BEST STORAGE UNIT EVER UPDATE ! Live you and a i bought an abandoned storage unit

fool what is up ladies and gentlemen
boys and girls pirates this is working right on my phone
tonight and I’m gonna watch on a computer so we’re gonna see if I can
function with this on the phone oh yeah I was at the grocery store and I didn’t
have time to get everything set up because I’ve been super busy long day
what’s everybody up to is it other technical feat all right can everybody
hear me um now sometimes I tend to I don’t know seems like things go wrong
when I first go alive every time just my luck though sounds good what’s up been a
long day we did that Alameda flea market today yesterday was laying around in the
morning are like you know might as well like throw together a little load
chances are if I make some decent money I’ll be the type of place where you
could sell a five-dollar item or you could sell a $5,000 item you just don’t
know so I threw together a couple $5 items a couple hundred dollar items a
couple 500 dollar items and a couple of thousand or item and I went out there
wasn’t that great of a market today though surprisingly panel Oh kind of
slow I don’t know economy’s been weird with that whole
little virus thing going around it seems like certain avenues of business are
kind of on weird right now because of that so long before we have a $200 day
at the big flea market I was really hoping to uh make it a lot better
exciting day than that but nonetheless I got to do what I got to do but we did
manage to make one big sale today you guys remember that um we got the sewing
machine not too long ago the six head is brother what’s up jack in the house when
I bought the pallets that one time when Jack and Alex everybody we were all at
the know Brian it doesn’t but yeah so machine from the pallets so basically
I’ve had that up since we got them I’ve had it for almost two months up for
$2,200 I lowered it down to 2,000 somebody messaged me there’s more I was
at the flea market packing up guy says hey I’ll give you 1,000 cash right now I
was like I’ll go 15 he’s like sorry it’s like that’s like that is a thousand cash
I said you know what boom let’s do it because very often in
business your first offer is either your best offer or your only offer him when
you do that greet thing you put yourself in a position where you might end up
with like 800 on your next opera so I said sold the snow machine guy picked it
up and the beautiful thing about it is the dude does t-shirt printing and hat
embroidery so I might have got a good connection for the Hat embroidery
because I have been not having luck with t-shirts I’ve paid somebody to almost
did working on three day months I paid somebody to do shirts and sweaters for
me and he still is not done for these so backed up it’s so frustrating but ended
up with a new contact yeah who the season that season the chat like she
rambling on let’s see what’s up what’s up mr. Torres bill Myers died in long
time what’s a long time dying in my sunday was fabulous me and the one that
a woman went to the flea market we sold we had finally Holden hung out with
Harold we did a little shopping together then we came home which we actually went
got done grocery shopping I was that’s why I’m on the phones I was in line at
Safeway bidding to go making I’m making my thumbnail inside of the line at
Safeway guys trying to like ask me questions I’m sorry
I gotta get this set up all night it’s 704 buddy what are you doing up so late
what’s up Stuart Mailer mother what’s up storage chasers Broken Arrow Patrick
faith Dean nut Richard and Sanchez sunny moraga what’s
going on Bryan Oh in the house JP mr. Torres housefull
right now Tom Cruise what up the man the myth the legend it’s 200 does not pay
for my time 200 does not but here’s the gamble when I was talking to a little
woman last night I was like hey wanna go to market tomorrow right and you know we
might make a thousand we might make Nothing you know we might make 3,000 it
just depends on everything there is miss the role that nice I took the chance cuz
I would rather make money really what I’ve learned is she likes she likes
shopping and Alla me that’s her favorite little flea market to shop at and the
atmosphere this flea market to me is one of them how she likes her house
decorated the things she wants for her house etc etc so I was like I would want
a good reason to sell tomorrow because I like to buy her flowers there she loves
orchids and there’s like this guy there who sells like orchids for like 12 bucks
and usually when I get over one it’s like like 40 or 50 at Safeway
something so this flea market has a good deal on it so basically yeah anyway
that’s why I want to go there doesn’t matter always about money sometimes
about fun I like the market doing well thanks for asking hi everyone what’s up
Lisa Cozens Jill and finders seller what’s up Jill
good evening all Donna says hi Marie says hi Shelly says hi locker not says
hi the Thomas and Murray Jack say hello to everybody people in the house yeah Alex storage doctors in the house
Michael buy you have the Train unit for 2500 s my offer no good luck I’ve got
too much time invested in them not to mention I’ve got a butt ton of money
involved there now from buying out somebody in the unit love the shirt
today pirate what’s up Mike good evening how’s hair Harold’s great
Harold is great I had a long day of selling next to him
hello is so hilarious just listening to he’ll talk to every customer it’s worth
it if you guys never have a chance to go to the flea market and just sell next
The Herald and listen to him talk to everybody
well it’s worth its wait and go just doing that what up Jack what’s that
Patrick fave Susan Uncle Mike goes home I go to bed exactly what’s up swift
seller what’s up Lisa cousins my man pirate what’s up bro what’s up – were
selling butcher sweatshirt with a zipper hey Mike thanks for stopping by if
there’s no problem swamp picker I try to I try to watch as many people as I can
on YouTube usually the when i watch people the most is lives
I enjoy lives I enjoy premieres seeing like that I like the interaction that’s
when I’m 100% you’re gonna see me pop in usually hard to watch everybody’s video
on youtube if your friends if a lot of people and you watch love he was hard to
keep up like man I can’t tell you how many hours a week I spend on YouTube
making you – making the videos etc so I can’t even if I work at least one
