car insurance

CAR INSURANCE RATES IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK ARE UP BY ABOUT 7-PERCENT.. BUT NOW THERE A NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR TRACKING YOUR DRIVING HABITS. OUR SISTER STATION IN BUFFALO HAS MORE. A recent survey showed that Western New Yorkers’ car insurance rates are up by about 7-percent.. but now there is telematics.. a new technology for tracking your driving habits. The insurance companies offer discounts of as much as 30- percent using telematics.. but consumer watchdogs are worried about privacy issues. A lot of data is gathered from various sources when you hook up telematics.. your speed, whether you are texting or talking on the phone.. when you drive, as well as where you drive. A local driver, who asked not to be identified told us.. slamming on the brakes to avoid another driver can cut into your discount.. and spinning your wheels in the snow can be misleading, too. So what kind of driver would benefit the most from telematics?

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