CRAZY LADY FLIPPED OUT ON ME!! FOL Library Book Sale VLOG – Profit Haul Reseller

People like you, they only care about
themselves and blah blah blah blah and she’s like you should wait 30
minutes. She actually said this, she had the nerve to say,
you should wait 30 minutes till everyone else is done
then you should come. (music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. What’s up guys, we’re getting
ready to go to a book sale. This is an annual book sale this
library has two sales a year and this is the fall one. We are on
their mailing list so that’s a tip sign up for the mailing list of your local
libraries or any other ones around you. And tonight, is the members only preview
sale so we’re going to go there and you have to pay to get in.
We’re coming three scanners deep, three people scanning and we’re going
to get as much books as possible and I’m going to do very minimal amount
of filming there at the book sale, if any at all. But I will do… besides this intro
obviously, I’m going to do a recap. Hopefully, you guys enjoy
this library book sale haul. (music) What’s up guys, it’s the
morning after the book sale. It’s around 8 o’clock, I’m getting
ready to go through all the books and do a recap for you guys but first
we’re going to make some coffee. (music) Look who woke up guys,
say hi to everybody Luna. Luna] Hi.
[Reezy] Oh, what’s on your face sweetie? [Luna] There was a face paint
but it got messed up here. [Reezy] And you were sleeping
and it got a little ruined. Let’s show them, let’s show them. Mum
will fix it when she gets home huh. About to make some biscuits and
gravy for breakfast, you know it. Keep going you got… (music) Here you go, Luna. (music) [Luna] I love you as big
as the whole world is. [Reezy] I know, you already said that.
I know. [Luna] I love you as
big as everywhere is. [Reezy] What?
[Luna] I love youa lot. [Reezy] Oh my God, I love you so much. (Luna squeals) Okay, okay, okay, okay. [Luna] I want that puppy one.
I want that one. [Reezy] Okay. You got this Mum?
[Luna] Of course she does. [Rosa] Yeah.
[Luna] She likes face painting me. (music) What’s up guys, it’s the morning after,
the morning after the book sale. Got caught up doing the bag sale
the day after the book sale and taking care of some family stuff.
Had a great time but now it is, like I said, the day after the day after
or the morning after the morning after the book sale. So, I wanted to go through some of the
books that I got from the book sale. We ended up pulling six boxes
of books from the sale. We had three people including
myself and my wife scanning books for a little over 2.5 hours.
We spent $406 at the sale. The prices were $3 for hardback, $2 for
paperback, DVDs were $2, CDs were $1 and then there was some stuff
that was priced individually but that stuff didn’t
really go over $4 or $5. So without further ado, let me start
showing you some of the stuff I got. (music) Okay guys, I’m going to go through
one more box of the six boxes that we did get, just to show you
guys the quality of some of the books that we got that you could get from
a library sale. It just depends on how good is the supply of books,
how many people showed up etc but we did pretty good this
time and I’m really stoked. So check out this box. (music) Alright guys so…
[Luna] Daddy! [Reezy] Hold on a sec, you guys
have to see this. (laughs) Remember how I told you it’s
the day after the day after you thought it was… yeah
that’s what she has another. Another awesome face painting by Mum. (laughs) It’s awesome. That’s so good. What kind of sound do you make? So all in all, we ended up getting
six boxes of books for $406 at an average price of about $2-$3
each so do the math on the units. We had three people scanning for
2.5 hours. We did pretty good. Also like I said, we did go back
for the $5 bag sale the next day and we ended up getting
17 bags of books so that’s actually going to be my
next video. I’m going to do a review on the 17 bags of books that we got. Our
expected profit for this $406 spend is roughly around $2,400 profit
in those six boxes of books so we did extremely well. We got
a lot of high-dollar books. Some were high ranked books but the
subject and the title is there and of course we checked the
camels and the camels are popping. Check it out, there was
this crazy lady. She was, I don’t know what her deal was
but, she was an older lady. She was probably about 60…
60 ish, I don’t know. And she was super wound up. And
right in the beginning of the sale, the first thing I did was I go to the
DVDs and just start bagging them up because when DVDs are $5 a bag,
you don’t have to be a genius to know you can make profit and you
don’t even have to look at them. You know it’s not like
I’m scanning them. I’m just taking armfuls, armfuls of
DVDs and putting them in the bag. And I’m not touching anyone. I’m not
being rough. I’m not being frantic. I was actually the only person
over there for a few minutes until some other people showed up.
And then I was even letting people you know, when they were leaning
over and looking at a specific item, I was letting them look at it and
waiting till they looked away till I would grab that
area to put into my bags. And this lady just started flipping out
on me talking about how rude it was that I was grabbing things without
looking at it and yada yada. And it’s just like… I was just
telling her, lady these are for sale. I have a right to buy
them just as much as you like I don’t need to look at them.
The price is very cheap, I’m just loading up. And she just went on with the personal
insults. Talking about I know people like you, they only care about
themselves and blah blah blah blah and she’s like you should wait 30
minutes. She actually said this, she had the nerve to say,
you should wait 30 minutes till everyone else is done
then you should come. And I was kind of shocked like,
who does this lady think she is? That she gets to… to go before me
and so I just straight up asked her, I was like, ‘ma’am how much money do you
donate to the Friends of the Library? Because I donate a lot of money,
hundreds of dollars to them every year and I’m just here to shop
and I don’t need this. And eventually, another
customer chimed in and just told the lady to calm down.
You know, it’s a book sale, whatever for the library.
Just chill out. And… but it was crazy I was trying to
be Mr. Nice Guy and she almost won, she almost defeated me. I almost
allowed her to make me angry and… but I didn’t. I kept my
cool and in the end, I came out winning and then she
just looked like a crazy old lady. So it’s important to know that you’re
going to run into those people in this line of work and you can’t
let it get under your skin. I don’t know what… what
the deal is you know. So just be… be polite you know. It’s
cliche but just killing with kindness you know. You want to kill
them, that’s the only way. Just a little story I wanted to
share with you about my haul. Thank you so much for
watching this video. You know I appreciate your attention. If you guys aren’t
subscribed to my channel, I would really appreciate your
subscription so just go ahead and press that red button right there
that big red button. Boom! Press it. Until the next hustle, peace.


