Car Insurance : How to Deal With Another Person’s Car Insurance Company

When you are dealing with another person’s
car insurance company, there’s only really one reason why you would do that and that’s
because you’ve just had an accident. My name is James with the Resurgence group. We are
a full service insurance agency and we try and help people when it comes to questions
about their car insurance. If you have an accident and you are at the scene of the accident
the first thing you want to do is get that other person’s insurance card. It should have
a policy number and a eight hundred number and also the name of the carrier. Do yourself
a favor just don’t think just write and take that information down. Cause many people try
to remember the policy number or the eight hundred number or even the carrier that you
know the other person has but then once the accident is gone and they might not show up,
ever again, and you might not ever see them, you just don’t know the information that you
needed. So again try to get their information immediately, I know it’s a traumatic time,
but if you do get that policy number and that eight hundred number, you can call up their
customer service department and make sure that the process is started. In regards to
the process, what they’ll do is they’ll ask for a police report so you definitely want
to get a police report and either fax that over, or submit it to the claims adjuster
so that they can make sure that your name is on that claim when it comes to you paying
for that claim. Again my name is James with the Resurgence group I hope that you never
have an accident but when you do and you need to deal with another person’s company just
make sure that you have their policy number and their eight hundred number and I’m sure
customer service would be glad to help you.

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