minimum job during the week just to do the videos its minimum 40 hours a week
just the videos hey Mike I have a three full-time job that I spend yeah it’s
nuts thanks for stopping by answer – hey pirate greetings from Tennessee I’m
getting ready for dinner yeah I just got back from Safeway uncle Mike oh I picked
up a cooked chicken and I think one of them I’m gonna make some noodles to go
with it and I’m gonna take a break from cooking tonight behind I highly doubtful
Michaels just getting ready to eat dinner right now look at all the
comments we got here we got great says evening storage option pirate hi Mike
did you quit smoking Junkin I did pretty good look I did liked what I did two
weeks with only like two or three cigarettes and then my throat started
hurting from these pens see these are called
puffs that are actually going to be discontinued in the state of California
and I started feeling like a sore throat so I started having cigarettes again
because my anxiety like constantly Peaks and it’s hard to not smoke everyone
around smokes everywhere I go as a cigarette I’m type person I would pay 10
if I want a cigarette I would literally give somebody a $10 bill to have a
cigarette did I want right now so not buying them
doesn’t work I’m struggling on the quitting the cigarette so I’m getting
down where I can go five six days about one but it’s hard it’s not the easiest
task Peyer did you get my package yet store chasers I don’t know I’m gonna
have to go check my appeal box mr. Torres wants to know us for dinner Uncle
Mike enchiladas I wish we had a Marcus like that VA but see here’s the beauty
even though the flea market sucks and I made 200 on the way home I literally
pull up to my storage customer drove an hour and a half and trying to write to
meet me made a thousand dollar sale and my day was worth my pirate bins of Lexi yeah that’s the worst unit ever bought I
don’t know if I mentioned that recently in something but I want some bacon I bet
hair was the smoother Harald is funny hello I love your show thank you thank
you for loving my show I appreciate you this is awesome so I mean I’m at the
flea market of today and a gentleman and his wife show up and they’re like we’re
here from Maine and we just want to come say hello
they came all the way from Maine to meet their family and came all the way down
to Alameda they also wanted to see star stalker and Locker nuts and Manny but
they did not come to flea market today but it was pretty awesome I was sitting
in the car just hiding and stuff in the is it this guy’s an older gentleman I
hear him Harold leaves and he notices Harold he watched all the shows
I was in the car woohoo then he walked up and a sweet sweet old man his wife
they just said hello and stuff brilliant dated they snuck up and they
actually got to meet the missus because they saw her sitting in the car and they
asked her even are you the secret woman and I kind of like got sad for a mix I
didn’t want to say somebody I didn’t want to be like you know her to get mad
and I’m like yes it is and she confirmed or whatever
don’t bit awkward in a very entertaining hold at the same time Harold is a riot
he really is Uncle Mike it really is what’s up l Cuban in the house believe
in yourself and go commit it was tight Alex I know you would have liked to you
like what people come out it was you you know how awkward I get to cuz you know
how she feels about the whole YouTube thing when he asked the girls what do I
say that’s double four minutes if I goes to my sister no it’s funny mr. Mike I’m
addicted to your channel I live in Las Vegas love little train what’s up Barry
I wanna go to Las Vegas sometime soon I really would like to go to Vegas like a
weekend of just fun as I call it I’m trying mr. uh mr. Torres yeah pause I I
don’t know about the puffs there like I said something started hurting my throat
and I was just I can’t do this as cigarettes don’t hurt my throat um how
much does a pack of smokes cost almost eleven bucks ten bucks in California any
updates on the unit of this super old paperwork in that frame Oh jumping check
this out so actually I’m glad you asked that Junkin because I not very often do
I make like recap videos i I don’t really save this stuff that much but I
actually yesterday cuz Harrell came over to peruse I think that’s the word peruse
the paperwork and kind of see what I have good we’re gonna try to pitch all
the to a buyer and I actually made a full update video on that where I went
oh everything that was worth value when I
sold the silver for and discussed the family oh wait till you read it’s gonna
be like an hour-long video maybe I went through in red letters one of the most
amazing stories ever heard about a guy when he was like 6 he went to a
waterfall he saw this huge strip of gold like bigger than his whole room and gold
wasn’t a value and I guess the early 1800s so they just went home and like 10
years later he learned that gold was valuable and they went back in the thing
was buried there’s like this amazing story written about it and just the
whole life of that like a very prominent heritage of family I did a whole video
yesterday on there smokes are $40 in New Zealand Wow what’s
a pack of 20 here in Australia that’s oh wow Pera not highly recommended nikto
yeah i need to i don’t smoke that heavily and one of the most important
things is the unicorn don’t like cigarettes and that’s the best
motivation I always have anything that woman don’t like I try my best to not do
and she don’t like them so I don’t really smoke for that reason Harold as my daddy talks about you
Miranda what up that is I know that’s actually Harold’s daughter because he
always says your name what’s up how are you doing Miranda he talks about your
Shay he talks about you wanting to do YouTube all the time Miranda hmm
yeah I know that’s your last name because it says hey what’s up Uncle
Michael say hello to Harold’s daughter I’m good
we know it’s awesome Miranda that you actually called him Harold
because Olivia gets mad Olivia was at the storage with him
yesterday and Olivia gets mad that I call him Harold and she wants to call my
dad’s name is arrow and I don’t how to explain to her that I do that for
purposes of the show he’s been going by Harold Adelman to 82 Love Machine since
he came into the channel but yeah that’s what’s up
nice to meet you Miranda that’s tight I wish I was there alex says stores
shelter area nice I’m gonna Anderson highly recommend the knit gum we do
