Car Accident in Japan 2018 – Insurance Matter – 1/2 Video

hello and welcome back today I will talk about a car accident I recently had here in Japan and the reason is it was not my fault but somehow the insurance company of the other person came back and wanted to give me ten percent off the fault so I will show you now, my accident I had, I have a drive recorder, take a look so as you can see I stopped at the traffic light then ahem I …… the traffic turns green and I start driving I’m on a road and this person is on a carpark parking and reversing back she stops for a moment and I pass and in this moment she hits me, behind left my car, this is the damage so what happened (next) ….. we called the police and The police asked me if I need an ambulance and …. yes … I felt it in the neck and at the lower back but somehow I didn’t feel or felt the need to call an ambulance and I said no thank you I don’t need one and what happened is the woman right away said oh it was partly also my fault because I should have looked out and the police men looked at the damages and he was laughing and said no it’s clearly her fault So, I wasn’t thinking so much about it (that the woman accused me that it is my fault) because I was obviously on the street
so I wasn’t thinking so much about it and she was obviously in the carpark so I didn’t see why this could be my fault so we brought our car to the workshop and we got a rental car, fine a week later we get a call from the insurance company, telling me I have to accept 10% , ….. it is 10 % my fault because … because I was speeding and I was pretty sure that I was not speeding because I just started at the traffic light it was red and I slowly accelerated so no and we asked for the report To see the exact reason and (the following) Monday I picked up to report at the insurance company and what we read was I was not speeding, I was at 29 km/h and they said, …. but …. I had three seconds to react to her reversing and this is absolutely not true because she stopped, it’s clearly you can see, how she stopped here and after that here (go to the clip) and after that I basically passed her, and she she hit me so, there was no way and if you are on the main road, … why would you stop for somebody who is reversing out of a car park and you can see she is reversing the other direction and “obviously” you assume, or at least me, I assumed she was going than forward and then look on the street There was so much space why would I think she would drive out, right away and anyway it would be up to me granting her ….. to stop and saying hey please come out so, ja the problem is ….. we don’t have …. in our insurance package, we have our insurance, third party insurance and ja …. we actually have a very expensive package but we do not have a lawyer (included) fee inside which we now add, it cost us 2,000 Yen in the year and we have to go to an arbitrary (mediation) board to solve this problem and this will be on the 28. of September approximately a month from now and until then we have to pay all our repair cost on our own because we cannot agree to it how this come that the insurance company can do this, I have no idea I am not a lawyer or anyone officially advising people for what do do in case of an accident but look at my accident and you usually don’t have this experience, so what I learned from this, is calling the police is the right step as we have done it but the difference between calling an ambulance or not is if you call an ambulance the police has to make a detailed record äh report of the accident and they haven’t done it on that day and they are not involved who is at fault. Yeah, I didn’t know that therefore the police is out of the picture now and we have to solve it and if they don’t agree we have to pay so you have to call the ambulance First step is calling the police 1 1 0 and you can ask also for English assistance secondly the police if they ask you for an ambulance, please call an ambulance it takes you two hours to do all the examination etc but it is worth it and third one is take photographs of everything you can I took photographs of the driver license of the other person and I don’t even know if this person was alone in the car, because this is the scene, you know you have whenever you are driving you see it and you react to it but I didn’t react to it because I just assumed this person will stop and it (the scene) was than gone I saw a person standing at the driver side of that car on that day when I turned around but this person I later I didn’t see I I thought, she (the driver) was living at one of the houses there and her partner came out but as it happen she was visiting the grave yard because it was obon So, I don”t know who was that person anyway we got later someone who offered to translate (from a shop nearby) she helped but, they (the driver and the translator) immediately said it was basically also my fault give me your thoughts on this in the comment section and, yes, I read through it first before I publish but sometimes there are really mean comments and, ahem, especially when I am traveling, I am not reading immediately through it so, I don’t want them (mean comments) under the movies movies but of course if you have
critics, towards me please write it (down), I don’t have a problem with it Yah, let me know what you are thinking or what kind of experience you had in
Japan with an accident because I was a little bit taken I thought the police are, you know they are solving so many murders and everything, they’re really on top on the game especially with all the security cameras, here in Japan and here it totally failed in in my opinion I have the drive recorder, I can show everything
but still they are arguing this case and I think it’s totally inappropriate, it’s
so much trouble, that day I had so much planned and I went ahem almost two weeks
later, or no, no, oh yeah two weeks later to the hospital …, in case we have to sue that we have all the records and the
hospital alone takes you four hours if you go without been taken by the
ambulance and that day a whole day was gone because I had to bring my car to
the car dealer and then I had to get my rental car it was just a whole day gone plus we have an electrical car, so we get petrol all two months for 4,000 to 5,000 ¥ now, we are getting petrol every week for
four to five thousand yen I mean, this is so much money, unbelievable, yeah let me know what you think about it and if you want follow me on twitter
under @martinamakano i’m on Instagram as well so there are 4 things you have to think
about it when you have a car accident first of all, call the police 1 1 0,
second take photographs of everything you can see, 3rd get ambulance
and fourth, if you have a car accident report from your own country print it out and
put it in the car just in case if it’s happened so you have all the details
because all these things I don’t have I just got the orange little slip this one
here and that’s it, there is the name of the two officers who were there and when
the accident happened everything else is up to you and the
other party who drove into your car and if you agree or don’t agree and if you
don’t have a lawyer or insurance for that it can be very costly, ok I hope
you like this video and I see you next Thursday
bye you


Ich muss sagen, ich sehe keine Bremslicher bei ihr, ich waere einfach aus common sense tatsaechlich etwas weiter rechts gefahren…
soll natuerlich nicht heissen, dass du schuld bist, aber ich denke, mit etwas glueck waere das zu vermeiden gewesen, vor allem das generve im nachhinein.

From my experience, in Japan, during a traffic accident, it's never 100% – 0% fault. Their idea is that "There is always something you COULD HAVE DONE better. You are NOT PERFECT". Your 10% and 90% is pretty much the best you will get….. It means basically you had almost no fault. Perhaps someone else would have honked a horn, driven more right, or braked… so for that you carry responsibility that you assumed she would stop. That's the way it is done here. The only time it's 0% your fault is if your car is stopped and TURNED OFF, even better if you are NOT IN THE CAR. In this case, the other car is 100% fault because there is nothing you could have done differently. I think your trouble with the lawyer will not give you a good result… 10% is the best you're going to get.

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