Buried Treasure! w/ Storage Auction Pirate and The Bad Boys of Reselling

and we’re live good evening good
afternoon everybody my name is Oscar la Cubana so welcome back to another show
of the bad boys of reselling we have an amazing show with an awesome guest our
friend I’m gonna introduce everybody that’s on the panel the bad voice of
resetting if you guys can just introduce yourselves to everybody in the chat
starting with mr. suburban beard I’m I’m suburban beard I sell things online I
hang out with these guys a lot they made me come on this TV to expose myself about reselling ok back to you al Cuban
I saw a couple of things that he forgot to mention he enjoys long romantic walks
on the beach with a minute who is he the right way on a dolly right now they
actually looks a really creepy he’s taped to a dolly in the middle of my
driveway no head Jordan what’s up guys my name is Jordan and glad to be here on
another episode of the bad boys are reselling and I’m super excited to have
our guest storage auction pirate on tonight back to you alright and now mr.
one and only circumference guy the rotator it should this just what is my
name is Alex that’s what all my parents named me after a long time and arguing
about maybe my youtube channel is fat man the flipper I’m your friendly
neighborhood Batman that’s right you live inside of a neighborhood I’m that
fat guy that’s extremely friendly and yeah that’s me and I sell stuff and I
buy stuff and and I go around you know having fun all
day helping people and you know just here hanging out chill it oh and I’m
happier we got Mike’s story now from pirate on here right I heard a lot about
you man the Latin community has been reaching out to me asking me you know
about the absolute questions form and all that stuff man and it’s been pretty
cool so I didn’t keep talking I’m waiting for someone to interrupt me you
need to stop talking immediately there’s one thing that Alex forgot to mention is
that he enjoys giving hugs to random strangers and I don’t I do i do i I have
a I would think every day within my first hour of waking up I have to find a
random stranger and give them a hug sometimes I just have to run out of the
house real quick across the street and there’s that guy that sells the avocados
and I just blow over there and hug them I don’t know his name I think it’s one
all right and then now the very special gifts that we have on our soul boy our
friend Mike storage auction fire say what’s up to a people I don’t know if
Ellis a very special but yeah my name is Micah storage option pirate I am well do
a lot of reselling I buy storage units and use all sorts of different passes to
sell stuff and uh I like hanging out these guys funny group of people but
where’s Manny at those he knocked me up issues he’ll be in okay sounds good to me
I miss him already and now we got a couple people in the chat who are here
with us I’d like to say thank you to everybody who’s here in the chat going
down the list we have the infamous George a what’s up George we have Jeremy
also in the house who by the way was unsure whether this show guys if you’re
in a chitchat you do not need pants to come on the show
Oh none of us are wearing pants I’m really not wearing its clothes it’s
pants are optional all right what’s up Murray going down Caesar
just Connie welcome and taking a risk I need to start handing out moderators
because handing out blue wrenches yeah the followers since day one then
you said off your wrenches on eBay optional may I just give them away oh
yeah like I gave like five branches to five
you the trolls came through heavy boy it’s like they all know each other that
one troll was like hey hey troll drench you need to go over here yeah man he
became the king of all trolls I’m having our wretched everybody gets a wrench who
hasn’t seen the show before all of us we’re resellers a couple of us worked
full-time jobs and then reselling job because one of the things that people
may think all right you work a full-time job but then you Reese all part-time but
the time that you need to put into recently finding stuff to sell listing
on eBay packing shipping shipping our boxes to Amazon or whatever it is that
you do it’s the equivalent of the amount of time that you would spend that a full
job at least in my case our eight hours a day that I spend on my nine-to-five
and about eight hours a day that I spend you know packing shipping listing stuff
and then now with YouTube editing videos so all of us here we’re our resellers but
one thing that couple of us are now trying to get into is storage units so I
know that a lot of us have a lot of questions and you guys in the chat may
also have a bunch of questions for Mike if you guys have seen his latest videos
on the military haul amazing stuff that he found go and check that out and if
one of my moderators can drop that link in the description that will be also
fantastic and then the video that drops a teen I was speaking earlier to Jordan
Mike about that video because Jordan we caught him the sneaker pick because one
of his favorite things to do is research shoes was the specific shoe on there
that was the Foamposites Jordan in the past couple of days you sold all of your
phone posits right yep I actually I actually got those yeah those are
awesome I saw those I kind of know from watching the video that you’re gonna end
up keeping those I would have done the same thing definitely but you had some
retros in there there were some Jordans in there that goes awry fine now our
question about that that unit I know it was the frame about the unicorn that
caught your attention I know that that’s why you bid on that scene anything that
was in those boxes but when you saw that unicorn tell me something inside of you
told you that there was something in those boxes because you saw that unicorn
well naturally I wanted the unicorn dance I forget what it’s every time I
had something like if you’re a miracle be a unicorn
I forget what it is but immediately when I saw the unicorn the unicorn lamp was
like I’m buying this you know for no matter what but when you look in the
unit you saw the shoe boxes they bring a flashlight that’s very essential for you
to go to auctions and I bring a flashlight always and you could see in
each hole of the of the shoe box there was actually shoes at that point it’s a
gamble whether they’re clean what the right shoes etc etc because I
believe the Bali shoes was on top and that’s one of the things that Alex likes
like a storage doctor he’s the very knowledge and shoes as well so he knew
that that was a very high-end box but that box was empty so it’s always a
gamble yeah I saw that I was he was he was talking a little bit about the Bali
shoes and then the other one which was I think immediately under it was the
Valiants Iago’s now look what nice I know that it wasn’t the first time
because I seen that storage locker on another video I’d also found a pair of
Bali in sea otters oh yeah so those those typically go for around how much
what eight hundred to a thousand are like 800 to 900 new somewhere in there
at the store that’s a nice score now we were talking
earlier this week and I was trying to get that unit and yesterday when we
spoke I was telling you about you know I was getting a little bit
anxiety because I mean I’ve never been on the unit gets to the once I start
getting to the closing but one of the units that I was watching
there was a unit that was filled it was 25 boxes of shoes Nikes Borden’s Dita’s
bunch of shoes and a bunch of quotes this one was a little bit farther from
my zip code but it was 19 hours from clothes from closing but that unit was
already up to a thousand dollars a thousand forty two dollars when man
that’s too much money I think so the factor in that there’s gonna be a 10 to
15 percent premium on that website too so that would be another hundred and
fifty dollars on that price at that time in 19 hours right so getting closer to
the closing of the auction you can expect that to to go up what may be
another thousand dollars and but it really varies though because like
there’s different people’s like when I see something online I don’t wait for
the last minute I just boom I want 4,000 I’m going to
put 4,000 and like a lot of people wait for the last minute because they fear in
my opinion spending too much and I’m type person if I want something
and I it’s bad enough to make money you just just go with it and don’t think
about all that bidding stuff cuz it energy goes around he flows you you
manifest people to bid when you fear someone been a bit I don’t know that’s
what I think happened on my unit because there was at 350 when I was bidding and
getting so the closing it was underneath 10 minutes I was watching it I was
refreshing the page refreshing the page and then I think I manifested for a
bitter to come on the page and that’s what happened I had to let it go six
hundred and sixty dollars that unit went for but you know I mean there’ll be
another one that’s not that bad you know like you you never know if there what
could be in those boxes but I would like to see in the one you if you saw with
the shoes in Florida that would have been interesting because I don’t want I
didn’t want to pay 1400 on the one that I got yesterday but people been bullying
me for trying to bully me lately and I was like really at like 800,000 but I
got irritated by the other people and I was just gonna buy it at that point and
what do you mean by bullying like people I get a lot of animosity from people who
buy storages because they feel like I ruin the business cuz I do this on
YouTube and I show videos and I bring more people to the auction and I they
don’t like that they think it just bugs them so they like to mess with me and
they see like I made it did good on a unit recently and they feel like they
want to spend my money for me is the way they put it yeah yeah like is if you’re
creating competition for them oh yeah but I mean that you feel competition
your competition is gonna win that’s the way I look at well I don’t care if
there’s a thousand people the option or ten if I want something I’m getting it
and it doesn’t matter how many people are there some people are really greedy
they think that every unit belongs to them
you shouldn’t bid you know they have more money than you that’s it’s it’s
kind of like high school being at the storage options a lot it’s like being at
lunchtime at high school yeah yeah and that’s what a lot of businesses I think
that there’s also a lot of people that you know they criticize those that get
on YouTube and you know they start showing how they go out and how they