Subscribed 2 days ago and with all the knowledge you're giving out it's incredible!!!! Thx for sharing your hustle really do appreciate it!!!

What are with people at those books sales I have had more than a few people. hahaha had a guy say to me " Oh I know what your doing " My reply was yep I am " minding my own business. This guy followed me few times before I had to say something. My fav reply is yep I am paying for my trip to Hawaii. Love book sales.. my hubby not so much as he has to carry them. What type of Velcro thing is that you used to attach your scanner??

This is new to me….The FBA column is the most RELIABLE indicator of profit for each item w/ corresponding condition? And, you get paid after the items move?

Reezy, the fact that you didn't let her get you hyped enough to react is such a good message to put out there. Keeping our minds on the money and winning by being happy is the best reaction, and I'm so glad to see you putting that out to folks just getting started. You're paying your dues for your own success, but you're also positively affecting the domain in which you work, which is so admirable. I'm just getting started with FBA, and have a bunch of equipment on the way to start sourcing, and your videos are directly responsible. I spent all weekend with my buddy scouting sourcing locations and becoming familiar with our local social media groups and whatnot to get up to speed with everything while we wait for our stuff to get here. At this point, we're just happy building the foundation of what will become something great, and even though we haven't made money yet, I still want to say THANK YOU for all the work you put into creating this content, because it's definitely changed my life, brother. Check in with me in a few months and I bet I'll be even more thankful!!!

your baby is SOOO Adorable! My daughter's name is also Luna πŸ™‚ they may also be the same age! (2009 baby) Thanks for all the tips!

Good job dealing with that lady. I don't see anything wrong with what you were doing. If it were crazy expensive art, those guys are buying for investment and to make money too, would she have a problem with them as well?

Such a cute daughter, my daughter is also named Luna, but a bit younger (2)

You have to be careful of glitter near the eyes because the edges of the glitter is sharp and can make small cuts into the cornea and cause infection, you can lose your eye πŸ™

It's funny how you talk shit about people complaining, but you roll with a 'sourcing crew' to the various places you go. YOU are the type of person that actually gets library sales and such to put POLICIES in place that stop the rest of us. Because DOUCHEBAGS like you take everything until there is nothing left. That's why. And you even have videos BRAGGING about your 'crew'. Like you're fucking Pirates or something. This is WHY people react badly to you. No class, just all about "MAKING DAT MONEY YALL!!"

I know I'm watching this way late – but just wanted to say you have a great family. Luna's so darn cute and smart, wife is super talented and you are crazy smart.

