Brandon Baxter & Micah Laps from Five Star Auto Group Testimonial – ACV Auctions

We source more than half our inventory through ACV auto auctions. The buy fee that actually the buy fees a lot of times are less than the auction fees. And on top of that you get an inspection basically included for free for the same price, which that itself is worth the money because I mean sometimes when you go these auctions you don’t have enough time to look thoroughly underneath vehicles, through the vehicles. Especially me being somewhat new to of buying cars their condition reports are very thorough. And you know I’ve actually learned a lot by being on ACV and seeing all the things that they actually find. I mean ultimately at the end of the day we want to buy better cars to put on our lot to keep a good reputation. They lay the check engine codes out. They put the paint readings on there so they thoroughly go through the vehicle. No ACV has been great. I’ve bought better quality cars from ACV just based on where my knowledge is right now in the industry and I really appreciate it. It’s just the convenience factor of ACV has helped out a lot. ACV has definitely helped the reconditioning costs because we know we’re looking at before it even hits our door. I mean we know thoroughly what it needs. We’re prepared for it. We can buy vehicles that we don’t have to do too much reconditioning to because they go through them so thoroughly. ACV ties into our floor plans. Everything’s very simple. The ACV app is very easy to use. The one thing I like too is that transportation is all right there. So once you buy the vehicle you can just hit transportation and have everything ship ready to go. It’s peace of mind when you’re on vacation and you’re on the beach you know, and you’re either buying or selling cars that you got off of ACV and making money while you’re sitting there enjoying life.

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