they make money working from home whether they’re doing retail arbitrage
or agreements or everything I think it was like about six months ago that there
was somebody that was receiving really negative you know comments from another
reseller because they were exposing a lot of you know of what they were doing
and was bringing more attention to it you know unfortunately you know we’re
always gonna have to deal with people that you know they’re always gonna judge
us know and that’s that’s that’s something that especially in a dynamic
industry like Riesling you know that’s constantly changing you’re gonna have
more competition you’re gonna have other people critiquing you you know things
like that so I think it’s important for us to stay positive and stay you know
ahead of the game and then not let or other people are thinking or you know
change what it is or change our focus on what is that we’re doing right exactly
so just take a couple of questions hey hey and love us go love I like that I’m
a lover and a fighter song go somebody knows a song on pharmacy I don’t know and then our couple of us I’ve also
added you know a couple of things you know working on you too Jordan it
doesn’t say DG picker on your name anymore yeah yeah like tomorrow sometime
tomorrow I’m going to probably one do a video about that or just go live one of
the two yeah but yeah I’m changing the name to my flip in life I’ve already got
as you can see somewhere whatever in the chat my new logo is up there maybe it
might still be the old one I don’t know I just changed it a little bit ago
but I have all the new channel art made at a an extremely awesome artist design
at all and do it all up for us and it looks amazing and I’m excited to throw
it all up on the channel so I just want this to be more long-term as my yeah
like like talking with Jeremy from what the Hales is you know the the long the
long game of YouTube and this is definitely the route to go that that way
like with stains everything I’m pretty excited to do it but yep sorry I’m
trying to like read the charity really yeah I’m doing I’m trying to I’m trying
to come up with funny ways to put you guys his links in the chat and though I
think that was a pretty good one it was just right there in I’m uh I’m meet me
and Oscar we’re planning on doing some storage in and buying soon right and because because I really enjoyed my part
ISM you were watching y’all is I get I get excited with like what’s in the box
thanks straight Ally I really get excited to find out what’s in that
what’s in that box beautiful and I get I get excited when
when I see that y’all make money you know um because that’s that’s a that’s a
plus as a plus to me well I’ve been watching a lot of storage in the
channels recently and even like the Spanish ones like they sorrel and all
that that that guys that guy’s awesome and and I just enjoy it man I enjoy in
and I really appreciate it which I’ll do because I’ll put in a lot of work like
each and every one of y’all yeah I know what’s up Manny without
Manny in the house what’s up how are you Mike I’ve missed you I like
your shirt thank you ready new one made up awesome
oh this a storage auction pirate is my homeboy mannequin well after after I
heard you were had to put on a video to show Jeremy how to go to storage
auctions I figured I should remake my shirt but you told me to I don’t do
drama me neither all of you bought together besides Mike
oh that’s what I thought all right you see I used to go to auctions on the time
when I was a teenager my dad and we bought cars you know we bought cars and
I know it was just awesome like the whole experience and then taking the
collar paying somebody a few couple hundred literally like just a couple
hundred dollars fix it up and then flip that car for you know an extra three
four thousand dollars and we won by like five to ten cars out of time and that’s
how I got my first car my first car my first car was five hundred dollars at
the auction it was a Nissan Altima GL II but every door was a different color
because it was like chopped up and I put together or whatever so we had a super
cheap car and so I spent every day after school one of the shop and fixing that
car myself and right when I had it ready we went and uh we wanted got me a
Cadillac so my first actual car was an Altima but
I never got to legally or officially drive it I ended up getting a 95
Cadillac DeVille and that was that car was awesome man I loved my first car
that car ruined my my my high school career so they had that car I was gone that’s actually kind of cool thank you
many if I knew you Manny I wouldn’t mean you would have went out there to Coconut
Grove every single Thursday or college night man would have had a good time I
was Jake ID it’s okay I think suburban beard fall asleep oh I
see now man II thought I was gonna be late we didn’t think I knew what time
the show was on tonight dojo Jeremy hey Oscar put Jeremy said that maybe you can
teach Mike how to rule the storage options I can show it what a Grimes it
used to show about a Grimes it yeah where somebody could teach me something
about storage units it’d be nice it’s Manny Manny are you wearing pants losers I’m so giddy tonight it’s not
even funny so Alex was saying earlier about
unboxing we’re talking about storage units that’s one of the things that I
think is most exciting not knowing what’s inside the box I used to watch
when I first started watching reselling videos I was like watching the mystery
box like the mystery boxes right and I know that Josh had a couple videos up
this week that was very similar to those mystery on boxes from a panic right Josh
you want to tell us what have you found inside that patty it’s a smorgasbord if
you will it yeah I’ll be honest so I’ll be upfront honest the frustrating part
of it right so it’s all Amazon overstock in returns
the only reason I get frustrated with it is because I’ll go through like is I
took everything in pounds put into garbage bags and I’ll go through a
garbage bag and I’m trying to organize everything put it into different bins
boxes you know whether it be tools or whatever and then I’ll open another bag
and half of that bag is the same stuff I just sorted and it basically it’s almost
impossible to keep the same items together so you have to resort the
sorted sorting right so it’s a lot of extra work but at
the same time as far as finding stuff so so far in the few times I listed we’ve
made no net profit was $24 so far on two items and I’m waiting on payment for
three more items someone to buy all of them is CPAP machine filters there’s
special sizes and stuff like that and that should fetch a net profit of around
sixty eight dollars which will then completely pay for the pallet and that’s
out of two of the bags that I started restoring you know I still got left there’s there’s about twenty two bags
left I don’t before I open flea market today with
some of the extra stuff that it’s not it wasn’t even kind of good enough to
donate so I did four for a dollar I made 46 bucks well technically I guess
that pretty much the pallets pretty much paid for just um for lack of better
words the garbage and if the goal is just to get out of the house and get
some footage you know get to the flea market but then also offload some stuff
because I hate like even though some of its new I hate throwing it out and if
you donate it they’re probably gonna throw it out because it doesn’t go to
anything but people were just buying stuff they’re like what is this I’m like
I have no idea they’re like oh by all three I’m like okay congratulations like
I’m like I’m not complaining you’re happy this is great for me but like it
was like American Pickers because all I did is I to
foot tables courtesy of the Hales and just boxes piled with stuff and people
were just digging and digging and did like Jordan it looked like the actual
liquidation story went to in my little you know 15 by 10 foot space at the flea
market and like I talked to Mike before about are flea markets are nothing like
California right like I made 46 dollars they would have made $4,000 on this
stuff right like I just ship around California and split it with him like I
would imagine it look like like how myk’s myk’s free market knows when
people are just going through stuff and just and I’ve seen I’ve seen Alex do a
tour he I think I just got malaria he goes free free going at it is free
that’s the best way to get rid of most stuff in a storage unit because most of
it’s not really highly sellable or sought-after so dollar and free is like
it’s the greatest invention in my since the storage business if it works I don’t
think that I don’t like suburbia was saying I don’t think that you could just
do that anywhere like some markets of you Yelp three you’re gonna get like
eight things taken a big mess and you’re still gonna have to clean it all up well
there was the nice thing they like cuz I see a lot of other times like they’re
not horrible at yours at the flea market right but anything that ended up in the
ground was immediately picked up so they were super courteous like no one was
trashing anything no one was like ripping open boxes and just leaving it
like you know I you know it was actually everyone’s cordial and nice and they
just kept going they’re like oh I have three items I need one more to equal a
dollar I’m like I’ll sell you three for seventy-five cents but oh go for it like
I know my customers are rude they literally take a box and just dump the
whole contents on the ground and then start filling up the box it’s that’s
crazy yeah there there’s the lack of respect is not really existing
considering the favor that I think this because I’m not the only one it does it
Alex does it that way probably like almost all the storage buyers that are
flea market we all it’s like much like a race who gets to be the first caller guy
because you kind of get the crowd and then you want to be the first guy to be
free so you taking your taking your stuff otherwise
their hands are full by the end of the beam next time man skipped the dollar
and just say free and screw everybody else’s sales I do that sometimes if I
look at my load and I made some good money right I don’t think that the stuff
is worth a dollar I just go right to free like infamous George says 46 here
in Ohio is equivalent to 4 grand in California Jordan I can still penny shop
in Cali that’s awesome like I’ll be honest like my first like going to that
unit with the Hales the first time though the unit that Manny won like you
know it wasn’t crazy like people like are bidding here anybody here like
someone was bidding against Manny and he gave up because he was bidding against
