Bargaining Hub of Thailand| Indra Square and MBK Center| Vegetarian Food| Epi 7

I hope you guys are giving thumbs up to my old videos of thailand series Rahul is speaking english in Thailand. Laughs!!!!!! Is lift working or not??? haha actually we have not pushed button Right now we are in market We are finding something to eat Market is full of chaos. Basically this market is indira square This voice in background is of tuk tuk Finally we have ordered banana drink for us. These shops are good to drink because of hygiene. So here is our banana drink Even people from Punjab is roaming Some religious function is going on. Now we are going to indira square mall. I think this is Indira square mall. Entry is from another side Free food by religious organization is going on. Rahul is planning to eat free food. So this is Indra Square Mall Actually no waste bins are kept on roads. This is inside view of indra square mall Actually this market amazing. Actually you can get anything like electronic gadgets,other items associated with electronics Everything is available here. MCD is also there This mall is quite big then what about other malls. Indians are there everywhere Even shopkeepers are speaking Hindi Open market is there inside indra square This is food court area here you find Indian food is easily available in Bangkok Arabic, Indian etc Rahul here you will find punjabi thali You need to buy coupon before eating at any stall available in the food court. Coupons are like this We got coupons of around 380 bhat Indian food is costly here Non veg is cheap here in thailand. Vegetarian is costly We bought Indian thali of 190 bhat So this is veg thali Rahul Food is amazing we are satisfied with the food You need to eat even if it is costly We take 2 meals per day. So I have started shopping I bought this jacket for around 900 bhat Rahul is purchasing bag for his sister at home. Every shop has something to sell This is street food. Now we are going to MBK center mall There many malls here in bangkok Traffic is well organized here in bangkok This is seven eleven store here in bangkok. You can buy any grocery item See hustle and bustle Due to low light video is dark at this point…. That white building is ,mbk mall That big building mbk center We need to cross this subway to reach mbk to that side Ambience is amazing here Escalators are there People are chain smokers here in Thailand what i noticed. So finally we reached at mbk center mall. This is sky train Now we are entering inside We are inside mbk mall now Tv Costs around 121990 bhat You will find every brand here Now lets go to upper floor and see what is there Although this video is big but I need to show you everything along with me This area is for grocery shopping This area is for food courts Yana restaurant infront Whole area is for food shops only and its occupancy is full Upper floor is for cinema. You will get tired but mall will not finish because it is very big. Ticket vending machines are there This is craft village here in MBK mall Full area consists of art and craft Mall is neat and clean Market is full of people. There is lot of chaos. Rahul has shopped so much now he barely left with surplus money. He is shopping madly. ATMS are there inside mbk mall You need to pay 220 bhat surcharge. Mall is very big and now we totally tired. Approx we walked in mall for around 4 km Now I am eating subway as my dinner. So this is mbk mall that you have seen. This is malls entrance We walked around 5.5 km Here 8 to 10 malls comprising 1 big mall in bangkok He speaks asea asea..laughs !!!!!!!!!

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