CAR FOUND! WHAT DID THESE CARS SELL FOR? at STORAGE AUCTION I bought an abandoned storage unit

seven baht in a while we don’t keep our
money on us we keep it in the vault and that’s where you are right now not to
get enough money to choke a dinosaur yes I said choke a dinosaur ladies and
gentlemen boys and girls of all ages it is auction day Friday been waiting happy
to the auction probably a little over two weeks it is a day to buy and being
is we haven’t bought in a while we don’t keep our money on us we keep it in the
vault and that’s where you are right now not to get enough money to choke a
dinosaur yes I said choke a dinosaur must make sure you’re always prepared I
wouldn’t suggest carrying cash around on you at all times but when you go to an
auction you make sure you bring enough to go all in because it’s very important
if you see the unit though one the one and only that you can buy it and the
only thing stopping you is yourself and not the amount of money you brought
there’s a cash and cash on the auction and you don’t want to go home
disappointed mad at yourself and thinking what if could have I should
have this that check for counterfeit once that thing checks for nice in my
area I don’t know about yours but am I really the safe bet 5,000 I don’t know
what your competition is like but if it is serious and make sure you come I saw you walk out you get a gold mine
for five minutes come on no no friends at the auction you
got a unit for five hundred it wasn’t that great look around not too much to to Moorea
it’s gonna go black a number seven oh seven right here guys ten 550 and I do
have an open a bit of $25 I mean a $50 bill now who’s got 50 bucks I’m fit in
bow down bow 1,900 now I got her grants one bad one for 25 in a what about I got
a Hurley I was going 20 miles now what’s good about here 50 if you want to go now
so drops any money – lets go – to get up – who’s got 200 or bit I get to around
20 miles tow it right now I’m gonna get even a minute way to go jump in there
and each one of my big naps a godsend about 300 now it’s a bid I got to say
I’m gonna go one time for 320 Bob got twice on my 300 are we all done I’ll
throw sold – I got one second I’ve been on Tuesdays
on orbit so what do you guys once a 220 my 25 years now pity I said if I go I
can just sit back free there you go I have to survive in on 33 I did three now
25 what am i here not baby let’s go for the middle video got rid of a dog that I
can survive and thrive in the air now said Matt said about you like he meets
the 353 sitting out there certain right now 4 or 4 therefore now 25 25 15 you’ve
been up in the air for 20 Magen oh poor baby
we got border cuz you know every big guy for veneer now sometimes anybody like 5
what have you won today if I got more than five ago by 5 there’s five knives
what about what about you like I got 525 2529 ovid fuckin right here I want to
add one 525 what come on 500 guys all done all through so good cellphone tower
there probably sees a lot in storage professionally packed looks like beakers
work 968 right here guys you got plenty time to get it done who’s gonna start me
off blue for $100 bill who’s got hundred here now this is exactly the rush to storage
business non-stop adrenaline came here real quick I showed up late cos this is
a sometimes you got to pay attention don’t be slacking but the auction is
usually at 10:00 in the morning for some reason this week they went 9:30 last
month they did it on a different day so it was like I thought they were going to
keep it separated because I like to hit the security so that’s what I got to do
now I got a rush 17 minute drive right now to get to the next option it is like
it is like 10 11 10 11 I’ve got to get there in 17 minutes to get the next
auction we’re gonna switch now to the chest cam at the options I want you guys
to give me some comments below if you like me to stick with my auction style
how I been or if you’re gonna like away this chest cam goes with that
whoo I’m out of breath we are here at the next auction security Public Storage
here we go Luke Doolittle here we go Luke do I Scott is a potty mouth lady Gemma a
jacket what Oh Star Wars tanning Jose it’s almost a cute little unit here a
little bit dirty mattress Scott do you see Escarra hello buddies
Manny’s good tell everybody five going what Oh twenty ten going once 15 15
going once going twice skaar you calling somebody else the
worst buyer and saying the day by the worst cream oh it’s dick far we got to look at that
today and auctioning their probably maybe it’s eight cylinders v6 look at
the rat poop rats everywhere he lost a shoe in there that’s gross
look at the white walls gangster white wolves how come we didn’t look at this
motor last time what we spent so much time looking at the other car never
worked out too long ago look how clean this terminals are the other car me too
great look at that we got the rat thing on our feet broken mere sound car have
on the ban distortion look this guy guys you think he’s gonna buy it he’s at he’s
texting Steve Steve was his worth quick Steve Steve Steve Steve before I gotta start this 200 no bid
though 1 2016 we pop the trunk we got a look at it again look at the fresh rat
marks look at this rat trap how do you pop the hood we got it
found hammer in storage look and then go ahead sir is it SS colonel hell oh hell
no it’s not ask that sorry that’s noon I hope you still have three
a Martinez a 3×4 all the size of that one last one
yeah let’s not ask questions place just went up oh that’s what scrap gives you
83 84 shy think he believes 81 Rob site tell Manny is for me
he says 300 this is eyes he can go on he said father they can scrap it for 5 he
says 500 anyone no bid going once
no bids going twice dan has a long walk man my arms are
tired oh this one smells if you only you guys
can smell this stores you know right here so now this is ease can’t say that
what does ease meant was it smells like crap huh that’s the more like urine
actually huh this is a good urine it’s of crispy urine smell like this Oh
anything for five bets not a dollar no sale
oh wow there’s another one in here oh yeah I know you’re not you’re kidding me
now okay Christmas it’s almost intriguing hmm what more what Oh this is whether they’re good or not you
have any sense what says I want it I’ve just Ali’s been
good to me but I don’t know yeah yeah yeah looking at let’s take a sneak peek
oh nice alameda stuff uh-huh nice ray hey Charles oh yes guys we’ve been
doing good on Oh whoo look at this that’s a good sign
I’m thinking these are all good records here many are left here is that bill
wine I want a creek or no holy fishing reel a fishing pole with in
the corner ya know the one over there and there there we go one two three four
that’s a fly rod in there Sage’s very something’s damaged sir how you doing
long time no see if the sage reels in there that’s two to three hundred bucks
on eBay just the rod isn’t gonna be disappointed again today what’s that a
shake weight well is that gold no okay I thought you’re doing I thought
you’re doing something else there someone’s got to buy this unit come on
guys dang going once going twice skaars is for you the company as pressure-treated he came
and dumped he braced here we literally raced to the auction was late trying to
get food look I can give me a meal here in laughed at for filming and walking
and talking by my friend here better yes we were barely made on time rush you to
see these three units and guess what nothing
oh one more facility today one unit three by four rumor has it the woman is
in Canada trying to pay by credit card and she is not allowed to pay a by
credit card on a day of the option been stored for six years and I love this
place for one reason and one specific reason only it’s where I found the
twenty six thousand four hundred twenty dollars in a safe quick break and look
at all that peanut butter goodness so right after our little yogurt break we
went right to the auction we got there on time actually a little bit early to
find out the person paid such as luck they said they were trying to pay on
credit card they were in Canada been there six years I love that place like I
said I found a lot of money there but we did buy one unit for seven hundred
dollars plus taxes seven seventy and I think I smell gold silver and gems so
you have to stay tuned to watch the unboxing of that twenty five foot unit
that was covered in spider webs and dust two of my favorite things to see and I
can bet money there’s probably wrap we’ve been there too

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