Manny right like I think that’ll always happen but going through it looking
adrenaline rush like I don’t know what to do like you know that like they were
talking with Manny and having Manny open stuff and I’m just watching you know
like George and Jeremy just like go with this unit like okay we’re gonna pull
these bags up front let’s go through these let’s go through this and like
honestly I was doing running some was like the quick numbers like that $35
unit I think I made around 420 bucks you know
without like figuring out fees or anything right so I think it was
somewhere around there just like in the toys and shirts and stuff like that like
it I was just like that’s crazy you know like the return on investment isn’t
always that high of a percentage of course you know it’s always a gamble but
it was just it was pretty much the coolest thing ever and I’m like you know
we will bust through this pallet and get everything listed and out of here and
I’m like I’m going straight storage units I don’t want to buy anything else
ever again except storage units I’m moving the kids
in the family into a storage unit it’s doable right I’m gonna I’ll keep Manny
in the house there’s a great video I watched of some guy who spent two months
living in one here like electricity I think water and stuff it’s a cool video
it has a lot of views but he literally had a whole apartment set up in his
story a little over two months there’s a
drummer he’s not that famous but he’s wanted like the best drummers out there
he live in a storage unit in Florida for 11 years
like how would you do that in Florida like you just guide heat exhaust a lot
of the units down here they’re all on climate-controlled oh Ivy Stone ones
close to my house you’ll have obviously the dry bulb units but then you’ll have
a sixth floor a six story building that’s all you know climate-controlled
one of the things that I’ve noticed just the past couple weeks like looking at
you know storage units like online auctions is that there’s very many of
them but there are a lot of live auctions and then how your look at a
storage unit for us to to store are are you they inventory a couple months back
we had spoken to a couple of the people of employees and you know they they
mostly have you know they’re live auctions the live auctions at least for
me in my case it’s unfortunate that their during a week on a Wednesday
because I want it’s not possible for me to make it – right because I’m working
9:00 to 5:00 but there are a couple that are online but everything is mostly live
auctions so still gonna try to make it out to one sometimes so you know I don’t
know I’ll take a sick day you know doctor or do you just not want to
because you just schedule a vacation day when you know it’s because they usually
know pretty far in advance don’t you yeah I guess schedule you know I could
take a vacation day to make it out to one that’s this that’s a good idea
I haven’t thought about that then you don’t have to worry about you know
actually having to call off on that day and you have it planned out ready to go
yeah I usually use my vacation these for vacations no I guess yeah I guess I
could definitely take a vacation day you know so you extend your vacation by one
day and started on the Wednesday was in Austin
yeah yeah can your out a unit then go on vacations exactly marry me
I got a fun question said like storage units right yeah I think like in every
like region like in Ohio versus California vs Miami you think you will
find different things right like what what what do you normally find like
what’s your like the main thing you usually find a store Judas like Mouse
perimeter now hey you resell that stuff for Halloween rocketed up and auction it
off with Grimes adds value to a vintage line every piece of mouse poop like a
grain of rice and we’ll put it in a necklace I say this five pound bag or
rat poop right now hey what like I wonder what we’ll find you know I do you
guys know baby unit you like storage unit youtubers from Miami at all I
haven’t even heard of it no you’re gonna be the first awesome we hit the flag on
that Oscar let’s do it I know because I’m curious as to what we
will find it by a because remember it’s Miami boo Miami has a lot of crazy
history you know even even way back when back in the seventies sixties 50s all
that before it was all like holidays now you don’t say yeah what happens in Miami
never happened cuz because there were a lot of Jewish people that lived here
like I could have married you it’s like they would imagine like they will buy a
storage unit and just like and and they would have all like artifacts and you
don’t say because they have like I found from book selling from selling books
Jewish books sell for a lot of money like Jewish literature and stuff like
that it sells for a lot of money bro so you could just only imagine what and
then you know let’s say a unit from from that 90s 80s you know yeah I don’t I
wouldn’t know since I’ve never bought a unit what could possibly be but just
guessing right I’d say fishing equipment nicer lot of
fishing equipment to buy fish and I say bicycles because it doesn’t matter what
time of the day you drive around in Miami you have a herd of cyclists taking
a point every direction uh like the racing bikes you’re like the yeah people
don’t work on one pieces with the numbers on the back you know
yeah golf right maybe the other stuff in Miami golf yeah there’s I think within
within 20 miles I can tell you there’s probably there’s four golf courses
there’s one on Chrome there’s one Kendall there’s one just east of where
we are and I think there’s another one that’s out so maybe a lot of stuff all
that real quick we’ve got 22 people watching everyone please smash that
thumbs up for Oscar yes and if you guys haven’t subscribed to my
channel please take the time to subscribe to the channel I just put out
a video me and Alex we’re gonna be releasing this week a series of videos
about this amazing collection of vintage posters I put out a video today just a
fraction of this collection now these two ladies have been collecting since
the 70s and ages amazing stuff vintage toy is like blaming whatever it
is you name it it’s in there they have it I guarantee it you know so guys check
that out now I would love to bid on the house I would love to bid on that unit
okay yeah that would be insane so get on the house well too bad because
that house is mine technically so but I would love to
auction it off to you guys from the point of view of the oxygen comes to you
live hey Monday is going down bro you know I will put out the teaser video
tomorrow and I call it a teaser video because before she even let us go
through these posters um she brings me into the garage and she tells me hey God
I’m gonna do a garage sale you want to come over tomorrow and I’m like yeah hey
you wanna go look at him real quick and I went inside the garage he let me I
just say let me just grab the top poster and I grabbed the top horn just the
first poster without knowing what was on there was amazing
it blew my mind just me Kathy was here she would be flipping out because that’s
actually what she she had commented in one of my video she was like I would
love to see this and it so happened to be that poster and and we looked at
another poster and now other poll that was a tube and I was like I gotta see
that tube and the outside of that tube said Warner Brothers so yeah
Monday through Friday me and Oscar will be really see the videos so these
posters um took money for five acres why not like five days and the week
and we’re gonna do it at 6 p.m. Eastern on my channel first and then Oscars
gonna have the second part to each video so it’ll be there’s literally nine
minute we came out with nine videos for out of that so that’s that’s crazy and
if you grew up in the 70s 80s or 90s even a little bit before I mean your
minds gonna be blown it’s crazy yeah and that’s not the end of it I mean there is
so much stuff to go through in that house and then we could possibly you
know continue to do this you know going on finding collections collectors you
know we were talking yesterday with with with
Grimes remember and there’s a lot of people that had these amazing
collections but nobody to see it nobody gets to see their collection you know
what I mean so we want to expose their collection
you know we want to share a connection with everybody you know they they put
connectors put a lot of time a lot of medication into you know creating their
collection and sometimes like in the case of these ladies they wanted Alex to
see the collection you know we’re not according to go over there they wanted
me to see their collection so we’re definitely gonna have more videos of
collectors but definitely I have more unboxing videos because I mean it’s
exciting you know you don’t know what’s in the box open up the box what’s inside
you know exciting videos so definitely stay tuned for that
it’s kind of like what it’s like storage in the video you know yeah it’s I
mention at the same time it’s like it’s like like I know I know
I think it’s Mike you’re the one that loves like old boxes that you see does
the more dust the better right yeah des cobwebs and spiders right yeah and I
mean that’s how it is we’re like these ladies stuff man and so yeah it’s
literally a storage unit in a home I mean it’s it’s awesome
it’s basically before it’s moved to a storage unit that’s what someone’s home
is just everything that hasn’t got they had to take them to a storage unit yeah
I agree with her Grimes yeah he thinks that they wanted you to see it Oscar
when they were exposed they actually did and it’s true and it’s old Grimes was
saying yesterday to Anna and I was just at her with Jeremy but yeah it says
awesome that we can display this stuff for people for everyone to see you know
what I’m saying it’s something that they can take with them like and they want to
get rid of their collection or family you know yes really collection
whatever it is you know they could always have pudding joke like this is
what they had you know and to properly display into not just that to give that
information side like how much is that stuff work right for the resellers
because the other day were resellers too you know so it’s like you know how much
is that pee-wee Herman on the cherry work in the backroom and pushes the P
wherever in the bathroom worth how much is the pee-wee Herman underneath the
couch worth how about the pee-wee Herman in the garage in the box without being
open in the corner next to the Sega Genesis no let me show you how much it’s
worth it’s worth a lot P we heard when the proto Pluto was going crazy last
