Buying a used Audi A8 D2/4D – 1994-2002, Common Issues, Buying advice / guide


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thanks for this i will buy one in 2-3 years. I currently have a 1994 A4 B5 1.8i currently. great cars,audi

I just spent 5k $ on maintenance,timing belt,fuel pump,oil cooler pipe,ac uncloging,fan bearing and still have to do cam adjusters.This car is expensive to maintain but very unique.

The worn camshafts are the most common issue on the 2.5 tdi and also the 3.3 tdi v8. If i were not a mechanic, i wouldnt have bought one (bought a 2.5l 180hp tdi with 260k km on it). The issue with the 3.3 is having the same cam Problems as the 2.5 while also using a much more complicated common rail injection, which the 2.5 doesnt have. Also the 2.5 tdi was used in many different VAG cars, like A4, A6, Passat, Superb. So you get used parts pretty cheap, parts for the 3.3 are rare because it only was used in the A8…

If 2.5 is well maintained, it is the pretty economic engine, but U have to treat it as a diesel engine. As 1.9 tdi is the most reliable, even those was blowing up, because people doesn't understand that diesel doesn't like when U rev the piss out of it… Especially straight after starting it as the oil temperature is low and pump can't get it around , and components are not supplied with right amount of oil…

My dad has Audi a8 from 1997 and it is FWD Manual and a 2.5l TDI V6 Diesel engine and i can tell for sure that this is the best audi ever made 🙂


If you're in the US I'd suggest buying a S8 version since prices are now low. They are rare. Only 1200 imported, around 400 for each year 2001-03. Only the 360 HP 4.2 Quattro was imported. I have a 2001 model with 167k miles, very good condition. Runs and drives very well.

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