Cheap Rental – Audi A8 D2 2002 Review & Test Drive

Hello everyone and today I’m going to give you a short review of this 2002 Audi A8 This is the first generation of Audi A8
which has a model designation of D2 Its production began in 1994 and ended in 2002 While the current generation A8 competes with such luxury sedans as Mercedes S-class or BMW 7-series this A8 is very far from
where it is today While the slightly older Mercedes
S-class W140 could be ordered with soft closing doors or rain sensing wipers
this A8 could still be ordered with a manual and front-wheel drive
thankfully no longer The A8 was introduced with a then new all aluminium chassis which meant that the entry model’s weight was just over 1600kg The engine range includes a 2.5 V6 diesel and a 3.3 V8 diesel And for the petrols a 2.8 V6, 3.7 and 4.2 V8 as well as a range topping 6-litre W12 Although what we have under the bonnet
is not on the official engine list Some mad lad had the guts to swap in a
1.9 TDI into this land yacht The reason? I don’t know. But hey, it’s a €15 rental and I can’t complain It is obviously chipped because it pulls way too well for 1.9 TDI I mean Lord knows how many kilometers this engine has seen
before it was put into this car but I think it’s gonna do twice as many This A8 features Xenon headlights with headlight washer and self-levelling systems In the rear we have big rounded tail lights which are a well recognisable feature of Audi in the mid-90s There is the stock GPS antenna on the boot The alloys are standard 16″ ones The interior is where we find most of the interesting stuff The seats are all black leather, they’re
adjustable electrically in every possible way including the headrest The butt warmer has six settings and it is an amazing extra on a cold day like this Interestingly the handbrake suffers from the same problem as my A3 which is catching on to the armrest The seating position is truly comfortable just like it’s meant to be for a full-size sedan. This Audi is optioned with the navigation plus system which is an RNS-D system which is a precursor to the RNS-E which in turn was replaced by the now popular MMI
system And the knob under a little cover allows us to navigate the menu There are controls on the steering wheel which allow you to change volume up or down or change the radio station without taking your hand off the wheel which is very convenient As expected for top range model the sound plays through Bose sound speakers which results in a very clear sound Other usual features include front
fog lights, parking sensors as well as an electric rear shade This is nice You also have your colour display with a trip computer which can be used to scroll
through an abundance of faults such as headlight adjustment fault, brake fault,
airbag fault and a few others So let me position myself for optimum comfort and let’s check the rear All right, so as you can see the rear
seats still have a good amount of legroom I’m 1.86m and when I’m sitting my knees are not even touching the front seat Now there is an armrest which comes at a sacrifice of the middle seat but it has a large storage
compartment as well as two cupholders which I really do miss in the front, now,
the rear seats can also be heated and it has the same adjustment as the front
seats do Ok let’s check the boot And for a vehicle of such class the boot is very large as expected which could be used I think you can actually transport
two body bags as needed which I do not encourage but there is the red emergency
triangle which I believe is equipped on every Audi Underneath the boot lid is a
spare wheel and tools So I think it’s time we take it for a short drive One thing I cannot stress enough is if
you live in a country where it snows please do yourself a favour and buy a
Quattro because with the front-wheel drive if there’s a lot of traction
problems It is full size sedan which you would expect to have proper sound
isolation but as quiet as it is the whole sound is spoiled by the four-cylinder diesel It’s quite soft you know you don’t
really feel the speed in this car as you normally don’t in most big sedans But as mentioned the engine is very noisy and I just don’t think this car fits
well with the four-cylinder engine and another thing is that this car is quite
big in its dimensions which is a bit hard to adjust to after you’re driving a
hatchback for a few months but especially when parking those parking
sensors really do come in handy and they do help you to feel the car
better So I think this is going to conclude my short review on this Audi A8 so if you did enjoy please subscribe, like, comment and as always stay tuned
for more This was Adam G, thank you for watching


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