Conway on suspending nuclear pact with Russia, Booker’s 2020 bid


i want what kelly anne has ? pumped & all over the board. is it just a pill , what ? if the border closes that great cocaine , kelly anne still has her share , that aint right is it ?

The Democrats said they would negotiate in "good faith". I don't see any good faith from Pelosi or Schumer…just sayin…

Cory Booker, Really' Thinks He Has Even A Candle In The Winds Chance At Winning The Presidency LOL. Stay In The Hood Buddy..

The latest Democrat primary field is looking more like a re-run of Rowen & Martin's 'Laugh-In'. And with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker now in the race couldn't look more ridiculous or 'out of touch' with reality.

What wrong with you people. We are in deep water this us all lies and you put out their if its true so many people believe this I pray God still have his hand on American need to wakeup and trump don't care about this country this lady lies all the time why fox news think that lies will stand. You guys can not be that blindly by trump just checking on you when this is over and trump no longer. In the news. Think of your on kids and family's it will. take a act of God to save this country know. I told you so! I don't dislike. him. I just see what he dose and its wrong and trump knows. It as well but., Money make you do and say whatever. !
Pray we make pass. all of this the news Think of themselves and the people believe it so much lost ….
Just look on and praying.

Kelly -Anne Conway is a cunting liar who should be the worst person to interview. She pretty much has a conversation with herself…

Americas Russian hysteria is from the Imperial mindset. Bashar Assad is the victim of Imperialism. 1776 America, remember that?

Putin just made history he going to ride in his own missile and his family will read the treaty to him to remind him.

Trump: "It would be nice to get along with Russia." 2 years into his presidency he has done nothing to improve relations

china is not in the pact and is building up piles of band weapons , russia in turn needed to build up to defend it self from this build up .it just a outdated pact

The INF treaty has kept the peace since the Cold War…this paves the way for Putin to do whatever he likes in Eastern Europe and Syria where he is after the oil. Trump is complete TRAITOR.

do fat boy Pomp & fat boy Trump really think that folk cant see through this latest smoke & mirrors 'we are tough on Rusha' BS.. really?.. SMFH.. pathetic attempt!..

When the President says " Putin says very strongly he didn't do it and i dont see. Any reason why he would'. Is being tough on Russia?

More proof FOX is no better than any other anti-American msm. There has been NO proof of Russian violations of the INF, only accusations. Why doesn't FOX report on the new US war-head that does violate the INF? Agenda ?! The Russian system in question, the 9m729, does not violate the INF, and the USA has been openly and repeatedly invited to inspect it but refuses to. Why? The same reason FOX doesn't do REAL news…

Pentagon Military Industrial Complex makes trillions of $$$ out of American Taxpayers. Their business is to create fear among people of the world. Most importantly, the Rockefellers, the riches Greedy Dynasty of America, has an Agenda to DE – P O P U L A T E the world. Eugenics is their program as well. What is the best way to stop it. Only in God, this e v i l can be purged. Refer to 2 Chronicles @ of the Book of the OT. It says to humble yourselves and pray, and seek His face, and turn from your wicked ways, then, God shall you from Heaven, and will forgive your sins, and will H E A L your land. Pray in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faith goes a long way. Faith is your Righteousness before God. Amen.

Trump Administration is playing chess, or Trump's handler, the Shadow Rulers of America (the Satanic Rockefellers and the Pentagon Military Industrial Complex, has gotten DJT' neck. War and rumors of war oppress and enslave American Taxpayers to fund the nuclear missile killing machines. Beware Friends, the Shadow Rulers want to DE-POPULATE THE WORLD. Eugenics, infanticide, euthanasia, opiods and so on… are means to depopulate the world as well. The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and so on are Godless people – without souls! Their end is HELL. Do you believe Hell is real? Pray and seek the Truth in Jesus Christ. Amen.

JAIL all who hires illegals.

Following three things will make America great again.
1) No Fed tax, SS or Medicare on first $30,000 of everyone's income.
2) 2% tax on wealth over $50 million and 3% over $1 billion.
3) stop watching Fek News and Fek radio.

We caught the Russians cheating on the treaty and told them to get back in compliance for 6 months……
Now we say you don't comply so we are dropping the treaty.
DemoRats want Trump tuff on Russians but now they say Trump is starting a war ???
They don't care as long as they can dump on Trump….
If the President walked across the Potomac River tonight, their headlines tomorrow morning would read, THE PROOF IS IN, PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN'T SWIM !!!

I don’t get pulling out of all these treaties & mean that’s the easy part but holding them accountable thru sanctions is better for world peace. To me it looks like there’s going to be an arms race & nobody wins, too many idiots that can just start launching & only innocent people pay the price, world leaders have security & bunkers for their protection.

Trump is doing it !!!!! He makes Russia great again – Love the white, red and blue (slightly lighter but what the hack:-))

I love Kellyanne Conway, and I love Mike Pompeo…. Two of my favorite people in the Trump administration who I fully trust.

Booker is an idiot,Hillary spent a billion dollars and lost.whos gonna give this queer bait.a billion dollars.uummmmm nobody

The US bringing peace and prosperty around the world !? LMAO you guys are nuts and the number 1 threat to world peace.

Half US is sleeping and make themselves great, but is with Trump the laughing stock of the world… USA is not great but lost…!

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