Choosing an Auctioneer/Finding an NAA auctioneer

Hi I’m Rob Weiman for Mound City auctions Coast2Coast Auctions and today i wanted to do just a short video to show you how you can figure out if your auctioneer or an auctioneer that you were thinking about hiring is a member of the National Auctioneers Association, and why should even matter to you. The NAA National Auctioneers Association is the largest group of auctioneers in the world. It has members from China, from Canada, South Africa, Ireland and the US, and other countries as well. the NAA’s primary mission is to try and make their auctioneers the preferred auctioneers in the market, and they do that largely by education. The NAA offers all sorts of education opportunities the conference and show that they have every year is the largest one, but they also put on a thing called the Designation Academy where Auctioneers go to Las Vegas and line different things that could help you for instance there’s an auction marketing manager designation which helps options learn how to better market your goods. There is the accredited auctioneer of real estate designation that helps auctioneers learn to be much better real estate auctioneers. There’s the certified estate specialist that helps auctioneers sell estates much more efficiently and better and serve their customers needs. There is a graduate personal property appraiser class that helps auctioneers learn how to become appraisers and to become skilled at writing appraisal reports. There is also another course called the certified auction institute that happens at Bloomington Indiana University every Spring it takes three years to go through that program. An auctioneer airlines of being certified auctioneer institute graduate now to find out if your auctioneer is a member of the National auctioneers Association. I will put a link down here in the bottom of the description of this video, right down there and you’ll see that. So, that is how you would determine if the auctioneers a member and when you’re at that site you can also avail yourself of looking at what designations an auctioeer holds. I will spend more time in another video explaining to you what the designations mean I will tell you that i hold every designation the National Auctioneers Association offers, except for master personal property appraiser which i’m in the process of getting now. Again, I’m Rob Weiman from Mound City Suctions, Coast2Coast Auctions and thanks for listening and i’ll talk to you later.

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