COPS CALLED: Possible Illegal ITEM FOUND In Abandoned Storage Unit. GRIMES FINDS


💓💓 you for praying for the subscriber who sent you the card! I believe that it shows who you truly are! I was crying with you and Jeana.

Praying with you for Darlene and her mom. Thank you for stopping to do the important work, praying for our brothers and sisters. God bless you and your family. Happy New Year!

Fab video Justin perfect team you two,loved it you are the best couple on tube storage.I can’t wait for the next one. All the best to you and your family and friends for the new year. You can only go up up up 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

I have one of those M&P shields, if that's the 8 round mag it's probably missing a little plastic spacer that always falls off

Grimes Finds Happy New Years 2020!!! Best of Success in 2020 finding the best storage unit finds in the ROARING 20's!!!

Happy New Year! I have to THANK YOU for following your Spirit and praying for her needs. My Spirit was agreeing with every WORD. Please just be yourself and if others find fault so be it… BE YOURSELF.
Oh from another Christian who battles depression and anxiety daily. Remember….
Take the small word DIE out of depression ( looks like xxpressxon – with x's replacing die.) With that small word die removed you are left with PRESS ON. Jesus died for you to PRESS ON!

Hey Grimes Finds was watching your Cops Called You Tube and 40:23 into the video you prayed. There is nothing weird about prayer. And May God Grant Darlenes Momma many blessed years of Health and Happiness!!! God Bless Grimes Finds in 2020… Side note I am sitting listening to Grimes finds and checking out a crystal bowl that I found in a $10 unit that was one of 4 units I purchased this past Saturday four units $60 total. One crystal bowl value $30 plus 2 key boards, plus high tops and other great finds…

I do believe a Funyuns wea pons brings premium dollars. As always a pleasure. Wishing you all a healthy prosperous and blessed New Year 🥳

Gina is such a good sport brother she has such a great sense of humor as do you you both work well together with your comedy you’re truly a blessed man brother I pray God continues to do so

No way brother you can’t have too many pistols or rifles or tanks or bazookas that looks like a perfect size for Gina

OK You know what I've been watching you for about 2 or 3 months I'm not sure because I started watching you from watching what the Hales and you really touched me when you said that prayer for Darlene and her Mom and I saw you weren't sure wheather you should do it or not and I'm so glad you decided to say the prayer because you seem like your down to earth and humble and that's why I watch you and your Beautiful wife so you keep doing you and that's why we love your videos because your the real deal thanks so much for all you do

Happy New Year To the Grimes Finds family and team. Your videos with What the Hales videos have given me a new lease of life, given me ideas of how I should go and find things instead of doing nothing love you all

The hats are a type of Scottish cap, my dad had a couple one of them was made out of wool from Scotland. Oh I know sometimes they are called poor boy hats, newsboy hats etc

I am glad there was prayer for Darlene and her mom right there and then, I felt like it should have been done also and liked that I could pray along at the same time. ❤️. It was an emotional moment.

That is the right magazine theres a spacer that's missing that slides over mag and rests on the base plate of the mag and fills that gap!

Happy New Year!!! Justin, next time you're in Ohio we gotta go out to eat. I'll sit right across from you and I have a LOT of stories to tell. 🙂

M&P Shield 9mm good little backup pistol, perfect for woman, my girlfriend has the same one but in pink. They come in 2 other sizes 40cal and something else cant remember. Edit This ones the 40cal comment typed before I watched the whole thing

That S&W is a compact and the magazines are for the full size. They work, just hang out the bottom and you can get a sleeve to cover the gap.

S&W Shield in .40 Cal comes with two mags. One is a flush fit 6 rounder and a 7 rounder with a plastic sleeve which slides down the mag to fill that gap. Your's is missing. Easy to obtain another.

My son has the Iron Man gloves and when he was 3 he wore them everywhere! I loved after Halloween sales because he used to wear super hero costumes everywhere! I always felt protected at the grocery store, church, the playground…now he is 8 and mortified when I talk about it….life now is slime, Minecraft, Pokemon and Fortnite!

Hello there. Just a small bit of advice, please dont handle a gun without gloves, just in case. Love you videos. Where are you from?

Negative people will never stop until they realize their brain has been rewired. Thinking positive can and does change how the brain works.

TBSS (Too Bad So Sad) is a good one.

I think you gets are GREAT!!!

If that S/W is light & not to costly, I may be interested
as I live alone, at 71 yrs old, & am beginning to feel as
I need extra protection. Thanks, call me; GRAM in TX.

That is crazy how you have to watch everything you say people should like watching you enjoy yourself they knew how you was if they didn’t like it maybe they don’t need to watch I don’t know what you done wrong I enjoy watching so just don’t mind me there is just too many haters out there you can’t please them all thank you all for sharing 🙋‍♀️💕🤗🤗🤗🤗👍🥳

You praying 🙏 right then on ur video was precious!! Thanks for showing ur real self! Don’t ever let haters get u down for doing a special thing like that !! Keep up the good work u are doing! Kare from Alabama

Thank you so much. I enjoyed your praying for the two ladies. Mother and daughter . I retired from a corporation in St Louis to stay with my mom, 95 yrs old with ALZ. Your videos fill a lot of hours for me. God BLESS in 2020.''

if you sell the gun it has to be another resident of TX if you ship it it out of state has to go to a FFL dealer, just know your gun laws, stay safe

You NEVER type on a typewriter without paper in it. Reason being you will dent the platten (roller) then it won't type smooth.

50:20, it is the right MAGAZINE, it's just missing the extension piece on it since it's a longer mag than the standard mag.

Judy Lacelle 57 . Justin that was a very honourable of you to pray for these two women. You and Geena keep the videos real. Just continue to do what you feel is best for your channel. Have a blessed New Year and I look forward to the next video. Almost 15k subs. Way to go.

Wow, bro. you got me! Crying tears from feeling the Holy spirit is with you! And it was powerful! Amen may the Lord bless her and keep her brain safe and clean the cancer from her mother's body! And that the mother does find peace. And that she finds God too, before she passes away!

I hope you make huge $$$$$$$$$ over your investment. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤓

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