night that was that was nuts guys everybody need to stay tuned for that
video that videos coming out that’s it next week yeah we’re going to release
the posters video this week and then through Saturday we’ll have the other
video it’s a pretty cool video that it’s free of charge hear me okay yeah Pluto
was going nuts man no pun intended Mike out of all the
units he bought you know now that you have a place to take him and stuff when
you first started buying like all those units like would you rent were you
renting the units or you just stripping it out and trying to get offloaded like
in 30 seconds well I’ve always rented my own unit like various sizes a 10 by 20
10 by 30 and now I’ve been in a 30 by 30 for some time but I try to milk it like
you know if I buy a unit I’ll try as my best to take an extra two or three days
like it’s not like they’re gonna ban me from the auction I spend more money than
the average person does in the area so like I they give me a lot of favors or I
kind of just kind of milk that to my advantage but I’ve been doing that since
I started like I’ll take two extra days just be like I’m sorry I didn’t I
couldn’t do that you know and take a right to the market like try to save
money anywhere you can like renting a back is a loss of money because
if you buy a ten by ten or ten by 20 and you rent it back for a month you’re
gonna what you’re gonna take your time you’re gonna do it slow the idea is the
bias storage unit pillage is fast you can order good stuff off the the crap
and buy another one like over and over and over it’s not like one store unit is
your entire mates right earn a burn that makes sense and like that you said
pillaging pillaging yeah as the Pirates do right we pillage I don’t know I think
that’s what we do yeah well you’d still be funny though like you just see Mike
walking into a storage auction giant 80s boombox like blaring the Pirates of the
Caribbean soundtrack altogether like all of them walking in oh now you get
already you laughed at enough at the auction because I do things like carry a
unicorn purse yeah I carry a mannequin so absolutely dragging the mannequin and
gravel was the worst thing ever I’m not gonna lie the video is horrible I
couldn’t keep at the mannequin or the camera Street I don’t think I could do
that I’m working on a backpack system where I can literally carry him on my
back where his head’s like popping out over here be so much easier one of those
baby things you can get a bit you can carry him in the front even weirder
full-grown man again sitting in the front
Hey reach in through his arm number get him a stroller that I should get a full
adult straw or wheelchair one of the two or radio Flyers right well the Dolly’s
perfect honestly you can wheel them you know just pull where he’s duct-taped to
the dolly so he’s not going anywhere like this the first time we had him on
the dolly we used a bungee cord and it’s like leg kept falling off or an arm or
ahead so I I just had to tape them all together see scope duct tape in the
dolly right now oh yeah yeah red duct tape red rose legs it lays waste you
don’t see it because he’s wearing his shirt but uh yeah it’s uh all Jeremy’s
got one well see that’s the other thing I am working on Manny Manny has a
determination he wants to have bendable elbows and knees and a waist so where we
may perform actual surgery and Manny which we will record for everyone and we
will add hinges to Manny’s body if I can make this work
and actually I wonder if Jeremy still has that hospital bed because that would
be pretty much the coolest video I could ever make it’s quiet crying you said I don’t want
to hear about what you do here large dumpling duck Dave yes you do Grimes you
know where I live with my mannequin Grimes is a grand just mad cause he only
plays with his dolls ha ha ha he doesn’t get to do them on camera yeah – chicken
honestly besides sexual purposes Grimes it’s to get him in and out of the car
easier it’s such a pain to get that doll in and out of the car there it would
just be so much easier and I could like throw him over my shoulder I get firemen
carry em around the auctions throw them down on the ground I haven’t slept in
over 48 hours I think at this point and I remember when I get up
aside from what purposes what what happened what all right I just woke up
what happened we have some new people that are jumping on we got Harlan what’s
up Harlan Justin what’s up Tina welcome we got swamp picker Bryan you’ve been
here for a while what’s up Bryan marine waning what’s up everybody thank you
guys for coming in joining us we are talking about man reselling yeah we’re
talking about reselling storage oxygens we’re talking about you know making
money turning trash access to this trash proper positions and mannequins and it’s
many things you can do with mannequins yes Thank You Jennifer Hayes hit that
thumbs up everybody we have 13 people watching right now it is a record for
Oscars is amazing pretty world as a new channel I’m excited I hit a
hundred and fifty three subscribers yesterday and it’s awesome dude
I’m super happy about that you’re 158 look at that Thank You scribing I think
it’s amazing and you know and I wanna tell now I want to thank all of you guys
you know because I in the beginning I wasn’t seeking to pursue putting videos
on YouTube or anything like that you know and I really wasn’t him to
reselling I resold a little bit since I started reselling back in March you know
I’ve had a little bit of extra money you know to go to spend you know my family
cover bills credit cards you know things like that and now with YouTube videos
you guys have helped me so much you know with the keywords and the type of
content or watching you guys and giving me that extra push and I appreciate all
of you guys for that super excited about you know the way the channel is going
now the video that I put out today with a huge collection so far has been the
best video in a matter of seven minutes there was already 23 views which for me
that was amazing and I’d like to thank everybody that got that stopped by to
see it as anyone ever seen the dog with its pants off has it been manipulated in
any way there’s the certain situation that occurred with Manny on the side of
a road that can never be told live on national youtubes only in person oh yeah
now Mike’s got some gross you may get some stubble Mike you need a full-on
beard bro yeah that’s me I can’t grow a beard Grimes would tell me how long his beard
was I’m hoping he grows it out again Geordi just got a beard oh my god she’s
on your birthday Alex check out the video
well what about well did I miss where am i laughs no oh what’s he talking about
what was that on Jordans birthday what was are we told the story on the
youtubes no the man with the pens down oh yes the painting which I love it was
mannequin yeah but there were some other things that happened to Manny that we
don’t we can’t talk about that is so flawed ripped abs you don’t even know I
was made that way literally in China you’re right just Connie Alex’s birthday remembers I wish I did remembers oh you
can tell the people that are new to the channel it’s actually not a mannequin
it’s actually a it’s a it’s a rare condition his name’s Maggie
where it’s a sneek condition kind of like how werewolves they turn into
werewolves and he’s he’s up manic or whatever you look at him he’s a
mannequin but he don’t look he’s an actual human being they’re like take all
your anger and animosity and put it into a plastic doll and you have Manny I love
you so first time I love this because you
keep talking you can’t hear me I think little man exploded did me the Hales
noted if you see in there like intro video on their channel they have a like
we man or whatever in the backseat but I think he was inflatable and exploded in
the eat eat that dead horse see your headstone no just me and Manny I think
that’s for the time oh oh yeah as George right there
Mike what about the military unit alright k what you were meeting on that
military unit obviously you had something in there that caught your
attention right yeah what was it that really caught your attention in that
unit the death the best the cobwebs and the death or the main thing and I
actually didn’t really like it by the photos I thought it was a Tweaker unit
there’s gonna be like you know like tools in the side of the ammo cans and
stuff and they’re used priority boxes and whatever whatever and when I got
there Alex was with me and we both looking at the same time and he started
like he saw military and I saw military like you gotta buy this in it I would I
was not even really gonna pay attention that much but I thought it was Tweaker
but there was a few signs of military it actually looked really bad like
everything looks at least empty box on top but I had to have it there was a guy
the guy who was bidding against me trying to bully me lately so anytime the
units really good I just make sure I get it and then I just wait you stop on the
ones that I’m not clear ever let him have those ones so if you actually
watched the video on the first one you see the guy kind of waved his arms and
stopped off mad when we lost that way that’s the difficulty
yeah ask the bully that’s why I say we play cowboys and Indians if he goes by
the workers the name that way and I’m Native American so we play cowboys and
Indians now the option fastness it was military and I’m willing to gamble I’ve
I bought a unit one time for 400 bucks and I made I sold like $20,000 in German
and military stuff out of it and ever since then I just like military stuff
you know just for resale purposes and of course I also like our military stuff
because it’s you know it’s Charlotte everybody everybody in the military all
of the Armed Forces for the service that they’ve done for being the truth
defenders of our freedom and liberty right that goes 12 so everybody who has
served in our military I’m proud to be an American I’m proud to be a patriot
and I also love military stuff so when I saw your unit and I think an exciting
set of tools like man we’re gonna me anymore
did you sell everything in that Union already know and I’m taking my time so
I’ve only literally looked in like 15 percent of the stuff right now I would
look to put I have there and open those boxes would be bad yeah I had I had Alex
come out today the storage doctor and he he came and did a video with me there
too oh so he’s gonna have one military video
on his channel tomorrow or Monday storage doctor yeah bi fight stuff all the time and
like I know I know what like everybody in my clique right everybody likes you
know what I’m saying in a bad fighter you know I know they would like at a
