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(light music) – Sawaddee Ka. Welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen. Today I am making one of the most popular, the most well known Thai
dishes in the world. I am making massaman curry. So a few years ago I
made a chicken version of massaman, a massaman gai. Today I am making massaman
neua, or massaman beef. Now it does require a bit
of a different technique, now that we’re using beef, but if you love a good beef stew, you are gonna love this one. So, let’s get started. Let’s look at the beef. So I am using beef short ribs today, which I absolutely love
for braises and stews. So tender and flavorful. When you buy short ribs at the store you can choose to have
bones in or boneless. I like to choose the bones in one, because I wanna throw the
bones into the curry as well, because it gives the
broth a much nicer flavor. However, what you can
do is remove the bones from the meat altogether, so that when you serve
it, it’s easier to eat. The bones will probably fall off anyway, because the meat will become so tender, but this way it’s a
cleaner separation, okay? So I have gone ahead and
removed all of the bones, so I get nice cubes of
short ribs, like this. Mm. So now I’m gonna start by searing. Now, searing meat before
adding it to a curry or stew is actually not a very Thai thing to do. We don’t generally do that. But, I know that searing creates browning, which creates flavor, so
it’s a flavor opportunity I would like to take. Yeah. And you can sear it on two sides, three sides, four sides. However many sides you’ve
got the patience for. So I am done with that, but look at this beautiful browning. Look at that. That is what you are going for. It’s nice and brown. It’s got a crust on it. Like a good steak, you know? Look at my beautifully seared meat. Now I’m not sure why I removed that second batch out of the pot, because I’m gonna need
to put them all back in. So now what I’m gonna do is oh I’m gonna throw in the bones that I removed in as well, because the bones will give
the broth some nice flavor. These are big bones. Cover this with some water. And to this I’m gonna add
also some coconut milk. Hang with me here. You might be slightly confused. I’m gonna add to this now about one tablespoon
of my, the curry paste that I just made. Now if you missed this video,
this curry paste video, I’ll put the link right
in the corner here. How you can make this from scratch. But, you can also just
get store-bought paste, and pick it up from here as well. So it depends how much of
a DIY you want this to be. Now I’m going to let this
beef simmer and braise for two hours, until it’s
basically fork tender. This is actually not the curry, okay? We’re gonna make the curry separate and move this beef into that curry. And the reason is because I find that if you braise the
beef directly in the curry, the beef will release a lot goo and gunk, and it just makes the curry not as pretty. So a lot of Thai people will then braise the beef separately. I like to add a little bit of
curry paste in here as well, so the beef, while it’s braising, has time to absorb some of that flavor. And yes, this broth will
be really good afterwards, and we will use some of it. We just don’t want all the gunk and goo that comes up, you know? So it has been two hours. The beef is now super fork
tender, I just checked. But, check this out. This is the gunk and the goo
I was talking about, right? All this yucky stuff. You do not want that ending up in your final curry, and this is why we go through the trouble. And, I’m gonna switch pot. So I’m gonna start out by
reducing some coconut milk, so that we can saute
the curry paste in it. So I’ll bring that to a boil, and let that reduce, okay? Alright, so now it’s reduced. It’s not broken just yet, but that’s okay. I’m gonna just add my
curry paste right now. And then I’ll let the coconut milk break with the curry paste. And if you don’t know
what I mean by break, that means you haven’t seen
my other curry episodes. That basically means the
coconut oil separates from the coconut milk, and that happens when you reduce the coconut milk for a period of time. And what that does is, the oil becomes the fat that sautes all
the herbs and spices in the curry paste. So now, what you’ll start to notice, is you see oil sizzling out of the edges of the curry paste. See that, all that sizzling? That’s how you know the oil
has now finally separated from the coconut milk itself. And I’m gonna add the rest
