Bud McFadden from Luv Toyota Testimonial – ACV Auctions

My wholesale inventory I’m selling 95% of my wholesale inventory on ACV right now. Really that’s what I like the best about ACV is the simplicity of the process and not having to deal with too much with the auction and really the transaction is almost seamless for me. With condition reports I appreciate the fact that someone else fills them out. And in that way there’s no bias on my part, it’s completely fair to me and to the buyer. It makes things simpler and easier for me as well. As the seller I used to go green it keeps me from having arbitration problems and complications. Yeah absolutely helpful because the simpler is better and I’d really rather not have to deal with arbitration issues. I’ve gotten to be able to reach a larger audience and a bigger market and a higher end market through ACV than otherwise would have been able to reach easily or simply. In the past I’d have to drive cars quite a distance to get to a larger market to get the big dollar vehicles sold. Really the simplicity is the biggest selling feature for me. I’m in the retail industry. I’m on the retail end, I’m in a retail store. I don’t want to spend any more time with my wholesale vehicles than I have to and being able to maximize the money and minimize the time spent is the ideal situation for me. Yeah I’m more apt to run a car on ACV than to run it to one of the closer smaller auctions because I know I have access to more people and to people are looking for that type of inventory. I would really recommend trying ACV. It’s easy to sign up. It’s easy to sell a couple of cars. It’s easy to find the results. It’s easy to compare to you know what I was doing previously. It’s a far simpler, less time consuming, and really the results have shown and it’s far more profitable for me.

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