Copart Member Review: Adrian Mendoza, City Group Auto

I’ve been purchasing cars from Copart
for a little over a year now. We only buy clean titles and we refurbish them. We
make sure we’re buying mechanically sound car, and we find parts for them if
they need anything. We do maintenance on them, and then we
sell them. My favorite feature of Copart is being able to bid online and all the
different search tools that Copart offers. You can search by
clean title any doc type you want. You can bid straight from your
phone. I’m out in the yard and I’m going through cars that I’ve already put on
my watch list, but if I see something that’s interesting to me, I can scan it right
with the Copart app and it’ll give you all the information and the details of
the car, when the car is gonna be auctioned, and so that’s very helpful to
me and my business. Copart helps me solve the problem of procurement because in
this day and age, competition is very tough even when purchasing, and
Copart has a great selection. They have thousands of vehicles they auction off
every week, so it really helps me pick and choose and find exactly what I want.

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