If the Royale recruits can stand a fireball or a rocket,then how the royale recruit get burnt ??!?? 0:12 0:40

Some say that these are the guards before they died. There were 7 royale recruits but 4 were blown of the face of the arena, and 3 were zapped, and turned into royale guards

At 1:04 we now know that the blue king was originally a royal recruit as we see his face on the leftmost recruit, while this gives us an insight into why he is the way he is ot also shows his efficiency in gaining through the ranks becoming a king after his predecessors untimely demise and becoming the royal ghost and bening his adviser it also shows how the red king taking an honorable approach dethroned his king and that is why he is always losing.

I respect the homie for atleast trying to go out there and show them how its done🤣🤣. The man was ready

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