Car insurance in Australia: from green slip CTP to comprehensive

So you’ve just got a shiny new car, got
your registration and CTP sorted, and you’re ready to hit the road. But before you do, ask yourself – “What if I get in a car accident?” Your car is pretty damaged, the person in the other car has gotten injured, and their car is completely totalled. But it’s okay, because you’ve got CTP,
right? Wrong Even though CTP stands for Compulsory Third Party insurance it doesn’t actually cover
you if you damage the vehicle of a third party. Think of CTP as injury cover – if you get
in a prang and the other person is injured, then your CTP kicks in and pays their medical expenses. But what about the damage you’ve caused to their car? If you want to make sure you’re not out of pocket incase you crash into someone else’s car (and most people do!) then it’s time to look at car insurance. It’s a good idea to at least have Third Party Property Damage cover. Let’s say that car you hit before was a brand new Mercedes. Because you’re at fault,
you have to pay the cost of damages. That could be tens of thousands from your own pocket. But, if you’ve got third party property damage cover, then your insurance
kicks in and pays the costs for you. So now you’re covered for the injury you’ve
caused to the other person and the damage to their car. But what about your car? Well, you should really think about the top
tier of car insurance – comprehensive. This is that best mate that helps you out
when you’re in trouble. It’s the only car insurance that offers real, proper protection for your car. It also covers you for a bunch of other things:
hailstones wrecking your car, a rogue trolley in the carpark, hitting an animal as you’re
cruising down the highway, plus a lot more. So before you buckle up, double check that
you’ve got the right policy to cover you against whatever life throws at you. After all, you might think you’re a good driver – but other people might not be. If you need a breakdown of what insurers actually cover you for, or want to compare options for yourself, head to Finder. The link is below.

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