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00:05 Hey there, campers. Karl from Camper
Liquidators here to talk to you about why purchasing your next RV from Camper Liquidators
is going to be the best deal around. Camper Liquidators exists via Pete’s RV Center, and
what we’ve done is that we’ve gathered a whole bunch of units, whether they’re overstock,
discontinued, or handyman specials for you to check out at big savings. 00:26 These handyman specials, of course,
they’re RVs that may have seen better days in their past and they need a little bit of
work. So whether you want to do a little bit of customization or an entire makeover, we’ve
got RVs to fit the bill. 00:38 When it comes to the discontinued and
overstock items, here’s a few great things. Discontinued floor plans are going to be ones
that the manufacturers, they’re not selling as well as they had hoped, so they want to
see them off the lot to make room for all of the new stuff coming in. So, this is a
great way for you to save thousands of dollars. 00:55 Same goes for the overstock units. The
overstock units are ones that they’ve just built way too many of them. They flooded the
market with that floor plan, and they just wanna see them gone, so we’re offering huge
discounts on them. And you can take that money and use it for whatever you want. Whether
you want to take that money that you save, put it towards your next camping trip, take
yourself out to a nice dinner, anything like that, you’re covered. Pete’s RV is looking
out for you. 01:20 So, when you’re checking out the Camper
Liquidators lots or website, just take a look for the Camper Liquidators badge. So, you
could be walking around any of our four lots, whether it’s in Massachusetts, Connecticut,
Vermont, or Indiana, that Camper Liquidator badge is going to tell you that hey, this
is an RV that’s been here for a little bit, or that there’s way too many of, and you can
save thousands of dollars on it. 01:42 Best part is, with these overstock and
discontinued ones, these are still going to be brand new RVs, so you’re still going to
be covered by your manufacturer warranty. So, whether it’s a Jayco product, Keystone,
Forest River, we even have a couple of Airstreams dabbled in there for you as well. So you’re
going to be completely covered by that manufacturer warranty, whatever it is they offer. 02:03 Best part is is that if you can’t make
it to one of our lots, and you’re doing all of your shopping online, on the computer,
by phone, then we can deliver your new RV to you as well. So, if you decide to purchase,
we do nationwide delivery, even into Canada if that’s where you’re based. So, we can meet
you halfway, three-quarters of the way. We can even deliver your new RV to your doorstep,
just to make your life that much easier. 02:27 So, folks, check out the Camper Liquidators
site. You can email us, you can call us, you can check out the website, anything like that.
We’d love to have you do that so that we can help you find the perfect RV to fit your lifestyle.
So, folks, hosted by Pete’s RV Center, that’s what you’re gonna
want to check out to get huge savings and great deals on your next RV. 02:49 We can’t wait to be hearing from you
folks, and happy camping.

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