Copart Tutorial-Register and Sign In

Welcome to Copart! In this video, we’ll show how to register,
sign in and change your password so you can start bidding and buying with our industry-leading
auction technology. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access
to over 125,000 vehicles up for sale daily. You can also begin saving your searches and
adding vehicles to your Watchlist. From, click the Register button
in the top right-hand corner. On the Registration page, fill in your personal
information, then upload your photo ID and any applicable business licenses. This information helps our system determine
things like your bidding eligibility for different vehicle types. Please be aware that it may take up to four
business days to process and verify your documentation before you can begin bidding. After submitting your information, you’ll
receive an email with your user ID and temporary password. Once you have this information, click the
Sign-In button in the top right-hand corner, and select Member as the account type. Enter your login information on the next screen. Be sure to sign in within seven days of registering
to activate your Membership. To change your password, simply log in to
your account and click My Account then Account Settings. Enter the temporary password as your Current
Password, and enter your new desired password as your New Password, then click Save. Thanks for using Copart. Visit for more information
on bidding and buying with Copart.


Hi, I have been a copart member for a while and all of a sudden I lost my password (had it written down) When I go to reset my password it says that my email is invalid and upon entering my ID instead I do not receive a email. I have visited the live chat for help and every time it is offline and my emails have not been returned. I know that the email is correct because I have received many promotional emails from you before. What should I do?

Hi,I’m from Cambodia,I have some questions about co part information!
Can I buy car from co part without license? Please answer my question!

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