Car Insurance : How Does Car Insurance Work in an Accident?

You were just in a car accident, the last
thing that you thought would happen. My name is James, I’m an auto insurance agent, and
wanted to let you know about a couple of things that you want to do immediately upon having
that accident. The first thing you want to do is get your insurance card out and look
for an eight hundred number, and this way you can alert the claims adjuster that you
were just in a car accident. I know it’s traumatic, but that’s the really best thing that you
should do because the faster that you get the claims adjuster out there, the quicker
you’re going to get back in your car. Many people can get a claims adjuster to come right
to the accident. I don’t know if you’ve seen many of these cars lately, but they’ll show
up, they’ll help you, they’ll fill out the paper work, and they’ll process the claim
electronically right away. Or you can go to the body shop once the car is towed and speak
with the body shop people and they’ll get the claims adjuster out there. But there are
many carriers right now that are just user friendly. They even have their own process
centers where they’ll take the car right from the car accident scene, and take it right
to their own shops, process the paperwork, give you a loaner, and before you know it
you’re back on the road once they fix the damage. So again, my name is James, I’m an
auto insurance agent, and I hope that was helpful.

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