Barrett Jackson Edition Cabinets by Proslat

Hey guys welcome to Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale One of the things we wanted to talk to you about today. Is our brand new Barrett-Jackson Edition cabinets set. These cabinets were designed with the team at Barrett-Jackson and the team at Proslat got together and came out with a really unique set that’s got some really cool features To start off with the tool chest. The tool chest is a 62″ tool chest It’s got really wide 38″ ball bearing drawers 150lb drawers, they all got the liners inside. They have really nice dual grab handles. So if you’re reaching back and want to grab from this side or from this side. It works really well. Another cool thing on this tool chest is it’s got a large storage drawer. So if you’ve got oils or spray cans or anything like that on the small side. Over here on the larger side, let’s see if the camera can get this. On the larger side you can get litres, you can get paint gallons, oil cans. Whatever you need to do. It’s a nice big storage unit. Another fun feature about these cabinets is that we put a nice solid core stainless steel worktop So if you need to bolt in a vice and need to clamp something You’ve got a lot of strength there. All the doors are dual walled with a nice finish inside. With soft close hinges so that when you let them go it will bring it in slowly and everything locks. Tall cabinet comes with 4 shelves It gives you a ton of storage and it’s even got a little bar to go on the inside If you want to hang clothes. You just need to take the shelves out and attach them to your top shelf. Really excited about this set. All of these sets come fully assembled So all you have to do is put on the legs, put it up on the wall and you’re good to go.

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