BLACK FRIDAY TRY-ON HAUL! (everything on sale now!) | 2019


yay love seeing these hauls early because it helps to see whats for sale and what to look out for so excited to shop tonight happy thanksgiving everyone

Morgan is cute, nice, great, excellent, awesome, amazing, pretty, gorgeous, kind and I will love u forever even when u leave Youtube, you grow old or whenever you need me. I'm always there for you, till the last breath of my life. You are the best and you are my angel my golden girl ❤️😇🙏
So lucky and proud to have you in my life.
Btw, I specially made something for you on my channel community post and I hope you will love it.

Ahhh This is tripping me now… I am watching this and each item that you are holding up, i am thinking "oh, i have that!" (Including the mens hoodie)😂… I guess that is what happens when Cotton On is a Australian Brand and the start of our Winter was 7 months ago… I love those Archie Knits soooo much! I have every colour too.. Basic, but gets the job done. 💕

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