Choosing My Wedding Dress


hello friends!! we are back with a new video on the channel!! sorry for the absence, literally everything else we filmed this month completely fell through lol but at least here is this video to finish out your month. our very own episode of "say sure to the frock" 👰🏻hope you enjoy it!! xoxo, saf

Okay, I know some Filipinos are out there. Remember, Ivy? Where she wore a black wedding dress to her wedding. I don't think jer name is Ivy. Maybe Ava? Eve? Please tell me if you know her name? 😵

2:50 Can anybody help me with info about this dress with the stars on the right?? The designer, or even the video Safiya took the image from? That is the dress I want for my wedding and I need to know. Thanks to anyone who can help! ❤️

Saf: today we are shopping for my wedding dress
Me: from wis-
Saf: not from wish surprisingly
Me: 0-0 who are you and what did you do to saf

What I love about Saf is how obviously passionate she is about things. Like when she walks out in a dress, you can immediately tell how much she likes that particular dress.

My mom is a designer and can make you a wedding dress. And I would love to meet you. Her insta is asma's collection. she makes more traditional clothes but she also does customized. Love u.

This video was in John Green's watch history! 😀
(Hank- his brother- just exposed his history in a recent video on their channel vlogbrothers)

Funny how she never incoperates anything of her culture in any if her videos. Maybe she is ashamed of her heritage. Nowadys many brides regardless of their culture have something close to their heart in their wedding dress like Priyanka chopra did. WHat shame at this girl

oh my god at 2:14 I thought "bare" meant just letting it alllll hang out there. Getting married After having a kid? Well we have this easy feeding-

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