YouTube also what’s up Rhino Negi I’ve been watching your video your nice
videos Thank You TC I appreciate that I’m almost went to Alameda today Matthew
says he will take me just for the good food options Matthew um Matthew Matthew
Matthew don’t talk about Matthew right now that’s fantastic Don I get American
spirits okay pirate is there a libido footage for future videos there is gonna
be I didn’t really film today I made kind of a quick video but now that I
didn’t really do a wrap-up of it and I’ll probably just chop the footage
that’s what I filmed everything I do and then if I don’t like it
mmm yeah we don’t we don’t watch it again so and I forgot Tommy off bugs me I had all
the records I was gonna bring out today because Clint’s been listing the one
records but I have all the ones that were not Italian and bring them today
I’m so mad and I still think I have to pick up something at your warehouse – I
forget I’m working on a listen to myself if I miss anything anyone just have my
cue oh my name ah Danny just buy a vapor in the bottle juice yeah Miranda
everybody’s saying hello yeah Miranda everybody either hates your dad or loves
your death I’m sure you can understand cuz your dad is a great do but he’s also
very like you know like he’s very Harold 1970s I feel like telling him you’re on
the video right now just so he can he knows but he’s probably asleep by now
he’s a lot like Uncle Michael Sigsworth 50 cents
Wow the little woman’s reminded me to give a shout-out to the couple who came
and visited it was kind of neat because she doesn’t she doesn’t always come to
work with me and other places so if she doesn’t see that type of stuff and it
was neat that she got to see just some random person from the other farthest
point away I think Maine is like literally the farthest point away from
us we could be in the United States of America
don’t quit smoke and just stop smoking quitting is permanent okay
until then hit the like button Miranda your dad is a cool guy yes he is how
many daughters is there or have they don’t have them he has to he has one
that isn’t like eight ish I believe and Miranda is what around 24 23 24
he’s got like a three-year-old I’m telling you guys think I’m kidding
Miranda says I hate him and love him – he’s a pain oh my god you don’t even
know I mean you do know you he stresses me out Miranda like there’s I don’t get
I was telling my little woman today at the flea market like I hardly ever get
mad at many people Harold is probably the person I get mad at the most he’s
like he’s like who you want choke him sometimes just really smoke over okay come on hit
the like button come to Minnesota I found you another train unit and I
seriously don’t tease me hey I’m fine I do want to do YouTube he wants me to
talk to you and learn how to film no problem around that’s it that’s easy
teaching people is easy hey pirate are you going to option off
any more stuff from the legend I have an option off anything from a Jill I’m
gonna list everything that I get from that unit on the Internet trust and
believe in one way or another what I’m really thinking too is a lot of it will
be given in the pirate booty boxes I’ve been selling a fair amount of pirate
booty boxes mostly I’ve been selling a lot of $25 boxes I sold one or two $250
boxes no one’s bought $1000 pirate booty box but I have been selling them pretty
heavily so I’m thinking I’m thinking that I’m gonna do them a lot of the
smaller things in those and I’m gonna list the rest of stuff to eBay I have
three brothers and one sister that I know that’s what I always tell it to
Miranda like how many kids do you think you have out there that you don’t know
of Harold youngest is three Otis is 27 Mike have
you sold all the train get and how are they going Barry I’m gonna put them on
my eBay my stuff will be on eBay I can’t speak for anybody else
Jack and I bought out Manny Manny walked I hate him I love him too good evening
I’m from Vancouver and I love your dad I’m 24 he I was close the oven I listen
I pay attention song reviewer 1 through 10 what’s up hi
what’s up song of your 1 through 10 Harold’s car makes me feel better about
my messy car oh my god it does it ever how did you split up the trade unit it’s
not going pretty beastslayer not going pretty high of human I’m dreaming of
coffee I want some coffee – hey Mike I commend my competence you want to chat
about helping you it’s possible great it’s looking for people to eBay but I
only want serious eBay is I don’t like Diddley dabbling and things like that so
we can discuss it I’m interested mother of one you got your mr. oh you won the
pirate booty box on that the giveaway this car is bad sure the windows used to
help be held up by spoons I’m not kidding I can see there that is funny I
could so see his windows being held up by spoons how do you sign with it put in
the treasure box Fredrik what I basically do I’m in live chat no ok I am
and top chat let me go to live chat how do I see what do I decide it goes in the
boxes somebody ask it’s very simple let’s say let’s say let’s say let’s say here’s an example we just show
you let me just show you if I were to look this up this would be like a 499
this is a 1987 or something bookmark from the Disney Channel I’ll be like
there’s a $7 item here is a little silver piece that would be like a $15
item so I would be like whoo there’s $20 right there basically so then I would do
stuff like that and I pieced together I might take the costume jewelry I might
take a little things big things something like like this here this might be old scary VHS it’s
good money I might be $5 sold on eBay it just really depends on what it is I mean
I have stuff for days like there’s no rhyme or reason to a Pirate Booty
mystery box and that is significant about them when you ever used to go on
eBay a lot of people are so mystery boxes there was no mystery to them you
have to put the photo the contents etc etc if you buy a $25 mystery box off me
you’re getting 30 to 35 dollars give or take 35 tops and eBay sold items because
that’s like the entry level mystery box the better you get the more of a bonus
reward I’m gonna offer in the mystery box but there’s no rhyme or reason I
just basically look stuff up like say for instance I need five dollars and
stuff I might throw a 3-2 dollar costume pieces of jewelry in there I don’t know
if you want some stuff from that Jill how did I received my mystery box thank
you so much I his car’s bad how do you say what goes in them are you on the top
