Battery Tender from Eastwood – Keep Your Battery Charged!

save money by extending the life of your
battery with the battery tender from eastwood a battery tender is an easy way to
maintain a full charge while stored just connect the alligator clips and
you’re set the permanent rings are perfect for a
motorcycle or if you plan on charging the battery often or for an extended
period of time the quick release plug makes it easy to
disconnect the battery tender when you want to go for a drive the battery tender charges your car’s
twelve volt battery then maintains it at a full charged without overcharging the battery tender is spark free with a
one and a quarter amp output, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection the battery tender is also great for
storing lawn mowers, snow mobiles jet skis, motorcycles and atvs Eastwood offers a full line of battery
tenders for nearly every application including six and twelve volt versions a waterproof battery tender and even two and four bank tenders so you can keep everything in your
garage at a full charge visit today for
everything you need to DO THE JOB RIGHT


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