Car Insurance : Is a Down Payment Needed to Renew a Car Insurance Policy?

Your policy’s comin’ up for renewal, and you’re
tryin’ to figure out how you’re going to pay for it. My name is James, with The Resurgence
Group. We’re a full service insurance agency, and we specialize in car insurance. Well,
the first thing I’m going to suggest is get with your agent or the carrier customer service
department, and figure out what’s the minimum down payment that you can pay in order for
you to keep that insurance alive. Chances are they have very flexible payment plans.
You can put like ten percent down, and then work out an eleven pay, or you put more money
down and then you have less payments per month. There are different types of policies, whether
it be a six month policy, or a twelve month policy, and there’s advantages and disadvantages
of each. The six month policy is going to cost you less money; therefore it’s less of
a down payment, but chances are your premium is going to change in the next six months
when you come up to renew again. If you have a twelve month policy you can lock in that
premium for the entire twelve months. So again, get with your agent and speak with them, and
they’ll come up with the best plan. My name is James, with The Resurgence Group. We do
this for a lot of our clients, and what we’re tryin’ to do is make sure that you’re educated,
and save you as much money as possible.

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