Bargain for Liberation

Satsang with Mooji [Questioner] I want to ask,
does something have to disassemble? Does something have to break down
for me to find something else? [Q.] I’m scared of that. [laughter]
[Mooji] Yes, yes, yes. [Mooji] There are no conditions
that you have to fulfil because what I am pointing to
is what you are already. It’s not on the other side of an obstacle
to be gained. It’s not a bargain. It’s not a trade. Life is not saying,
‘Hand over your sweeties in exchange’. [Q.] It’s not getting them. [laughter] [Mooji] Well, then you surprise me
in saying that because … [Q.] What? Not getting my sweeties? [M.] Yes, the attitude.
[Q.] That’s what I’m saying … [M.] Sometimes, your own clinging,
the sense of the clinging … To be honest with you,
that which is clinging to life is also not you. [Q.] OK.
[Mooji] It’s funny! But that which is clinging … it’s the idea you have of who you are,
that is clinging. You are perfectly pure! All is This! You have to awaken to this truth, to see, to recognize what you are already, not what you are going to develop,
to become or to create. You are finding that
which is even before the created. So this feeling,
‘I am so attached to my sense of who I am’, then I am saying to you
that even this you are not. Even the one who is saying,
‘I am so afraid to lose who I am’, is also just a thought. It’s worth saying it again.
[laughter] The one who is saying,
‘I can’t make such a sacrifice. It seems like for something
as great as awakening or enlightenment, I have to hand over all
that I’ve come to love about who I am, what I am. It seems like a very huge sacrifice to ask.
And who wants it? Because what you’re talking about
is what is unknown presently to me. Why should I swap what is so familiar
and so sitting right in my life for the unknown, which maybe I don’t like? Then I give away myself, I’ve lost it, and I’ve found that
what I have surrendered to is not what I want.’ [Mooji] This is mind for you. [Q.] It is. Is the plan to try and cool this down? Just cool it down. I’ve tried to let go of strategizing but I am strategizing the whole time. I am trying to work out the next right move. [M.] What is strategizing is not you,
it’s your mind. Mind is the root, the home of strategies,
the factory of strategies. [Q.] I’d like to know how to cool them,
just put them away for a while, file them away. I call it thought knitting. [Mooji] This ‘I’ is also mind. The ‘I’ who is presently seeming
to be such a strong identification, ‘I really would like to put all of this aside. I am really tired of this part of my mind.’ This is also mind. [Q.] So how do I clear the clutter? [Mooji] That which is aware of even that
which says, ‘How can I clear the clutter?’,
that itself is not cluttered. The Awareness is not cluttered. You may feel that this is
just too big a step to make. But that’s also a thought arising in the same Awareness
which is eternal and infinite. As soon as the consciousness comes in,
like in the waking state, as soon as the waking state is present,
soon after the sense of ‘I’ comes. When ‘I’ comes, then somehow time comes,
you come, a world comes, a job comes, yesterday and tomorrow come,
all of this comes in. And it’s functioning for the ‘I’, the ‘me’, ‘I must do this, I must do that,
I love this, I don’t like this’. All of this comes in with the waking state. It’s like a package deal, it comes in. As soon as the consciousness is present, this functioning of an experiencer,
what is being experienced, and the very function of experiencing,
the very act of experiencing – all of this is the play of consciousness. I don’t know if this is making sense.
It is like this. This is what is happening. You are the witness of this consciousness. But also, you, the watching consciousness,
is also in this form. Consciousness is in this form. When you say ‘I’,
‘I’ actually represents consciousness. The significance of ‘I’ is consciousness. But ‘I’ has become person
by associating with time and space, parents, country, body and senses. So the ‘I’ which is pure
gets converted into this belief that it’s a particular person from a particular place with particular ideals. It gets more and more fragmented,
this ‘I’ which is a unity, this intuition, this feeling ‘I am’. [Q.] So is it about recognizing
these disparate parts and just keep placing and replacing them
back into a whole. [Mooji] It’s by understanding
that you are the Awareness. And all of this is happening through
consciousness in the body. It’s playing this. In some way,
something wants to do something here. I am first trying to get you
to really understand something. And out of the understanding
will come everything else. You are paying attention to the movement
and saying, ‘How can I pacify these movements?’ I am saying, Even the one itself
who is reacting to the movement is also thought-based. It’s just your idea of yourself
that is reacting like this. The reactions can go like this. It seems, it’s very difficult
to accept this statement, because we are so much in the sense
that we are doers of our life, ‘Please tell me the trick, what must I do?
What must I do?’ This is the mantra of the mind:
‘What must I do?’ Out of understanding everything else will come!

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