chat I am on live chat I doubt doubt if come to Minnesota do you get a train
where’s it at Hannah Santa send me some photos some pictures whatever you want are you on top Shannon if you anybody
wants a pirate booty box cuz I have a lot of people from youtubers to friends
family other subscribers ww storage auction para comm Hanna Dean
send me a picture of the unit or something watch out for coronavirus stay
safe your digs the flu the flu kills more people than the coronavirus stop
watching the news they’re just trying to scare you what’s up Dov Jebus family in
the house what’s up baby Jebus storage auction pirate hi Suzanne and Thomas
dinner done I’m out good evening a piece out of a Mike do you still want the old
Japanese quantifier three but one is in better shape I’ll
send them to you on the factor states I might possibly you’re talking to me
hi and good night Uncle Mike peace out hello baby Jebus well mama she was for
joining a video near future babies you say wants you to do a collab with your
mama Frederick says what’s up Mike ghost girl for 20 says dark mystery box we can
arrange that that really helped Cheers
what hey maybe Jesus things might really help yeah Timmy M says that her little
sister died from the flu it’s the truth and my personal opinion it has to do
with China and import exports and closing off the borders and trying to
put a pinch on others and they’re making it a real big that’s my opinion I don’t
really like getting into politics but I do like to speak my mind
I’m not gonna see anything because the coronavirus because if I do I’m gonna
start panicking that everything is made in China and every single thing in the
world’s made in China so we’re kind of screwed if that’s the case Huayra do you
think that the best is yet to come no well in life or in a certain state
they’d be a little more specific Chris because if that’s the case I don’t think
so because the best there is is just waiting beyond the door for me to be
done with my life and go to bed so I don’t know how to answer that by Miranda
everybody say goodbye to Harold’s daughter Miranda so um any question
that’s asked that there’s any questions I don’t let’s just go right to let’s say
hey anybody got questions we never do that it’s been a while since we just ask
answer questions what is your favorite pistol my favorite
pistol I buy other if I have to shoot a pistol out of my mana 45 want something
of power not something that does the trick I like just I like themes of
action action by Miranda was talking politically sorry it’s all right Chris
so was I what is your favorite what is your next option Thomas maybe maybe next
week it says bacon be a CEO and the key element of the life I may have an option
next Sunday I don’t know I want to take a little break see um anybody who is if
anybody has won anything on the auction I want to say in case I was a little
late on a package maybe or whatever I apologize also somebody won another
flat for getting my brain is there somebody want des games last week I need
your address marry who want DS games many years was that you I don’t know
that’s Mary Harris or not but I just have Mary here but the money that’s in
my painting I didn’t have an address there to send it to and as well I wanted
to get caught up on all of the items I have not had a chance like I’ve been
selling like eBay items like hotcakes I’m not used to being huh Tammy said is
the uniform pregnant no but we both already have kids so I don’t think we
need anymore my train of thought
I want this swamp I saw ton of items on eBay as well as I’ve been the mystery
boxes the option it kind of got me overload and I don’t like being behind
on the shipping so basically I saw myself stop the options for a minute and
get caught up because I’ve been trying to push eBay heavily like I’m literally
about to launch like 200 records to auction in the next
couple days I got one of my he bears working on getting them up and I’m about
to literally auction all of them off so I might not do a live option for a
minute how do you divide up a big unit fairly Martin it’s not an easy task I
learned a valuable lesson in my years with people and I know I say this all
the time so I’m not gonna buy use if anybody anymore
and then I go to an auction and my friends ask me and I feel bad like I
don’t even gonna like when I when I first opened the door up I didn’t even
need to look at that unit the second I saw the bottom right corner I already
knew what kind of unit it was I bought in these kind of units before and I
wanted to just go in the corner I tried to hide from everybody and everybody was
like one team up and like I almost had a heart attack like literally inside of my
head I want to cry and scream like are you freakin kidding me
why is everybody gonna ask the team up I know why they asked the team up my
friends asked me to team up because they know that I’m not gonna stop they know
if I like something it doesn’t matter the cost
I’m gonna gamble and I’m all in when it’s of a certain tank I learned my
lesson that I cannot team up and I told my friends throughout the process of
dividing this unit up I told them look the next time we’re in front of the unit
like this I’m prepared to lose somebody’s friendship I hate to say it
but I don’t want to team up every time there’s a nice unit and give away chunks
of money I don’t need somebody to team up to help me pay for the unit I don’t
need anybody to help me sell the unit only thing I’m doing is giving up the
potential of making a lot of money when I have one two three four children a
good and a wonderful old woman that I have to provide for and feed and take
care of and pay the redness building it’s too expensive for me to be giving
up profit margins constantly on these amazing units that I know I’m gonna win
so I told my friends we can’t do this no more and next time we’re from an amazing
unit not gonna team up and if it makes fun of
you hate me I don’t have to tell you how do you divide up a big it’s impossible
not very happy about that you know for that reason I don’t want to team up no
more I don’t want to buy nothing ever bring my from a storage unit No
Mike was the silver was awesome is it all so now yes I sold it for $10,100
Frederick for ten thousand five hundred an arrow gave me ten thousand one
hundred I made a video yesterday recapping that entire unit and I will be
launching that sometime this week I have a bunch of actually units that I have
