Car Insurance : How Do Body Shops Work With Car Insurance?

If you were just in a car accident and now
you have to worry about what you do with your car, you might want to think about calling
your agent, or the carrier that you’re doing business with. My name is James Burrows, I’m
an auto insurance agent, and I just wanted to let you know of the different types of
ways that you could immediately get someone out to respond to your accident. You could
either have one of the carriers come direct, a lot of the carriers these days have people
that are claims adjusters will come right to the accident, or they’ll go right to the
body shop. Many body shops have contracts with all of the major carriers and they will
deal direct with that claims adjuster, but you do want to stay involved because you just
don’t know, you know, what they’re going to do, or what they’re going to pay for, and
it all depends on the deductible that you have. So you definitely want to speak with
your agent first, and then possibly speak with the claims adjuster. There’s always and
eight hundred number that you can call. And these people are very friendly and they want
to help you, and they’re really looking forward to you getting back in your car and getting
back on the road. So again, my name is James. I’m an auto insurance expert and just wanted
to let you know a little bit about dealing with the body shops and the carriers when
you have a car accident.


Body shops often work with insurance to perform cheap substandard repairs because insurance will not pay for quality repairs and believe your car is 'comparable to a toaster' and disposable as such. Cheap repairs are not the same as sheet metal that was never damaged. The use of aftermarket parts compound the problem requiring replacement or insurance diminishes the value if aftermarket parts are discovered by an estimator… In the end, the consumer takes a financial hit by the insurance company and that's fair business in the eyes of insurance companies.

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