you get the
vehicle up to about 65-70, you know, semi safely… and you get to really assess the
suitability of the vehicle… you know, you get to see if it vibrates at high speeds
and so forth, which is fantastic!… very simple, like I said, this is a no risk /
high reward opportunity for you to end up with the perfect three to five
thousand dollar, like we discussed, vehicle with around 80 to 120 125
thousand miles… I’ll tell you up front, because I’m not telling you anything you
don’t already know, if you’re looking for a domestic, a Chevy or a Ford, you can get
a newer one with lower miles… okay, for the same money… but if you’re looking for
a Japanese vehicle, you want to stay around the three to five thousand dollar
range, you’re either going to have to get a newer one with higher miles, or you’re
gonna have to get an older one with lower miles… okay, I stay away from those
vehicles that, you know, when you drive the kids to school and drop them off
people start to laugh at you… I stay away from those… I
stay away from salvaged and rebuilt titles as well, because your safety is
more important than anything!.. okay folks, that’s pretty much a wrap… [email protected], [email protected] is the email, link in the
description down below, I want to thank you very much for your time, thank you
for your continued viewership, don’t forget to Like, share, subscribe, share
this on your social media, if you have any questions, please ask them down below… I’ll be happy to answer them as fast as I can, to the best of my abilities…. keep
in mind, this video is meant to be for the Las Vegas locals looking for the
three to five thousand dollar vehicles, if you’re out on the East Coast, and you
contact me, and I’ve had this happen several times… hey, I’m looking for a
three to five thousand dollar vehicle, well could you imagine me shipping it
all the way out there and then something about the vehicle that you don’t like,
you got to ship it back, it just doesn’t make sense… if you’re willing to… if
you’re willing to jump on board and you trust me a hundred percent, I’ll do
business with you, sure …if you’re willing to pay for the shipping… alright, for a
vehicle that doesn’t have any rust so you might be in New York City comparing
your opportunities of twelve-year-old, clean Japanese vehicles that are rust
buckets, to a California car that’s pristine, that when you go to do the
brakes, you don’t have to break six bolts, you know, just getting the calipers off…
if you have any questions, like I said, ask them down below, make sure that you
add me to your social media, you’ll see links to my social media in the
description, also at the end of the video, because when I run across the vehicle
that you’re looking for, that you and I have specifically discussed, I see this
thing at the auction, what I’m going to do is walk around it… I want to do a
one-minute video showing you the vehicle, going over the condition report, showing
you all the desirable attributes and all the flaws on the vehicle, asking for a
decision, acquiring the vehicle for you right there on the spot,,how’s that? Bob Assadi, Deals on Wheels [email protected]… I’ll see you
on the next video! šŸ˜€

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