even showed you guys did I buy I have two $2800 units that I probably lost a
fair amount of money on both of those those haven’t come out yet lots of
videos coming yes it is me do but do you have any white gold bracelets my unicorn
is asking no no white gold bracelets no pirate unicorns yes Joey you got that
caught me off guard Mary just had Harris just confirmed she brought the DS games
awesome Greg now I know where to sent him I packed them up it’s like the only
package from all the options but I don’t know where they went so um hi Mary do
you know how to decide whose fits when you collab the best and it’s not easy
Noel what made me see it was trains I like eBay items I’ve been dreaming of a
training at recently I don’t think there’s actually met the expectations of
the Train neared I was dreaming after second glance of the unit when we went
and started splitting it up and I mean bought Manny out I am NOT as impressed
as I was the first day we put energy into it I was more impressed that day
it’s not a bad unit but the team up for ways and all did not work it to be fair
it’s not worth it when one said hurt could it just took it for themselves
which I I look at it that’s a business standpoint I love my friends you had
watched me team up many times friends and giving away large chunks of
money but the fact is it’s a dumb business move
you know like good units don’t come by very often so yeah what did you see them
trains trains trains how much is your one thousand surprise box worth I can
tell you this mall if you bought a one thousand dollar box off me you’re proof
you’re getting at least twelve hundred and sales it could be something more
like fourteen hundred it doesn’t really it varies on what you actually might
sell something for keep it of value I look up so prices I was asked to join
the team up oh yeah me too Jack me too no friends at the auction that’s what
I’m saying 100% oh but all my friends if you don’t want to be my friend after the
next time we’re in front of the Union I understand but I’m not teaming up again
that’s why I keep saying it’s overalls I know my friends are watching I want them
to read my lips we can’t be friends at the auction you find hundreds of
millions of what would you do do you buy a pirate ship and sail the Caribbean or
doing I just buy storage facilities Bob Wilson I will buy at least two or three
storage facilities that buy a business I’d buy some homes I’d buy some
commercial property and then I probably take a vacation have I ever had a deal
with bedbugs treasure freaks if you can remember two years ago I had to throw my
whole house away from bedbugs everything in my house I watch your videos to store
soccer 70 watches you stalker he said he loves you
I’m congrats on the silver sale it’s your number one Irish subscriber what’s
up Trevor would you be interested in buying a grandfather clock I would not
be interested in buying a grandfather clock for the fact that I don’t want to
buy something just to double my money I can that’s an everyday item and everyday
thing to buy something is you could just double your money on
that’s what I would see a grandfather clock purchases but if it’s really
really valuable I might know somebody could help you out hi sweet Pat willing hi Danny main
dividing you divides friendships over money where there’s more value money
always advised relationships no it’s not Suzanne because like I said I’ve not
even got like I’m a girl I am a leading man when it comes to business I have
moves to make people to feed so for that fact is I only think of myself it’s like
a loss of money to me it’s a loss of money to me because I learned throughout
the process of that unit I know 100% that unit would have been mine I know
everybody at that options numbers and no one would have came within five thousand
dollars of what I would have bid I would have went twelve thousand dollars on
that unit and the other people there that all bid like the guy that didn’t
bid against us I know he was probably the one who bit of highest he probably
would have went seven eight not there anybody from the collab and I think to
myself why would I do this why do I want to give up
ten grand 20 grand like that I have that’s not a wise thing so that’s work
friends of the auction is back so if you’re really under this into this life
tonight understand the moral of the story I want to tell and this lack
tonight is there are no friends at the option period that’s about that’s been
my whole goal to emphasize that tonight you gotta keep friendship over here
because uh think about this how many times is somebody gonna ever call you up
and be like hey I just wanna let you know I got this amazing unit and I want
to give it you men should be part of it I want you to be part of this amazing
unit yes I know I do it often because I read units I just see a unit and know
right away with the values it’s not a hypothesis that’s not a speculation that
I have whether units gonna be great but it’s always me who summons that I want
to know because I know I’m gonna get it they know I’m gonna go all hands and I’m
not gonna put my in that position no more I’ve got little
birdies in the back of my head that will not stop at this point and I’m making
sure it stays that by the words that I speak remember I won that Vaseline but
yes Jill you did that came from the silver unit go anodyne go to storage
option pirates at Instagram and Facebook has sent me a message
Fredrik I would travel anywhere that my truck and trailer would drive if you
show me a good unit I would go there to buy it and I also actually tried to buy
units all over the country I constantly look for the best unit in the country on
storage traders I will go anywhere team up I I’m gonna team up with people
though I don’t want to do that I thought about putting myself up for hire I
thought about telling people like put me on payroll and I’ll pick units out for
you but I can’t do that I can’t give people mine my ability to buy it unit Congrats on the silver sale would you be
interested by no no clocks hi sweet pea okay when you keep going how far would
you travel anywhere in the country and some kind of friends become enemies when
it’s because of my it happens Susan it happens already I’m out by everyone
what’s up peace out ghost girl 420 where happening a pink mohawk I got rid of it
trailer fender fun Tom I have two new fenders I need help screwing him on
that’s it I bought two new fenders for two hundred bucks I just needed help
