Car Insurance vs. Warranty

As a warranty company, the number one question
we get is, “What is the difference between car insurance
and a warranty?” Well a lot actually. Don’t get me wrong,
Car insurance and warranty plans have some minor similarities,
but ultimately they have some huge differences. Insurance, by definition, is a contract between
you and your insurance company, that states that as long as you pay for your
premium, the insurance company promises to pay for
damages or expenses covered under your specific insurance policy. For example, collision, theft, vandalism,
or any other conditions outlined by your insurance provider. And just like insurance, a warranty protection
plan is an agreement between you and your warranty company
in which your warranty company will pay for the cost of covered repair items. These items include the cost of parts, labor,
fluid, diagnostic fees, and more. Think of it like this, your insurance covers
your vehicle for cosmetic damages and personal injury,
while your warranty will cover the cost of repair bills resulting from a covered mechanical
failure. Unlike insurance, selecting a warranty can
be pretty consuming. Each company has different coverage options,
pricing, fees, and most of all, fine print. With that, customers end up not knowing what
it is they purchased and suffer the consequences down the road. At E-Auto, we’re not here to just sell you
something. We want to inform you, help you, and show
you why we love what we do. With us, you’ll always know exactly what your
warranty plan covers and how to get the most out of your protection
plan. E-Auto’s team of experts will work on your
behalf to find the best extended warranty coverage to fit your specific budget. For a free quote, head over to
or give us a call, at 1-888-219-9553. We hope this video educated and informed you
on what a warranty can do for you.

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