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I’m for us been in car business for a long time and in the business since the mid-90s and have seen a lot of evolution in the car business since that time one of the most exciting things that I’ve seen in recent years is called rip being in the car business as long as I as long as i have i’ve seen a lot of evolution with the internet and it’s a necessity everybody has to be there if you’re not there in your competition is you’re missing the boat so everybody has to be online the problem that I’ve seen over the years is how do you convert traffic that you’re getting people that are interested in your product how do you turn that into a cell one thing that this product does is it puts you in contact with the customer right now and so when they’re hot when they’re interested right now you have a captive audience what this product does is allows you to communicate with that customer sooner than later so they can remember seeing your vehicle online or whatever it is they’re looking at online right now they’re talking to somebody setting up an appointment and your likelihood of closing that customer goes through the roof it really does the sooner you talk to them they’re interested right now you get information to them right now you’re going to set an appointment or going to close the field if you’re looking for a competitive advantage online to help close the gap bring customers and convert them to cells i highly recommend call trip you

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