screwing him on and what was the first unit you went big on how to become
overly exciting and making that move how do you overcome the first unit I
ever went big on was a tool unit and Oakley 12 years ago 10 years ago Tom
Cruise was there he came and helped me move something I think he bought
something 5,600 bucks I don’t have anxiety when it comes to bidding on a
storage unit I understand that most units have the value in there sometimes
the problem is you spend five six eight ten thousand dollars you generally work
months and months and you make very little profit let’s say you spent 10
grand on the unit you most likely get your money back because you saw
something to bid you but you’re gonna take four three months to break even pay
the deck because of ten thousand dollar unit has like another thousand dollars
and expenses plus then you got the time and then you end up with like five
hundred dollars profit two thousand dollars profit is four months and ten
thousand dollars revenue or expenditure is that worth two thousand dollars
properly not my eyes not my eyes but it happens I don’t blame you you have to
think of your family first amen I think the one thing I think of this I
was enough I was homeless for seven months last year and I did everything I
could to drag myself out of that by doing free loads at the flea market
selling stuff consignment milking things going to hell in high water and no one
was there to give me nothing no one gave me a damn thing or worried about whether
or not I would get out of there it took me going there options and how
bidding everybody goes well this is the thing when when the pilot goes the
option every unit I get almost has to be over paid for because there’s a lot of
haters in this business they hate that I do YouTube they hate that I’m willing to
spend what I do and I overpaid for a lot of units couple you’re gonna see here in
the coming weeks I overpay and I fight my way out of that constantly I don’t
give up there’s one thing about me is I won’t never give up I don’t matter if I
gotta all my pockets hanging up I got the
nicest house I got no house if I’m single or I got the finest room in the
world I bet don’t matter I still the same Drive I will never give up but I
fought through hell and high water and every big bad storage buyer in the last
year so on my back trying to supplicate me so that I wouldn’t get to where I was
and I did by going all-in on every unit that I liked I came the auction I spent
everything I had when I saw something nice to the T every dollar I could to
double up and double up and double up until I hit that seven thousand dollar
Locker last year that really helped propel my life in the right direction
as far as buying storage units and uh well that was another unit that I had to
overpay on because people just like to bid against me it’s weird and no one’s
gonna fix that but myself but no one’s gonna put me back in that position
bummer about myself I hear you pirates not greed you have to
pay you have to exactly it’s not greed it’s business how trailer will travel
amen pirate what size your trailer it’s seven and a half feet tall almost eight
feet on the inside is 16 feet long would you go in on a unit with some what
they offered it because they didn’t have the full amount for the unit boss I
don’t know I don’t know because I think of my head now why why not just buy this
for myself only that’s the same concept teaming up there’s never pans out
there’s no reason for it because I don’t need to team up I’m just giving up money
like your hair this way my Thank You Pat up I just got a new haircut I kind of
went low on the bangs um I’m hearing a little hate higher what uh what’s up
Kenneth – Memphis hello Melissa nice to see you tonight when you split a
locker giving away your expertise yes exactly Frederic the expertise the
knowledge a lot of people don’t realize just how knowledgeable I am I play I
play I play an old hippie real well but the one thing in this world I could do
better than anything else is buy storage units and make a sale and I think a lot
of times that’s why people do gain towards my direction because they they
have confidence they have confidence in my ability as well it’s about the only
thing in this world I’m truly confident in is buying stores there’s like I’m not
a very confident person but when it comes to storage units 100% I’ll put my
money where my mouth is every dollar in my pocket towards my ability Consultants
get paid a lot to do what they do so keep the lockers for yourself amen
Frederick how do you ever have HD parts no but there’s a couple of them on
storage treasures if you look in the top ten right now they’re overpriced because
people think you get the motorcycles but you don’t love your hair Mike it shows
off your eyes what you’re saying is so understandable being gonna be in there
hey what’s up UK UK higher your income back mo so happy to see you winning great paint job on the trailer it’s not
it’s as stickers it’s decals fight the good fight 499
super track T boy for life what a pyro hustle gram line from one muscle rather
keep that same tribe love the logo and a rap on the trailer thank you everybody
who who says who liked my trailer I put up a lot of photos o recently I spent a
good of chunk of money on that trailer but it did it came out real well hi
Alysa Betty family comes first amen Dustin I spent
1200 on that trailer to get it wrapped or it’s not even rappers just decals
pirate have a sister nobody knows do your bidding for you both of you
I’d only no well that’s the thing about that I
don’t care if people pick me that’s the thing see in the storage business a lot
of people they think oh I got more money than you you’re never gonna be able to
this and that the fact is this it’s not how much money you have it is how much
are you willing to lose are you willing to put an extra two grand in to lose
time to possibly make your kids not eat as well that week not be able to pay
electricity on time most people aren’t willing to do that that is the key right
there it’s not what you’re willing to spend it are you willing to lose first
problem with anybody bidding I know guys who come to the auction with 20 grand
$20,000 in their popular truck all the time they won’t bid $500 but they feel
good when they were there little man complex steps of the option they feel
better than the average person that’s there that don’t have the amount
of money but the fact is they don’t got no balls so doesn’t matter second fact