garage sale whatever and I can get it for like super cheap then you know I did
telephone versus like me son you know like I remember I found I came across it
was a ammo can you know okay okay and what I sought out as I grow this
ostrich right here you know yeah I like I come from a long line of Marines that
is a step about well you know I’ve always I was the only one who didn’t go
that route but sometimes I regret not joining the military at least you know
when I did but there was a problem for me I I fell in love I guess at 15 years
old with my wife so still with her you know been together
19 years so I didn’t go that route but um I love military stuff ammo cans I
have ammo cans like like you can you can even see about this side right here see
that right there the unicorn unicorn is right there
I love the unicorn Oswald right that the one I think yes one that Jordan sent me
in that box of unicorn stuff so that right there so those who know that is
like I’m a big fan of you know military stuff and I have like bayonets a
collection of bayonets you know I have a bunch of stuff so that’s why I said when
I saw that video and it’s cool like would you like this unit and like for me
like every time I pick something up like I picked up like a 50 caliber bullet
shell and I just like think like what in the Hales the dista
do like what the story that this one item might have told or the destruction
it may have caused or the life that was saved or like so many think that the
idea of defeat the story it can’t tell is mind-boggling to me okay I got I know
I got what Mike do you have something that that would like blow our minds as
far as what you found they haven’t shown anywhere else yet by
any chance that you would you would have my shoulder telling the word telling us
what it is but I seen I seen some stuff man some stuff was crazy with me or you
had open there you know but uh in that unit yeah I I thought I found something
extremely illegal in there and it was a fake yeah I think I don’t know it was it
was a Thompson AR 445 machine gun it’s highly illegal in the state of
California very expensive drugs beat a compete like dummy inside if it was
weighted down and stuff but I thought it was real out of North to do it because
it was like it’s like this staged three federal crime or something even if
that’s this yeah it’s not three weapon definitely not I raised a question that
when you come across something let’s say that thing was real like because I’ve
seen people asking right like what you know what what do you do next lady like
would you get in trouble if like the police were roll over like hey son well
you got there and so probably ideally you want to turn it over because if you
take the risk of dealing with something like that it’s that’s not something like
I did some some recently where I opened up some rifle cases on my life and my
friend Benji took those and actually is making them legal in that process
through paperwork and stuff because he’s a registered gun owner and you can’t do
that with this one like there’s nothing you could do like I don’t care who you
are what licenses you have in California you cannot own this this this one so I
was kind of nervous about if you’re like I don’t I don’t like dealing with cops I
don’t care even if we’re walking through a store and I’m saying hi they they
still make me nervous you know I mean like for no reason at all and I’m not
one of complex yeah I got this 45 automatic machine gun it’s not mine I
swear I just found it I don’t want how do you how do you do that like so you
actually call them up or what like no I had somebody come look at it and it was
completely fake like the whole insight is one solid piece of metal it’s not
like an actual functioning it’s a look a replica rifle there’s a complete dummy
because the guy did do some type of a reenactments there was fire like a movie
prop or something huh yeah something well your guys are gonna see it because
I did have happen to film it also your you’ll see um
someday soon there’s a lot of videos coming out of that unit so I probably
got at least two weeks maybe a week and a half the videos out of there still I
was watching I’ve been watching a lot of whoa a lot of you guys leave and you
know I watch as much as I can because things you know I’m driving or whatever
did but uh yeah I’ve see some some pretty cool stuff and not just just in
in like now not just in your channel and Alex’s and Grimes and you know what the
hell you know locker notes it’s not just you guys like I’ve actually gone out I
was like oh let me look at this guy and let me look at this guy seen a few
different channels man and it’s pretty cool as it’s cool because people are
like creative their own way is dude but it’s just exciting drill assignment real
said yeah it was Alex’s the one who who caught me you know I was watching
YouTube and then I see a picture of Alex Torres talking more with two guns you
know like that yeah like click yeah that that’s that’s
I just started watching everybody’s videos this was February yeah this was
this was before I even started doing YouTube like before I start doing
YouTube he hits me all but he’s like yo there’s this guy does youtuber he
reminds me of you yeah I told him it’s like yo dude a
California boy who he talked about roadies me show me show me stories Tyler
I’m like old stuff and then months later know behold here we are you know yeah
you got him yeah uh he was he was on Channel people came on our show was out
on your channel Alex oh yeah I was on my channel I was on I was on Kimmy’s
channel I think it was like the week before or whatever and I haven’t been
following Mike because it was a wait-wait ventures that I think I don’t
know if it was the first auxins anonymous show or what but I remember
wait wait was going live so I go check it out
and that’s when I first discovered where audio you know and then I just
automatically started following Mike you know I started following you and because
I like like what you do on social media you know IG and on Facebook the stories
and all that stuff like I like that motivation part of it so you know that’s
what I that’s what I like to follow you know that’s and that’s kind of like what
I like to do too so I was just following as I just related to it um and then you
know you’re motivate me all the time man all the time like I get I get pumped up
when I watch your stuff you know and then uh and then you know I get invited
to be on a order like hoarders and you pop in bro and it was just like whoa or
so man and then ever since then Brothers has been it’s been a real cool there but
it would have kicker which the top two you know I’m saying we’ll be in Oscars
for all the Chinese baby weight weight or whatever we don’t have the exact date
yet we have everything else figured out pretty much exact figure out the table
or the couch don’t put us on which I go through thousand dollar bills
you don’t say we will buy some storage do this we go
go to a flea market bro we’re gonna flip some free markets and and I will visit
my little brother too he’s out there in San Francisco nice yeah bro that’s gonna
be so crazy so crazy yeah so you’re really excited for your date with Mike
actually I actually have a date with with lady named Pamela Maggie and that’s
cool an actual woman not a mannequin not a mannequin a real woman since you sell
your mannequins you mean Anakin trafficker you mean your
ex-girlfriend the one that you’re jealous that I stole her from you and
then sold her for the super super cheap I’ll buy her back you can’t you can’t
sell a mannequin and buy it back no first mannequin trafficking Justin it’s
it’s not is that one of one of the twins man it’s not one of the twins yeah yeah
Jeremy actually yeah Jeremy uh she won because I ought shit myself and she won
she won a a date with me so I Oh Pamela lid a date and I’m excited man
you know it’s gonna be big chickens I think we upgraded because she invested
her $3 as you want with I told her like flip those three bucks you know we’ll go
from the chicken so my cop died for the sandwich it is you know so I was gonna
be cool I just wanna go to Cali you know can you believe I’ve never been okay
I’ve been everywhere in the world well I was three years old
that’s it it’s awesome eyes the center of the universe yeah I mean
my wife was born there she was born in um in Torrance live work called Monterey
Park she was born there warning for it she left there when she is 11 years old
and she was dying to go back you know she says that her best memories growing
up were on in California I think California would be an amazing place to
live because I know it’s hard during the day and cold that night correct me if
I’m wrong you know do you weather at night is that true sweater now it’s like
chilly like it’s 74 probably or something like that flip flops but it’s
54 here bro but I’m still in shorts flip-flops and a hoodie watch and we’re
in pants right now I take the bag Jeremy made me put on pants it’s 80 degrees
outside it’s 10 o’clock at night that’s awesome I like that about 90 all day and
night with 90% humidity it’s last month here in Miami it was at 8 o’clock in the
morning right the car marched the temperature and it’s nice who’s that
Endicott good morning September in July by 8:30 8 o’clock in the morning you’re
already upwards 94 degrees in the afternoons 98 degrees here in Miami it’s
and what makes it worse is that it’s so humid so what’s 95 degrees feels like
it’s 110 I mean and it’s thick muggy I don’t like it now I take their bag it’s
it’s it’s 52 now not fit before still too cold I don’t like I love living here
I just don’t for cold weather you don’t mean like
it’s so cheap here it’s ridiculous the cost of living but I just prefer warm
weather so like my sister’s like oh it’s so rough I you know she she lived in San
Fran and she’s like now she’s in Australia she’s like it gets so cold at
night and my quick you didn’t stand friend in Australia why are you whining
like yeah so how mad at me but we have a chance to see her a little of salt
princess where is she she is not internally in all right I will tell me
that we all said hello and we’re big fans and we can’t wait to see her
YouTube get back up her popping out I think you think you’re a kid one like
you guys try to get her to come on and she’s like doesn’t really think y’all
like you think you must be joking it’s not like they really want you on the day
no no that’s why we know even everything tell her that I was super excited
watching her dump coins at a coin star all right awesome
love you me and after we watched it together
awesome we that stuff this is entertaining it’s like opening a boxes
