Bill De Blasio: NYC Drove A Hard Bargain With Amazon | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Bill gave NO answers and if I was Bezos watching this I would be tempted to bail as Bill seems to be trash talking him. What a weirdly non-informing interview. I am surprised that WIllie or another anchor didn't push back. Ari Melber would have grilled Bill to get some clear answers.

Most of the "new jobs" will be for the bottom feeders. They'll fight to pay less than the minimum wage for most, they'll relocate the others to NYC.
De Blassio is rather tunnel-visioned with this one, IMO. Learn about Amazon in the 90's and you'll know what I mean. Even when he started, he never wanted permanent employees to pay health benefits- they used temp firms to fill a lot of their positions. For REAL, Mr. Mayor, please revise Amazon's past before you are so confident about them being in NYC.

Kudos to our new Representative Ocasio-Cortez!

Personally, I'm a supporter of Mayor de Blasio – so I don't suspect him personally of anything too nefarious… But NYC's political machine in general has a long history of massive, shady "business development" deals that favor the wealthy, while shortchanging taxpayers. (e.g. Yankee Stadium rebuild, etc). So this SOUNDS Like a win for NYC, but I wouldn't be surprised if in reality Amazon will end up reaping most of the rewards…

Hence why we NEED young, new, progressives like Representative Ocasio-Cortez: It's great to see her at least trying to hold Amazon and NYC's local government accountable, by publicly questioning the real-world, long-term impact of this deal.

Those 25,000 jobs are gonna be warehouse jobs where the workers have to pee in bottles and will be replaced by robots in 3-4 years.

Fix that subway like you said you will. And then talk about other stuff. Use what you already have and sort out your priorities!!!

9:40 – in this case city council is cut out of the process – HOW come when they get MORE than the usual subsidies ?? – That likely also means that the contract is not available to the public, at least not before it is signed. HOW is that even possible.

I remember all the drama when Amazon was announcing the possible locations of its new HQ and one possibility was LA and everyone in LA said NO please NO!

I'm sooo glad people in the comments are woke to this BS. I remember a stimulus package Obama gave to the criminal bankers in 2008. They stimulated their bank accounts and most people lost everything never to recover. This is the slowest recovery of all time. Now they are taking YOUR MONEY AGAIN America and giving it to a criminal Bezos who should be fined and marginalized and broken up for something he would have done anyway. You will get nothing but crumbs as always people so be thankful!

Now we know why he plans to build a trolly between brooklyn and LIC. 9-1 ratio i'll believe when I see it. This is a packing ctr not high tech jobs. Who is he kidding. protests have began now come the lawsuits. Believe me LIC is a high income area now. REnts are about 5k a month. Now no one working at amazon will be living there.

Amazon is going to hire 6 engineers, and automate the rest. All they want is their automated stores in New York with a massive tax cut. Blasio gave them all that.
There will be no jobs.

This is why Liberals turn people off sometimes. Why are they so opposed to one the world's richest companies bringing opportunities to a city? Like would you be happy if they went somewhere else, to another country maybe? Geez

I am sure that tRump would be very happy to sell some property 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

iirc, Andrew Cuomo said somewhere along the line that he'll bend over and let Amazon give it to us just to acquire their HQ.

Mayor DeBlasio You need to familiarize yourself with the way Amazon treats and pays its employees! Amazon pays slave wages and treats their employees like @##!! These are facts and can't be disputed period! Give Amazon NOTHING!!!

Well where did you expect them to go Omaha or Montana! No disrespect but they are going to thriving metro cities. I don't know what Ol Billie talking about but residents of NYCHA and CUNY students are not going to be interviewed for jobs starting at $150K. Mayor referring to Queens Bridge Project their adjacent to Con Edison you don't see any transitional jobs and/or internships opportunities their neither. Same song they did to downtown Brooklyn when the NETS took over. People were promised jobs, affordable housing, etc. Welp that didn't work out well either for the citizens. Mayor taking this as a talking point for his run for presidency in 2020 to say look what we've done: Business, housing, keeping NY's safe, blah blah. Remember Bloomberg wanted to TAX SODA? Manipulated to laws to run an additional term as Mayor?

They had to build somewhere in the U.S. . They did not have to give a dime. It is time to think nationally .United we stand divided we fall.

⚠⚠⚠😩 Invest in traditional old fashion family values by cutting NYC welfare and section eight in half – 3 year limits and 3 year's before you can apply again ⚠⚠⚠ Cap child support @$500 no matter how many kids a person has – no one should be rewarded for bad decisions – When a group is forced to depend on each other for survival they work together as a unit and build 📈 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 post help phone lines # in subways for mentally ill. Invest in programs like SCO Family of Service (In the Circle Father's Program) Dir: Keston Jones – Helping non custodial Father's cut through the red tape of Family court and help raise their kids to be productive members of society. ⚠⚠⚠ A building is only as strong as it's foundation everything else will work it self out⚠⚠⚠ Intact families+less drop outs+less crime+ more productive+ better environment for all of NYC 👍🏽

I'm was born and raised in a low income neighborhood in NYC, I have a MA and even I can't get a job that pays over 60K so I don't know what world De Blasio lives in where Amazon will hire people with Associates and Bachelor degrees and pay the 50-60K.

I want to see that contract/memorandum of agreement and want to see how they are going to enforce it if their out of compliance with the terms of agreement. Sorry Billy Bob us native New Yorkers too smart for the OKEY DOKE – Please don't run for President in 2020 we're not that excited about you nor more than Trump Jr. If you run for anything run in a marathon start with a 1K before you build up to a 5K. NYC ready for our first female mayor as long as she come out of the grass roots with a passion for NYC and not the politics! I can still be hopeful right? Go Brooklyn!

I do not understand Ms Cortez's logic behind whining about a company investing massively in her area … they still pay above average wages which ARE taxable and will bring money into the city/ state of New York that was not there before. And tax breaks only work if there is something to tax, it is not gifts handed out as cashable cheque, so there would be less than 100% income for the local govt, but it still is a positive number not a net loss. Are politicians by now so desperate that they want to make negative opinions by just lying?

This guy is so full of s**t. How do people this dumb get to be politicians? Just for a starter: he said 150 thousand a year? That's like 75 bucks an hour! Yeah right! He goes on and on about how much the city will generate but not once about how much the tax breaks will be. Just some common sense: does he really think amazon chose ny's 'hard bargain' over another cities better tax incentives? A business don't care where they are. Only where the best deal can be made. And the politicians don't care about the best deal. Only where the most credit can be claimed. That's it, all in a nutshell.
Amazon has all the data and info to determine whether it's a good deal for them or not. The city can only speculate on whether that data will generate enough money to deem a good deal.


That doo-doo sandwich just flew right out of that big gap in his teeth SMH. He didn't even look prepared to answer these obvious questions.

This just helps to solidify Amazon's monopoly. It needs to be broken apart into 3-4 other companies so there is some competition. This is getting ridiculous that the tax payer has to help a billionaire.

This seems like madness! What am I missing? For $2 billion I could have created at least a million jobs through small business development.

Bill, unfortunately you were unable to sell this to AOC. My thoughts are is it you not being able to educate AOC, or is it her now able to absorb the merits of this deal. Either way, politicians just failed their community, unless there was something missing from this explanation… just 3 months ago this was a massive win/win for all

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