I found some library books but they have those sleeves on the inside and they had a book cover glued to the book. I am hoping this isn't the case for all libraries

You're so lucky, kids are the best thing ever. Enjoy it, they grow up way too fast. My oldest is 10 and I miss the little girl she used to be. πŸ™‚

they should ban cell phones at sales. Nothing more disgusting than seeing pigs roam around stores looking up things online — people like you disrupt the economy for your own gain and are the reason this country is in the shitter

Your daughter is adorable! πŸ™‚ And your channel is awesome! I am also a reseller. but in the beginning. I gain like 400 dollars per month, with a max of 5 hours of work. pretty sweet, but I want to grew it up to gain 1000 per month.

Hey Reezy-your daughter is great, love the face paint…she really reminds me of my granddaughter at that age. I'm a bit blown away you guys are selling books of all things, wow! I'm just gathering ideas right now to get started, really like your down to earth advice. And by the way, 60ish isn't old lol.

There are two things I cannot stand at FOL Library Book Sales: 1. People looking thru your totes/bags =ignorance/nosy, so it is disrespectful. There are books on tables, so they should look there. 2. People who shame book resellers. Unless there is no book scanning signs on website or fairs, they should shut up.

The lady was pissed for a really simple reason, no matter what she told you. She's obviously a seller, too, and she would've liked to have done the same thing, but you got there first. Sure, she'd like you to come 30 minutes later, so she could "let" you have the crap that she would've left for you, lol πŸ™‚

Librarians are so passionate. She lost her professionalism over technology. Glad you kept your cool.

Too bad people do not understand how time consuming online sales are. We live in a glass house. Keep up the great work!

Hi Reezy, your link for the heat gun is the same as the sticker remover. Could you please update this? Thank you.

Sadly – there are always people who can be counted on to be stupid and crazy…(sighhhhh) As for the crazy lady, good on you for not engaging at her level 'cos you know what they say, "Never Wrestle with a Pig. You Both Get Dirty and the Pig Likes It."

Now we talking …spent $400 to gain $2400 …ill drink to that sir..getting ready to go out in a few and do the same….preciate the vids man

Reez, you are a boss that’s why I keep you on lock. I enjoy watching you work with the inclusion of your family too, helping with purchasing and stuff. Keep up the good work, G Reez. God Bless you and the family!


She wanted to steal your profit and felt she would guilt you into giving up your paper!

Love ya brotha! inspiration for decades….

Nice hat bro,, blue Jay's baby!!
$2400 profit. So now that it's been 2 years. How long did it take you to sell it all.. or have you sold it all yet.. I see that garage of yours is slammed jammed packed!

I love how much you love your kid. I have a 6 year old daughter and I think how you parent her in these vids, always including her, telling her you love her is just awesome. Well done.

Glad u held your cool reminds me of a Warren Buffet quote he says " You can always tell someone tomorrow to go to hell.

seems like a lot of books to keep track of as a business expense, unless that's all taken care of with your phone app. Do you need to mark off each book as they sell?

Wait! How come you show the FBA profit when its used and there is a used cheaper section showing cheaper?

any old ladies try to fuck wit me at the next library sale they're gon catch these hands lmao

jk, love the attitude reezy. you the man!

A few years ago, I was shopping at Target for Paw Patrol pups/characters, when they first came out, for my grandson. It was the only thing he wanted for Christmas. On my 3rd Target store, I got what I found on the shelf and I asked the clerk if they had any in the back and she said a few. It just so happened that the 2 I hadn't been able to find were there in the back. I waited around for about 30 minutes for her to get off her break and everything before she came back with them. I put them in my cart and a lady comes up and said she needed those and she took them out of MY CART! I grabbed them out of her hands and put them back in my cart. Just when I thought it was all over and I was in another isle looking at something else, she was in my cart again! LOL I have never in my life had anything like this happen before. I am not one of those people that camp outside stores to get deals on Black Friday nor any other time, but I think she had some experience. I seriously had to go ahead to the checkout and then I swear I was looking around for her on my way to my car LMAO.

Thanks for sharing this story. I just started my fba book business a few weeks ago and the first day I went scouting there was this lady who was really annoyed that I was scanning books to sell them. I tried to be as nice to her as possible but she told me I was really rude. It really got to me. I'm not great with confrontation. It was kind eatin at me for a few days but I stuck with it and so far shes the only person who has thought it was rude.

Hi Rezzy, can u make a video from start to finish, like from buying the books, when u pkg and ship them out and how much u make say per week?

You have the right to make money πŸ’°. You're not doing anything illegal. It's your business and how you support your family which is noble.

That face painting game on fire! I love in this video that it’s like 70% fam and 30% business. It’s good stuff to watch you on your hustle, and see a man with priorities on point. Thanks!

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