Car Insurance : Does the Color of a Car Affect Insurance?

You’re lookin’ at your car insurance policy,
and you just bought a car and you’re wonderin’ if the color of that car is affecting the
premium on that policy. My name is James, with The Resurgence Group. We’re a full service
insurance agency, and we specialize in car insurance. Well, the one thing that I want
to tell ya’ is that the color of the vehicle, whether it be red, green, black, blue, or
white really doesn’t matter as far as how they calculate the premium. What matters is
the type of vehicle. So, what I would suggest is get with your local agent, and discuss
specifically the type of vehicle that you currently have, or even if you’re thinkin’
about buyin’ a vehicle so that you understand how much it’s going to cost you to insure.
We always suggest get a quote first before you buy, because sometimes you can afford
the payment on the car, but then when you factor in the car insurance it becomes cost
prohibitive. There are many cars out there that are very reasonable as far as car insurance,
and then there are a few that most carriers are afraid of and simply because they’re very,
very expensive cars, or they’re high profile cars that people like to speed around in.
So again, get with your agent, discuss it intelligently, and then make a decision as
far as whether or not you could afford the insurance on that car that you want to buy.
My name is James, with The Resurgence Group. What we try and do every day is speak with
our clients so that you really get a better understanding of what affects that premium.
But at this point in time color is irrelevant.

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