Calgary’s potential Olympic bid survives important vote

I am actually really pleased with the
debate today I think it was very respectful and very thoughtful on all
sides and I’m really happy that councilors including the two you
mentioned but all of them really spent a ton of time over the weekend considering
their position analyzing themselves asking themselves questions about
whether they were doing the right thing or not and I think that’s really helpful
because as I said last week: in this job it’s really easy to get caught on the
daily irritations or the little things and I was really encouraging my council
colleagues to think about the big picture about what we’d be giving up if
we stopped now about what the opportunity cost was and that’s really
what I heard in the debate today. [Seyi Smith, Olympic athlete] We’re happy we’ve lived to fight another day, Although the council has really brought up some really important comments there
that the onus really is on us to the community to make sure that we do this
properly. Councillor Sutherland, Councillor Davison, they all said this
is a great idea…if we do it right. And now that the BidCo is going to be put together, whoever’s on that committee, the entire city, our province, the country’s
gonna be looking at you specifically. Can you do this right? And we just
hope you can. [Coun. Ward Sutherland]: A lot of the
pro-Olympian people thought this would just go through and
have sat back and said nothing, but that’s not what changed my mind. It’s the
new – it’s the detailed finances that will change it and I think that’s really
important to Calgarians because obviously, you know, I’ve been
vice chair of finance for many years and we’ve been on track, we’re very healthy
as Calgary, I still have lots of concerns, and those don’t change, but I think
it’s worth waiting to June to find out. [Colin Craig, Cdn Taxpayers Fed]: We’re pretty
concerned because when you look at the numbers, the cost for the Olympics is going to be a heck of a lot
higher than what the actual benefits are and really there’s no business case to
continue proceeding with an Olympics. Reality is a lot of households and
businesses are struggling right now we have a lot of supporters who are
businesses having trouble paying their existing property taxes if we go ahead
and bid for the Olympics so you can imagine what’s going to happen to
property taxes when you look at the provincial situation, that debt is rising
by over 1.2 million dollars an hour right now, federal debt is rising by over
two million dollars an hour, the reality is there’s no money for an Olympic bid. You know, a lot of people been saying, oh it’s so expensive it’s going to triple
Calgary’s debt. Well, if that were the case we wouldn’t
do it. And you know, today we heard a lot about, oh well you know other people were
caught in bad behaviour with the IOC well we also wouldn’t do that and so, the
whole point of this from the very beginning I’ve said that this is going
to be a very Calgarian and a very Canadian bid. It’s gonna be transparent,
it’s gonna be open, it’s gonna be honest, it’s going to be frugal, but above all it
is gonna give this city the opportunity to really showcase amateur sport around
the world and to retake our place as a real centre for winter sport around the


This is going to be a disaster. Why is Nenshi so concerned about promoting Calgary to the world all the time? Who cares? Just improve the city for its citizens.

Nenshi is an a-hole.
He raised taxes so much made Calgary so bloody expensive and now he wants tax payers to foot the bill for Olympics. Which nobody wants!
What a jerk.

Won't help the Flames get a new arena but will spend taxpayers dollars on a 2nd Olympics in Calgary in 40 years. What an arse.

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