it’s like it’s like watching Jordi paint cars then I mesmerized it’s awesome I
mean it’s there’s they’re super satisfying and it’s satisfying to watch
all those coins go into a boy’s life but um go ahead man thank you again for
coming on with us for hanging out with us the officiating you you’re
oscillating the message is a positive one you know and hope that we you know
you’ve been come out whenever you want this is your that’s what’s up and then
there was beard there those beards a fearless man again yeah still got Man II know
we go to the temperature out in Ohio we know the cost of living is in Ohio now
is the temperature a plus or a minus four for you guys
reselling and all of that good stuff see the major – for me like based on my
previous reefs on Riley I’m changing some things but is garage sales are over
right there’s to be a couple here and there you’ll see some house that like
you’ll see once a week you might see one or two if you’re lucky or every other
week like someone I have an inside house sale but it’s like basically a smaller
version of an estate sale right a bunch of stuff they want to get rid of and you
get to come in their house and look at it instead of going through their
driveway but like then a flea market by me still open two days a week indoors
but that’s the biggest thing I mean like 50% of the sales that you would find in
the summer are gone all the garage sales which is a huge chunk you know I got a
normal summer son you know that that June through August you know or even
September you know you got 1520 grotty cells a day to go hit and it goes to
zero you know you saw the state sales of course right like in church sales all
that’s still going on but uh the thing that I’m not looking forward to getting
the storage units is the winter like shoveling the snow in front of the unit
to get the stuff out your hands freezing – you know but that’s the one difference
I dunno like so Jeremy and you know everybody up here like they find this at
all the storage auctions they go to everything’s like an hour for me all the
units that are close to me are all online which I’m also okay with but it’s
no fun for YouTube content watch me for seven days bid on a unit where do you
live Jeremy so like you know but like you know like you still get to go
through the unit and stuff Brian Oaks hey have you seen second
sense hoarder house video I have not it’s actually in my watch later
Brian I need to I do want to watch that I’ve been to the second sense is a their
warehouses it’s probably about the same size as Jeremy’s but like I just feel
like it’s taller like there’s just more stuff in there and I think there’s a
whole basement section at the second sense and it’s overwhelming the amount
of stuff in there but they just started putting out some videos they have some
cool stuff I want to watch that one they went to the hoarder house because they
do estate sales and clean-out stuff and to jump topic a little bit I know we’re
talking about the differences as far as sourcing for weather I was thinking
because you guys gonna come down no I know right except freezing over there
you guys gonna have to come down to Miami that’s all
listen we got like the wife and I already already talked about it right so
you know my youngest is in kindergarten so we’ve got you know 12 ish years and
then we can become snowbirds right like I’m gonna we’re both gonna we’ll split
Alex’s rent in his apartment and which which is still more than what you guys
pay Mahalo I can’t believe the prices rose
dude it’s very easy it’s crazy no but whenever you come down here let
me know so I can prepare everything I want you to list for me that I haven’t
listed let me know I have had like three weeks worth of work for you 104 you
would be one day I’d like one day worth of work for you that for me would take
me like two months but because you guys show me how to do it I can finally see
you list five thousand items in 30 seconds George yet see grogg Dallas has
thousands of units a week and like even on a heavy day here I think what the
most we saw Jordan and we could be wrong like I don’t see all the units like you
know Jeremy does because I don’t follow him as much for that one day there was
only still like of all those different places there was what like maybe 40
units it’s like you know and like yeah I just I don’t know like that there’s one
by me that goes it’s only twice a year it’s a storage place right near me and
and they do it twice a year they have an auction
and they put out like they don’t advertise anywhere they don’t it’s not
online they have little signs they put at the street corners like that’s how I
know it’s happening and there’s none yeah I don’t see anything about yeah I
don’t around here there’s nothing about yard sales or I’ve seen a few yard sale
sign around here but not nothing crazy like Alex always sending like yard sale
treasure map screenshot my lord really is a Manny on a bad weekend will
have 1560 terrazzo and that’s a bad weekend Wow
right we’ve had a weekend a year there where there was like 20 30 garages
another good day for us I don’t we were pressed there twenty five mile radius
there’s on average 15 60 garden Brad so 25 yeah thank you remember you know good
weekend sorry to argue on a weekend within 25 miles there’s between 1900
garages and on a good I remember it was the beginning of August you guys sent a
photo I think that was when you guys were going out together Alex sent a
photo of the group and it was just like you know the yard sale treasure map just
like read it looked like a hurricane right in Florida and I said that I’d
like seven little dots spread out around like a 30 mile radius I was like I might
get to all of these in one day yeah our drive to each one I would do a spin cha
there’d be like one dot right one that it’s your house lots of Russia
good we gotta go to the garage so Matt is the last couple weeks we’ve been like
home Steve gracias actually the last time I went was with Jordan I think
Jordan that was the last time I went garage stones with you in your town yeah
yeah I went with you that one day and then Shane the next day right the same
one but yeah anymore yeah there’s a lot of walking though well I mean last
weekend you’re technically at a garage sale because we were doing the videos
Alex for the videos that we’re gonna put out this week on both of our channels
and they were happen to garage sale outside now these ladies are amazing
like they literally told us that I just paid the property taxes from my year
from two days of garage sale and in Miami property taxes are anywhere from
two thousand and three thousand dollars well you know yeah like a tiny home like
where the neighbor is literally like you walked out of your back door and you’re
inside your neighbor’s house but yeah but you’re paying two thousand dollars a
year that’s what I like that’s why that’s one of the reasons all the
reasons I’m moving to Tennessee is I’m looking to get real estate so over there
I want to check it out and I know some people I know you’re not you’re not
going to Tennessee if you don’t want me to work more sports compared to the rest
right way to Tennessee imagine that buy it I want to buy a
three-story log cabin form above that is my my goal I want to get my mom but
restoring log cabin with five acres and a goat is we have a conference what
about any new we also we’ve had two evils but I don’t think the emos would
live in in Tennessee they would die well it’s what it’s a but let’s we bring them
in the house imagine having an emo inside your house tap water in the chat
if you know what an emu is type to if you don’t you read my comment yeah ten thousand
subs I won’t personally fly Manny you know what I’ve even pay for a seat for
Manny to sit in we can make that happen right we’ll give it a week
what like a week right we can have if you guys haven’t subscribed already to
the suburban beard go and check out his channel he’s got a mannequin he’s got a
batting cage that’s it yeah what do you tonight’s have homered Manny
we meant it it was it was in a positive way
come on Excel excels my people I can’t speak for Alex
all right that’s good ease talks too much no one could speak for him I can
fit him in an overhead Benny fits in a duffle bag I pride I have a great
Whitesnake Manny I don’t want to hear about your privates that was a low blow all right so look guys check out Jordans
new logo you’re his new logo mine whip it in life keep an eye out for his
channel his channel is gonna be changing Gigi picker looking now we’re having a
party studios all right if you guys if you guys have not seen booster studios
Friday nights there life is amazing check em out on Friday
nights what time is will start I’m not sure but make sure you guys check out
that time on the channel is fire all right Doris I’m just a little bit about
the direction that your channel is going into my friend thanks Jordan
Alex back to you that’s what direction George’s channels Lloyd was that see
know about what you pick up the pick up our owner can take her bed that’s not
how you would say Western Nowheresville yeah I just kind of wanted you out the
the main thing with the with the whole channel change in the art and the name
and everything is just I want a more long-term name and basically a goal for
YouTube and I would really like to kind of make new food a everyday I’m hustling
yeah yeah either way I just I want I want to make YouTube like this
sustainable or whatever like I wanted to be more long-term than the name I was
going by I feel like it it was like hitting hitting that wall and I don’t
know I just know well you you don’t want to do Dollar General videos the rest of
your life like I did I didn’t want to like stick myself to that specific niche
forever and to be able to go out and actually brand up your brand myself like
Jodi says yeah like to be able to brand myself and be able to like dip my
fingers into all kinds of different stuff and do different con before she
said yeah but that’s the main the whole the whole main thing of doing this like
we haven’t even always to talk per month about how I wanted to change my name
four months for a long time yeah April Prince changed his name and everything
changed the desire it was great so he can
you could do it I pity the food they can’t do it this is I can’t wait for you
to come out with those haunted videos though you don’t understand those are
gonna be your best videos of all time is when you finally come out with
because because there’s a ton of videos of channels out there that show hot
teens that off setups like this guy’s house is really hot yeah yeah get it on
it seriously it’s like literally you could put your camera live 24 hours and
