City’s upcoming auction offers vehicles for a steal, but there’s a catch

SECOND MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM MANY OF US BUY. AND IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A GREAT DEAL ON A USED CAR .. THE CITY MAY HAVE AN OFFER FOR YOU .. .. HELPING YOU SAVE SOME OF “YOUR MONEY” May 10th and 11th — vehicles that were either unclaimed after being towed by police .. Or abandoned. that may be worth your while. Among the vehicles for sale — a 2016 Mazda sedan, a 2013 Toyota van, a couple of Land Rovers, some older model Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and Audis…there’s even a few cars that were made in the 80s. STEVEN WONG: You can view the cars up to five days prior to the auction. there’s a number to make an appointment on the website. the minimum bid is $50 plus towing and storage. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but before you buy… STEVEN WONG: You won’t be allowed to open up the vehicle or open the hood. It’s just you do a once around looking at the vehicle from the outside and that’s pretty much what you’re going to be allowed to do. But you can run a CarFax on your own if you want .. To STEVEN: it is buyer beware, sold as is where is, .. Last month only 79 out of STEVEN: it becomes property of the tow contractor, who may dispose of it through sale or scrap. Last month’s auction brought in 23-thousand dollars to the city’s general fund – that’s money that can go to repairing roads, improving parks, even AND IF NO ONE BIDS AGAINST YOU — WITH HUNDRED BUCKS. BIDDING IS ALL DONE ONLINE .. AND WE’VE POSTED A STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON OUR WEBSITE YOU CAN ALSO SEE A LIST OF THE VEHICLES .. THIS TIME AROUND .. THE CITY IS HOLDING SIMILAR AUCTIONS EVERY MONTH TILL THE END OF THE

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