is um I’m not scared to lose money like when I see a unit there’s two types of
Units absolutely three there’s times where it’s a complete gambler
there’s no I’m gonna want it well where you bit like a thousand and there’s
potential and you put a number on it you say that’s a thousand dollar unit that’s
a two thousand dollar unit that is a four hundred dollar unit there’s those
you have to have those numbers there’s the units where nobody wants
them because they were pure leftovers and they go for next to nothing and then
there’s all ends a lot of storage units are so good I can’t put a number on I
tell myself I’d go 3 grand and I’m bidding $8,000 because I see so much
potential you recently watched me bid $14,000 on a storage unit had I not had
5 grand at another auction with somebody else I probably would have went $20,000
miss the good unit that day but it’s not what if you gotta be willing to lose in
the storage business if you’re not willing to lose you
gonna make it can’t you have any secret bidder yeah that’s what that that’s what
I wanna Tampa I don’t want to hide I look if you’re out there bidding me up
and you’re in you’re watching right now bid me up I don’t care
the only dollar I will ever bid is what I’m willing to spend maybe I would have
won it for 700 if you weren’t there but it costs me 14 with you there
I want that’s the the storage bin that’s the name of the game I’m it doesn’t
matter I’m not gonna hide from somebody else
I don’t big see there’s a lot of guys when they go to options there’s not some
people bid they go the option and the options like anybody got 20 right the
guys like this 25 okay I go 100 the person’s like they wait like 30 seconds
for like 125 a thousand 25 that’s the difference in the way I bet there’s two
types of bitters those are very they’re scared they want to hide they want to be
real neat they want to go on little amounts and then there’s the way I did
is aggressive I am like a like a lion when it comes a bit that’s why I do it
I’m not worried if somebody bids me bid me up all you want what the other person
needs a hand up when you split a locker then oh my I’ve done that many times a
factor that doesn’t it doesn’t work that way in the end for yourself thanks Mike
and always appreciate your work ethic positivity I love the water something
that need to be more contagious you are a very nice person
yes Anna I try to be you cannot treat friends ruin longer by
over time it still might have stopped yet Mike you’re the best stop being so
generous thanks DeeDee it looks amazing how’s your son’s friend
doing did he break his arm no Danny he was at the house this weekend actually
words of Legion words of wisdom from the legendary option pirate Thank You Donny
send some more love Santa’s super chat Thank You Betty they put up a new story
about he had been ok pirate the Beast Thank You Gina I have rural internet now
unable to keep up with every videos I missed something introduced sugar no
treasure she does not want to be introduced but one one subscriber did
meet her today caught me off guard that she got met today because she was at the
flea market they came all the way from Maine to meet me Mike if they’re running
you up on the locker you should bid up some lockers II know much I don’t like
to do that Kevin see that what you okay laws of attraction if you fear anything
it’ll always win I don’t fear any bigger that’s why other bidders run people of
them I don’t want something I’m not gonna bid I don’t want to cost you
another 500 bucks because I don’t fear you when you fear something it wins so I
don’t care to do that I don’t got time for those games I will bid like say I
like a unit and I’m thinking I’m spending like five hundred to a thousand
and there’s a couple people out there who like to cost me a lot of money I
just bid hella fast like I I opened up for a hundred and they bid I go one
thousand two thousand and stop I make it go so fast they don’t even know what
happened and I just stop because the fact that they like to play those games
there’s like one or there’s like one person only that I do that too because
this person does it tries to outbid me on every unit I ever see I don’t know
what the person is only thing an obsession with me or something but
that’s the only person I’ll ever do that too
his name rhymes with cowboy the question is what you’re a long time goal to
getting know where you want to go to getting to where you want to go I really like to think people like Jack
and Jesus know where you’re coming from and I bet they feel the same way you do
Frederick probably I saw that okay one of my favorite saying is don’t take my
kindness for weakest often too much Susan that’s what happens what’s your
favorite thing to find in a unit gold silver gems dust cobwebs in a rat poop
the question is what is your long-term go hustle grind the wine how do you stay
organized I have a real issue it’s impossible love your channel bro thank
you have a very good heart like a gem and I’m glad to see you getting good
lockers I’m Harry I said it already 82 case I knew you would say yes now I’m
not gonna I just said I don’t hide I don’t hide from nobody I don’t sugarcoat
I don’t do fake I don’t pretend I’m not gonna go you’ve seen out of videos like
a lot of times like I look moody his head I can’t pretend to be happy like
everything about me is always 100% the truth the realistic whether you like it
or not whether it needs to be seen or not whether it wants to what do you want
to watch or not I can’t be anything but myself I don’t know how to be other I
don’t know how to be otherwise I can’t sell out I gained 16 subs from it I hope
you enjoy it and show it next week another I think I said you would think
you get foreshadowed she gave awesome stores trick I chasing I’m glad job
saying your name got anybody to subscribe your channel once again if
anybody wants to subscribe to store chasers channel feel free I’m a Virgo
one of my I guess the daughters the right word one of the children in my
home is a Gemini Gemini’s are very happy and friendly
I caught the person in my truck Matthew Oh worth 755 so just real quick where
it’s 7:55 that means the live will be coming to an end soon so what I must ask
is are there any questions are there any questions right now what are you going
to have when you retire for your kids in your time will you have when you I don’t
know about that zoom I gotta start working on that I don’t have a