and that that channel just that would would be seen by the world because
there’s real ghosts in there like we actually witnessed the door just open it
as he walked into the hallway it was super creepy and that what does
he his face turn pale right multiple occasions yeah I thought I want to film
more to that I haven’t had anything creepy happen for a while since those
videos so I just have it like in my in my queue so I edit it is a bunch of
stuff there it’s just it’s not a very long video just cuz you only catch clips
and glimpses so it’s not like you have a two hour long video to show we need to
get you one of those meters yeah I want to get I want to get some of that stuff
and then I want to get like a night like a night-vision camera I have a set of
many cameras that you can set up in your house right I told you this before I’ll
send them to you you got it set up where you got a record
look actually you know what video I want to see hold on I want to see the video
of Jordan ton and his wife he’s putting cameras up he’s gonna record everything
video that’s my flippin life video that I wanted and it’s my vision and it’s
night vision listen I’ll just keep my Jordans windows
you won’t even know oh just need to get some good stuff
Manny into my windows right Manny’s outside the window your wife then stabs
me and Manny and you and then my wife stabs me for trying to put a mannequin
out of somebody’s window caving videos 30 hot rod Hocking Hills like the
closest caves to us isn’t it Jordan yeah that I know I mean I think well we
found witches ball is nearby us what I want to go do that with so the witches
balls in areas I gets best to do it in winter because you can’t really tell in
the summer which is balls no it’s one big ball actually it’s about a 10-foot
round ball in a graveyard and when it snows or rains it’s completely dry and
the ground around it the balls are always dry balls which is balls no
tomorrow or Monday because we’re most likely gonna freeze loading a you walk
tomorrow so but they will be heading towards Massachusetts and I’m dying to
get there for two reasons one I’m going with shorty it’s a widget I also want to
find relatives of witches because I’m looking for a son of a witch and two I
want to go visit the world’s largest Ouija board and I want to get total
strangers to do a seance with me and that’s gonna be so much fun to do that
is gonna be awesome I’ll go down Jose man oh we good yeah
watch watch it you’ll do that Ouija board it’ll like type out my name wait
wait hold on that’s the whole thing with scary stuff they don’t agree with is the
Ouija board because the Ouija board wasn’t even a thing until after the
Exorcist but it was a game a board game from the 1800’s The Exorcist a movie
fake movie made the Ouija board scary because it was in the movie there’s
nothing satanic or wrong with a Ouija board nothing I don’t even think
we’re satanic I just thought of like the word Ouija board like we jeez CEO that’s
that that’s a fun day but to be it the world’s largest Ouija board it’s in
Salem Massachusetts and that’s where I’m going which honey I’m also that I’m
doing my deceased grandmother so you guys think so watch that because that’s
gonna be are you going to make a sandwich I’ve gotta make a sandwich in
which I will eat it same yeah as well be amazing I wanna go visit my deceased
grandmother she’s uh she’s somebody’s backyard she’s buried in some person his
backyard in a home I grew up in I was actually even a situation and you know
they sold the house people are living there they have no idea that my
grandmother is buried back there so I will show up with some flowers and I was
sorry a total the story and ask her if it’s okay that I visit my grandmother
and see see what they let me do so we got new people that are jumping in you
wanna say what’s up to Pamela I’m gonna live money from Mars what’s up money
from Mars and it’s it I think you’re like people that say what’s up yo Mars
I think I don’t think I see my religion here shout out to my row I’m not sure Joshi looking up the witches ball
cemetery yeah I’d fold it up it’s in Myrtle Hill Cemetery Liverpool Township
hey look who it is is Pamela Lee I don’t know we were just tired about you those
doggy thinks that you’re her favorite her biggest bass band or something
and they wanted a date with her yeah like well I wouldn’t mind going out of
day with you and dolls dolly but I have to give her a 1 a 2 billion dollar
cookie but I got two of those so I’m gonna give her one and we could know
with Dodie is that a double date when you are with two to that one person
goes out with two people no all right no double date is when two
people go out with another two people yeah so will that be like a it’s not a
threesome Alex yes date you see you see dolls you see have a little power say
huh – timing yeah this was happening it’s going down California California no
doubt about it big chicken oh yeah sorry Josh go ahead
you get finished anyway it was a menage that’s why you were talking about
witches balls oh yeah no they’re the cemetery Myrtle Hill Cemetery there’s
just a last name under the balls and supposedly she slaughtered thousands of
people is that hunch killed like her she murdered her husband and kids or
something yeah it’s like a family and something and like it’s one of those
things like some of it there’s no proof but then there’s a whole other thing
that it actually ties into the exact thing I was really kind of weird but
like the whole cemeteries kind of creepy sits very old yeah so I think that the
the creepiest place on the state of Florida and if there’s anybody in the
chat from Florida Gordon even on st. Augustine now that whole city is a lot
of old buildings and you know anybody that’s been there you get an
eerie feeling every time you won’t just at least I do in st. Augustine it’s a
really really eerie hearing town city but um here it is so the ball the
witches balls they’re cold to touch in the daytime and warm at night and even
leaves won’t settle on it like nothing ends up on this thing it’s really weird
nothing ends up on the balls Alex balls ha ha is there a picture of it of the
ball yeah you know you know what I’ll post the what I didn’t want people to
leave the live feed I can post the link no man just so we share the balls oh
yeah hold on let me share my balls on the screen here
just got me into st. Augustine and they have a bunch of ghost stories and it’s
known to be haunted that’s the city I’m talking about here
in Florida when you guys come down you know avoiding all that snow and all that
cold that’s coming towards you guys when you guys come down to Miami to the heat
in the humidity on the way down stop by st. Augustine or we’ll go to st.
Augustine all right there we go it’s up right there it is 3 foot granite ball
yeah you know and it doesn’t stop scoffs I don’t know how to say that but stos
Kop F locals and sisters Stone loses a horror line underneath cold to the touch
in the daytime warm by night and even leaves won’t dare settle on the
structure and I believe it’s also like snow won’t stick to it it never gets wet amazing ball you’ve ever touched I bet I
have people that would disagree with that copy he just stated have you have
you guys ever seen the they’ll ski sweaty balls oh yeah where
the it was at MADtv or was it the state that I want to dip my balls in it no it
was uh it was definitely asset now and I think I want to say it was one of the
Baldwin’s I don’t know but he who owned the meatball shop and Arizona was a
meatball shop pretty sure the meatball shop and it was he to reporters like
interview him and they were talking about his sweaty balls like there’s
great taste I’ve never had sweaty balls like yeah it was hilarious
y’all need to go check that out y’all want to laughs go check out si no Alec
Baldwin ready balls so yeah let’s talk about recently though
if it’s getting to that time how much would you be at auction for what a ball hold on who would see yeah I want to dip
my balls in again I was a different guy hey you want some cheese all I wanted in
it Jim Rose I think was great no gun the state it was the state
I love that show is awesome if you can find the state it actually sells for
good money side note are the Hales and Pamela breaking up yours fat man the
flipper he’s like it’s because I’m not fat enough and I can’t flip yeah he said
I was she was what do I got that he doesn’t and she says I can’t tell you
their thoughts if it miss George Ben and Jerry’s came out with ice cream flavor
Schweddy Balls so you can eat sweaty balls while you’re
watching sweaty balls but first where do you live yo hablo Pavan
Jeremy played the trig already he flipped the script out and he say he’s
leaving now she’s uh she’s going over there she’s sweating I’m like and I’m
chilling bro I’m still going to County I’m gonna have a good time everywhere I
go no matter but I’ll lucky some the chickens with
some emblem I have ahead of myself just read to listen Alex talk just kidding I
love you Alex just kidding I love you Alex or was that I just kidding I love
you Alex just kidding I love you Alex sorry don’t worry I know you ready
that’s why that’s why right now I was just said he go I will be sending you
your your friend Bella soon in the mail but I didn’t know any it’s such a thing
for Mike we didn’t even made it so new t-shirt I
can’t believe Manik made his own t-shirt that’s that’s what blew my mind
why because the handwriting is so good for the Medicaid I’m never nervous about
letting it right so so perfectly I love you too Myra what what what what
what at what what side what I love Manny’s photo
he’s so ghetto with a cape only man even ape man not but love that’s what Manny
said but love fucking Butler yo Oh what was it what is it all grammar
is very very important I forgot what it was it was something about how you
pronounce words and all that you know like how you say stuff right because
that those three words right there in that sequence
depending on how you say it can be totally different business see Jolie just your point 110 percent
yeah which is ridiculous by the way no one can actually give 110 percent you
can know it’s always a hundred because it’s your maximum well it depends on
what you’re talking about like what like if you’re talking about
like like no glitch like money you can give 110% no it’d be 110 dollars to give
me a hundred percent would be ten dollars to give you a hundred percent
yeah but if you’re at your maximum it’s still your maximum is a hundred percent
going over that doesn’t make any sense yeah that’s true
Jody Seay Jody just proved you wrong this is Gary we said it’s a hundred