of my coconut milk in here. Oh yes. Alright, so now, you add the beef back in. Ah, look at all the super tender- ah! Super tender meat. There you go. Oh yes. So nice bright beautiful curry. It needs a little bit of liquid still. This is too thick, because I’m still gonna add potatoes and onions. This is where this broth comes in. So I’m gonna add some of this broth. Just enough so I get
the volume that I need. But first I don’t want
any of this goo, right? So I’m gonna just skim
this off real quick. A ha. Found more meat. Almost missed that one. Okay, so now it’s relatively clean. It doesn’t have to be spotless. Just enough so you can
get some nice bone broth into this curry. Very nice. Well let’s start with that. And now I’m gonna add potatoes and onions. Now in my massaman chicken episode, I used regular potatoes. But, sweet potato is actually also done, and really quite nice. Especially when it’s massaman beef, and it’s a richer, heavier dish. I think it goes really well with the denser, creamier, sweet potato. Okay, let’s see how much more onion I can force into this. (laughs) And yes, I want the onions to cook down until it’s nice and sweet. I feel like this size pot is the perfect pot for
everything that I do. I always fill it up
all the way to the rim. Okay, so I’m gonna bring
this back to a simmer. And the potatoes need another
10 to 15 minutes only, so we’re just gonna cook now
until the potatoes are done. And the- oh! Seasoning, of course. We haven’t put fish
sauce in this thing yet. Um, where is it? There you go, right here. So some fish sauce. And massaman always has a
hint of sweetness in it, so I’m gonna add also some palm sugar. And then to balance that
richness and sweetness, you want some subtle,
subtle tartness in there, so tamarind is the perfect thing for that. Okay. (laughs) And I just made it. Okay, so maybe this is a little too much. But now I just have to
let it simmer gently. You don’t want this boiling, because then if it’s boiling, boiling, the sweet potato might fall apart in the vigorous boiling. So just a gentle simmer. Now, what you’re looking for, is for the potato to be fork tender. And you simply just fork the potato, and if it goes in easy,
you are ready to eat. So one last ingredient I’m gonna add is roasted peanuts. So peanuts you can add
actually either before or after, depending on
whether you want the peanuts to become crunchy, not become crunchy, to stay crunchy, or if you want them to sort of soften and
blend into the curry. I actually like to put them in with the potatoes, but
quite honestly I forgot. So, here they are. They’re going in crunchy, which is okay. Oh yes. Some potato and onion. Oh yeah. (light music) Ah, look at that. Look how easily it just falls apart. That’s exactly what you want. And with the short ribs, the benefit is it’s tender but it’s not dry, because it’s so, there’s a
lot of marbling in the meat. If you get a stew meat that
doesn’t have a lot of marbling, that’s lean, you’ll get
tender yet dry and chewy. It’ll fall apart, but it’ll be tough. I think we’ve all had
that kind of beef stew. So this is the kind of dish you wanna do in advance if you can,
so you can let it sit. Allow the flavors to really
penetrate the potatoes. Everything will mingle and marry. Oh, it’ll be so good tomorrow too. Mm. Mm. Mm. There is a reason why this dish was voted as the most
delicious food in the world by CNN a few years ago. The flavors are so complex. It’s rich. It’s sweet. Full of warm spices you can really taste. It’s like a symphony. A symphony of aroma and flavor, and the beef is soft, and tender, and the sweet potato is super creamy, and then I crunch into the peanut. This is an absolute must try. And it takes time, but
it’s really super easy. You can kind of just let it go, right? So the recipe as always will
be on When you make it,
definitely send me a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you haven’t subscribed
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If you have questions about this recipe, you can post it here for the community to answer. But if you want to ask me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or my website (all links are in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments I receive across the hundreds of videos on this channel.

Also, before sending on any questions be sure to read the written recipe on the website as I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video.

Thank you for watching!

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in Korean cooking when we use short ribs, we blanch them in boiling water for about 10 minutes, then rinse them off. This gets rid of a lot of that gunk. The other method is to let the meat soak in water for a couple hours or overnight to release blood.

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