BEST SUBARU CUV — 2020 Subaru Outback vs. 2020 Subaru Forester: Comparison


'Sport' is definitely not the most popular Forester, that would be the Premium trim.
It would have made much more sense to just compare the Premium trim for both models.

Good job, guys, although there's nothing really surprising. The one thing I'd like to comment on is interior volume. It's true, the Forester comes out slightly more than the Outback in that department. That always surprised me a little as I would have thought the Outback would have had the edge but I've looked at both these cars for quite a while now and the difference is in configuration. The Forester is a little taller while the Outback is a little longer from the back of the front seats to the tailgate. The measurements give the Forester the edge in total volume but I've done some measuring and the Outback actually has more floor space than the Forester and that, for me, gives it the nod. Most folks rarely use the space in the cargo area that's above the window line. So in my opinion, the Outback has more "usable" space.

Like to know if both car's rear door windows roll all the way down (for the dog). Our old Forester didn't roll all way down, sticking up about 3 inches.

Howdy, awesome comparison as always! I never really thought about how similar these two were until you made this video! I prefer actually buttons for the climate control, so Forester for me.😸😻😸

I REALLY liked this direct point-for-point comparison and appreciate what went into it, although I wonder why your tested Outback was awarded anything for (unlike the Forester) being able to accommodate the turbo engine. The comparison started out with similarly (as possible) priced vehicles, and with the same engines; a very fair point from which to start the comparisons (obviously, in terms of pricing… AND engine/driving impressions which you also looked at)… especially if what's presented is meant for potential buyers with their eyes on what they could afford. An alternate comparison involving the Outback's lowest XT trim (Onyx) would "let in" the turbo engine and thereby factor in any additional points gained in engine/driving impressions for a turbo Outback — but also gain substantial additional points for the Forester in terms of much lower pricing and better mileage. Anyway… that's my 2 cents. ☺️

This car could be greate if not for cvt, noisy unreliable engines and Subaru ugliness…. I own an outback. It is truly a swiss knife… offroad check, 120 miles per hour with excellent stability check… down hill with paddle shifter engine break check… on snow and ice great check… tons of space check, BUT the cvt has a mind of its own, not for drivers… car ugly… as if a car could not be good looking and versatile.

Without watching the video, I have to say that If/When Subaru decides to bring back the Forester XT, It will bring back a lot of smiles from disappointed/previous FXT Owners/followers.

As a long time subaru owner and as long as they keep making good vehicles I always will. That being said, Subaru, get rid of that huge screen and make a higher quality version of the 2010-2014 layout. That was a great layout for storage and infotainment while still keeping tactile buttons for climate controls. I cant attest from others but I prefer to feel the buttons.

I just least a 2020 outback, and love it so far, I traded in my 2017 Subaru Forester and I hope I made a good choice. I was getting in my Forester 25 City and about 34 highway.. I'm getting 25 City and highway put together on my outback.

I've had both, and I agree. What isn't mentioned in this review is that the Forester is a bit more capable off road. Better approach angles despite the same overall height. To be fair, I think the Outback is a slightly better highway
cruiser. You can tell the difference on a windy day.

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