thousand percent so if you’re giving a hundred thousand percent then that means
that you’re 100 percent mark because a hundred percent is their maximum
percentage right when you’re talking about say like you know we’re not
talking about percentage of money we’re talking about it like a percentage of an
effort and there’s a maximum effort Deadpool and so like with that it’d be a
hundred percent which is your maximum well yeah that
well honey well honey right now them that’s not what I was talking about I
know the emotional side is different whoa I would have just burned them but
wait wait hold on I mean hey I’m looking at I’m playing
devil’s advocate here right like was there more than one box in each unit I’m
gonna say let’s keep asking for a friend those there’s a half a grocery bag full
of photographs and the other one had bought a can of soup and the suitcase
full of chips storage food and the other 130 pounds of weed welcome to California no that’s still impressive like if that
even if they were fooled that’s impressive
thoth Dali I can do that in two hours nah I really want to meet Pamela like
she could do all that for hours imagine how many big chickens me giddy there you got marine burns had the right
thing it’s a euphemism but yes I agree one percent I just I it’s what like I
like Gary V’s point of view I just I hate motivational speakers I really do I
just I don’t like the idea the motivational speaker I like talking with
somebody to get motivated that’s why I hang out with these guys you know but I
just I have a problem with the the motivational speaker side of some of
that stuff because it turns into a whole other thing and that’s why I hate 110
percent because it the 110 percent is the same guy who goes if I’m not giving
you 110 percent that’s because I’m giving you a 120 well why do you need it
in the first place which is still a hundred sorry I’m gonna say right that’s
my argument behind it like you shouldn’t have to use a euphemism to prove your
worth because if you’re just doing it you’re at your max already
right how do I have to have a two-hour seminar to explain to me that I need to
be more yeah that’s like always the time seemed like that for me to tell you I
didn’t that motivation comes from within right and my motivation does come from
that people have already 100% of the tools that you need to be happy and to
be motivated to be focused some people may look for motivational speakers just
to help them find those tools from within I don’t need that that’s my
personal opinion other people are naturally inspired
naturally motivated and enjoy surrounding themselves with people who
are equally motivated equally happy equally focused and inspired see like my
way I think the other side of it it’s not even the speaker’s themselves it’s
it’s and again I’m really not trying to put anybody down it right and this is in
many way but like I still feel like I’ve been this groups like that and stuff
like that just to see what it’s about right and I feel like half the people
are just married and say I give a hundred and ten percent and never
actually do anything with it you know what I mean so I think some of the times
it’s the community you know it’s like daily refinement says he’s like you know
I show you all the tools they’re all right here this is how you do it you can
download this for free and just do it and follow these steps and he’s like 90%
of the people never do it you know and then they’re mad because they bought a
shirt for $80 and it won’t sell for 300 yeah because unfortunately you have
people that that lack the motivation right and so they think by buying that
doing this for that that it’s like that’s my answer and they’ll feel
something by doing that and they think it’s motivation but it’s not motivation
it’s still you have to you have to really look at what you don’t have
versus what you want to be able to really find motivation
value something you don’t have it what the things you don’t want to go through
versus what you do want to go through because I can I can tell you all day
that you can live your dreams you can all day long go out and you know like
tell yourself I’m gonna be a minute here and you can see it in your mind and you
can dream about all day but just doing thats not gonna catch you there it’s not
out of motivate you but if you look at what you don’t want to be that could
possibly motivate you enough yourself to do it
yeah I know I don’t ever want to be homeless again like I know I never want
to go through the things I went through so I purposely remind myself of that so
I can keep moving forward of days I don’t want to move forward everybody
last I can hear somebody say all right I’m gonna be a millionaire outside
person you absolutely can you absolutely can become a millionaire but ask them
what are they what’s stopping them right and what are they willing to do to get
there and do a lot of it’s excuses and everyone has excuses for different
reasons user you’re scared of something or unsure of something and you don’t
know how to ask that question properly right I can process it in your brain so
I get that you know I think all of us have had that in one way or another
right you know but it’s it’s when it it’s the same over and over and over and
someone’s even tried to help you get the right answer out you know yeah but
there’s a difference between motivation and inspiration I believe it
inspirational speakers and I listen to inspirational speakers and it’s usually
people who talk from a place of experience through a struggle and
overcoming I mean that’s that’s a total different thing there are people there
are people that know that so when they go and they say what they do or whatever
they correct people I remember seeing some guy totally correct to do it he was
like so you’re a motivational Spears like no I’m not a motivational speaker
I’m an inspirational speaker but I’m not a motivational speaker and then he
brought it down a little bit but what amazing comes from within it’s motive
what it what is your motive and what what are you trying to do is that’s your
motivation but inspiration you can find somewhere else by watching some of us a
lot you people explore Jackson pirate you know he sits brick but no I agree
that tangent came from just like you’re I’m just I’m just tripping right here
because Pamela said that her heart belongs to Jeremy although it was going
on but it’s what we at least a worst-case scenario give my three
dollars up straight okay you know I still love you I still love you I still
treat you with love and respect because we’re going to California together
that’s the only reason you love me yeah oh he can tell you did he
no nevermind all right so we’re getting ready to start wrapping up the show I
know that we have a show with an amazing guest coming up next Saturday George
George let’s talk about it George George taking a rhythm will be at my channel
9:00 p.m. Eastern and yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna have some fun it will be
well that way is that we thought yeah actually it will be our Halloween
episode yes so we’re gonna have some fun and George
is just finding out about this now so it’s it’s on the 26 but it’s the last
sale yeah so we’re gonna already have some fun with that one and yeah so 9
p.m. George George taking a risk make sure
your sub to his channel in my channel and make sure you hit the thumbs up on
this channel el cuban ah so 158 subscribers 30 people watching 22 thumbs
up still it go 34 thumbs up I take that
back my need my screen didn’t update I’m super happy about that thank you guys
everybody to stop by so next week my channel Oscar how would you would you
like to finish up on your life show I know that there’s good things coming up
on every one of our channels – Oh guys go around make sure you guys are
subscribed to and hit the bell for notifications so that you know the next
time that a new video comes out each one of us has new things coming up for the
channel so these next couple weeks are going to be very exciting as far as the
kind of content that we’re gonna be putting out so stay tuned for that again
I want to thank all of you guys that that supported me are you guys on the
panel guys in the chat everybody that has helped us to be able to do this
continue to do this show we really appreciate you guys Jordan you got some
things you want to say fallen enemies ah you want to say something before we end
this yeah just like coming up on our channels we’re all making changes offer
the better trying to push forward and said we appreciate all you guys coming
here week after week after week and supporting us and following us along
what are you doing and allowing us to do what we do alright Alex you have
anything seriously you like really of like a like hard boner right now go
alright so so this upcoming Saturday I haven’t even told these guys this
upcoming Saturday we’re gonna have George George on josh’s channel right oh
well we gonna have the Saturday after that if Jordans right yeah what the hell
we’ll have Jerry and we’re gonna have what the
right yep the week after that Gary Vaynerchuk will be on my channel and
Oprah I’ll show you guys the text so definitely subscribe to our channels and
come check us out man we’re gonna have an amazing amazing next few weeks it’s
only going up from here um my heart’s racing saying that so I hope I stay
tuned buddy stay tuned and I hope you guys enjoy that it’s gonna be amazing
and it’s gonna be fun and other than that just stay tuned watch watch the
stuff that mean Oscar won’t be coming out this week I’ll be a Massachusetts oh
I’m not you know whatever you know wish me luck I’ve messed up my back this
morning and I got a drive two days in a u-haul so that’s uh that’s my life I
don’t kill your back dude it’s already kill I’ve murdered it yeah so the
butcher knife to it my cousin’s gonna hit it with a bat see if it come right
back all right burn up man you got anything you want to say before we close
I love you Alex you know I’m just playing with you I
know I know many eat in my hair okay with no really you have the key to my
heart and I need it back sorry man you know the beginning all right and thank you again everybody
in the chat we love you guys thank you for being here with us stay tuned next
Saturday one more time it’s gonna be on suburban beers channel
the following Saturday and at 9 p.m. Eastern Time
it’s gonna be on Jordans Channel and then we’re gonna rotate like that
between the four of us because the one after the door this is gonna be on
Alex’s channel so again thank you guys love you guys
see you next time awkward moments


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