retirement plan that’s why I can’t team up with anybody anymore because I got to
work on my retirement plan I don’t have a savings account I don’t own a home I
don’t have really any family to fall back on it’s all me that’s my son Ben’s
for tonight World Cup this year and guess that three million he keeps
talking about that’s I don’t know 469 Richard Sanchez is 69 the legs to the
center of a Tootsie Pop Cameron show off phone he’s very quick you the successful
youtubers genuinely what you see is what you get you would think Fredrik be safe
be careful have a wonderful night would you be my mentor I control happy I’m not
always the best mentor are you gonna have a mailbox opening video Virginia um
I don’t have any mail to open up right now but I’m I’m selling mystery boxes I
will emphasize the tortoise live-ins WW storage option pirate calm
you could buy mystery boxes $25 will be the lowest entry-level box I’ll whip to
$1000 mystery box you’re gonna get the best rewards out of $1000 any size box
you buy you’re gonna get more value than what you spent I
so I say this every week I got shirts and sweaters coming I keep getting on a
guy I think I’m gonna order some more and just if he ever makes him come and
they do if not screw him and the energy of the universe will take care of him
but huh I might have met a new guy today one of my sold the sewing machine having
it depends on your size of the Amen I don’t know what you’re talking about
Mary but depends on the size of your tongue I think has a very interesting
can go a lot of ways a lot of places you lost me there
you lost me Mary keeping it in real in a world of fakes
amen I sent a thank-you gift for the shell
you gave me last week I gained 16 oh I got it thank you gift coming awesome okay you’re gonna travel them by units
starting with the Roth IRA I don’t have one of those are you gonna have a cane
how do you keep yourself sane by staring into an amazing woman’s eyes when I lay
down at night that’s how I keep myself sane I’m by waking up next to her every
morning that is how I keep myself sane depends the size of it I would love to
see you again stay extra first but yeah but that’s its name real I have a 53-foot trailer can barely walk
around in the organization at more times I’m supposed to give a mystery box
tomorrow can’t wait seashell treasures awesome awesome Uncle Mike asleep
texting nightmare yeah well you have I think I got four XL Greg I think that
was the biggest I can get thanks for another great live Thank You Kristin say
Frank you have any question why not put us in front in the back of your
questions so I can see them better or super chat Melissa you’re on top of it
this sucker Mike what that’s what they are talking about oh okay I might I got
a dirty mind I don’t know Danny may live in Savannah Georgia okay I need a ten
times from mother-in-law you know Richard I have it go for me lose weight
and retirement to fit into a pirate shirt
that’s awesome great anyway lots of videos coming this week if you guys have
missed videos from the big unit check out Locker nuts
check out storage stalker comprendo the deposit dough in Bondi bond on this bond
Ernest transmitting with Jebus came out baby Jesus came out little mama came out
lots of videos from that unit I got a bunch of videos coming out I showed you
guys one yesterday if you missed it also don’t forget to check your notifications
check them dick double tap those and other than ass probably going to be that’s it I’ll be packing mystery boxes
I’ll be making events I’ll be buying storage units and yeah that’s a wrap I
guess I love y’all


I called it when you said you teamed up. I reminded you of your New year's resolution on that video. I don't know about Manny chickening out, sounds like maybe he didn't want the hassle, but if most are honest there's one in the team who just ain't about this life. You have done your best to "train" them, but seems to me they just don't have your work ethic. And they are lazy. Hope that friendship survives.
BTW, the jebus's helped you in your time of need.

Buying my 1st live auction storage, on 3/30!! Any hints? So far we haven't been able to sell anything on FB Marketplace, eBay, poshmark (etc)!! We don't know what we doing wrong? Got an MK purse, used once, black, perfect condition. Lots of looks. No bites.

they be in fired pffft! kkkkk dont give your self a stress test there are no friends in business best wishes as a historian antiquarian saw a few jems wish i had i could build a museum or 3 from stuff you sell off such opportunities no mony in academics Good Luck WOW!

Hi pirates , I'm going to all my subscribers and you are one of them and I'll be praying for you and your family and friends to stay safe away from the coronavirus outbreak . Love sissygirl

The economy was never that good it been flat for the middle class for years trump has not made it any better his tax cut almost all went to the ones that didn’t need it in the first place. Pockets of the places doing well but not most. Not here in Ohio that for sure. You figure their been 25 thousand truck drivers lay off in the last 2 years and many more working short weeks. They are hurting Trump keeps saying how great it is and I keep looking for it but I sure don’t see it. The company that i work for is just doing the same as before trump and that is nothing to write home about. If things were as great as some say it is than why are so many truck drivers saying it not. Truck companies are dropping like flys. What he could’ve done with all of that tax cut would’ve went to the middle class this country could’ve took off for everyone. But just like all politicians he just paid off the people that give him and the Republican Party money to run for office. That was to bad I was really hoping he be different and help the middle class like he said he would. But just talk did nothing for me not one thing. And when I ask the ones that are still standing by trump and ask what he did for them and they never can answer it.

Good call on teaming up. I know you don’t want to bid against your friends but at the same time you gotta take care of yourself.

Well, you said NO collabs in 2020, so I was surprised that you split the train unit. Business is never personal, and at the end of the day if you're splitting a unit, that means less $$$ in the bank.

Hey Pirate, love your vids….not easy to stop smoking…keep the faith, I am also working on this situation/one day at a time~~~~~~

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