Currently in Quincy: October 28, 2019

hello welcome to another edition of
currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano and on today’s program we will get all the
details about the upcoming pumpkin patch fair at the Quincy point Congregational
Church it’s coming up this Saturday two of the affair coordinators are here to
give us all the details first though we check out the weather and the news for
you this morning currently in Quincy still kind of cloudy
out there it’s 52 degrees right now could see a shower this afternoon could
see some sunny breaks too but it really won’t warm up much highs only in the
upper 50s kind of steady temperatures this evening under cloudy skies lows in
the lower 50s more of the same tomorrow the clouds win outs or at around 60
degrees a little warmer on Wednesday but it comes with some showers off and on
throughout the day and looks like off and on rain for most of the day on
Halloween unfortunately with temperatures on Thursday only in the mid
60s cloudy 52 in Quincy right now
and that news today there appears to be widespread support for a proposal to ban
the use of plastic shopping bags in Quincy about 20 people spoke in favor of
that plan during a public meeting at City Hall last week
Ron McDonald’s of the Quincy Climate Action Network went a step further to
ask that the regulation be amended to include a fee for paper bags
I support the mayor’s ordinance request and my friends at Q Ken who asked for
mandatory charge of 5 and 10 cents paper bag charge I also ask that when this
bill is passed there is no Regis period of time that is
more than three months before implementation in other words a minimum
of the grace period the big companies out there the big grocers they’ve known
about what’s coming down the road they don’t need a year to get ready for it
thank you thank you Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch has indicated
support for the ban on plastic shopping bags which she says will help reduce
pollution across the city plastic bags used inside stores like those for
produce and fish and me would be exempt from the ban violations
of that banned would carry warnings and then fines of up to $100 Quincy City
Council does not want an out-of-court settlements with major pharmaceutical
companies with regards to the opioid crisis officials have unanimously
opposed acceptance of any settlements and are vowing to move forward with a
major class action lawsuit spearheaded by attorney general Maura Healey
councilor at large Neenah laying echoed the sentiments of her colleagues in
telling so-called Big Pharma that Quincy will not concede to a settlements you
know the number of folks here in the city who have really banded together to
get behind the effort to combat this problem and you know particularly Laura
Mart and I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know her over the years and
to know the work that she was doing unfortunately she has to do it because
this problem is in front of us but I think that this is an important stance
for us to take and to continue to work together to combat this very serious
issue it’s still very much in front of us it’s still very much in the forefront
of a lot of people’s minds particularly here in the city and I think it’s
important that we again you know our early facing take this stuff together to
combat it so thank you thank you to my colleague for introducing this there
Thomas coke also says he stands by the City Council and the Attorney General
and proceeding with that lawsuit the action came after two counties out in
Ohio recently did agree to a 260 million dollar out-of-court settlement with
three major drug companies Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy has a new
president’s the reverend jack canal was recently installed as the fourteenth
president of that 100 year old institution during an inauguration
ceremony Cannell has actually been on that job since last april he previously
held administrative and ministerial positions at colleges and churches in
New York State Canal led the largest comprehensive fundraising campaign in
his previous school’s history taking in more than forty million dollars
Cannell said he looks forward to engaging with the entire Quincy
community Norfolk County Sheriff Jerry McDermott supports a piece of
legislation that would why’re police officers and corrections
officers to be trained on how to deal with people with autism
McDermott recently met with Maura Sullivan from arc of Massachusetts to
Lobby support for the bill he says would ensure the safety and security of those
with autism spectrum disorder supporters say people with autism
require specialized communications skills and the people with autism suffer
psychological trauma physical injury even death as a result of
misunderstandings now that you’re up-to-date with weather and news to
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minute welcome back here is a check of some of
the current events and activities we’re showing right now in our electronic
bulletin board on channel 8’s for you to know what outs Mike Quinn cycles their
ride the Blue Hill ride is coming up on November 2nd you can meet them at the
burn Asante elementary school from this Brook Parkway 9 o’clock this Saturday
morning don’t forget bring a spare tube check out their website Quinn cycles dot
org for more information the South Shore Viking Club of Braintree inviting either
there you’ll bazaar November 9th from 10 to 4 at their Quincy Avenue headquarters
Scandinavian imports baked goods jewelry knit items and this and that’s all part
of the fun this year everybody’s welcome there’s free admission you can call them
at seven eight one eight three seven seven two two two four all the details a
free legal clinic coming up at the Quincy District Courthouse on December
3rd from 6 to 8 p.m. call six one seven four seven one nine six nine three or
visit the website for the Norfolk County Bar Association if you’d like to learn
more about that and don’t forget North Quincy High class of 64 55th reunions
coming up at the Adams in in North Quincy to find out about it visit North
Quincy 64 dot-com just click on the 55th class reunion option for all the
information and if you have an event or an activity you’d like to promote visit
our website QA just download a bulletin board request form fill it out
and send it in get your message up here on Channel 8 2 coming up we will learn
all the details about the upcoming pumpkin patch fair at the Quincy point
Congregational Church that’s next welcome back it is that time of year
when lots of community groups churches local organizations are having their
fall fairs and festivals and crafters and one of them is the Quincy point
Congregational Church the annual pumpkin patch fairs coming up this Saturday from
let’s see from 9:00 to 3:00 at the church on Washington Street
so we’ve welcomed the Faire coordinators Deanna van shaken and and Sousa del to
stop on by and give us all the details and show us some fun things that you
might be able to enjoy so ladies welcome welcome
yes fall happy affair rights and and for you happy retirement
thank you indeed yes folks I’m sure we’ll recognize your name and face from
just a few years that you spent at the church right 15 years yeah 15 marvelous
wonderful inspiring years yeah and I give thanks for that obviously you’re
still very active in the church though yes I’m a pew sitter along with everyone
else and along with Deanna I ring hand bells okay and I make prayer shawls and
from time to time I help out with events and this year there was a contest to
name the fear oh and because my name won the pumpkin patch fair I figured I
better work on that fair and make it access so here I am because your name is
attached to it so I’m looking forward to the turkey gobbler sandwich very good oh
so it’s not always called the pumpkin patch no no we had a contest all right
what is it different every year or different every year yeah okay but it’s
always some kind of it fresh some kind of a Fall Fair yeah we were thinking
about favorite fall flavors in New England yes and there’s Apple of course
so we’ll be selling homemade apple pies and you always want to have cheese if
you’re a traditionalist to go with your apple pie so Deana can tell you a little
bit about the cheese that we have yes we have Cabot cheese of course and straight
from Vermont straight Vermont I go right to the creamery and
pick it up oh you do I do Oh having grown up in Cabot oh okay it’s
one of my favorite places to go and so I we bring down large chunks and we’ve cut
it fresh nice for people and it’s always tastes better when it’s fresh oh sure
then the pre then the prepackaged although that’s very good yeah this is
kind of fun so the fair itself Deana what you know what is it all about why
is it held every year what does it do well it there are a couple of things it
brings us out into the community it brings the community to us and it’s also
a very good fellowship building tool for our church and it gives a lot of the
people of the church a chance to share their talents and the baking skill and
come together for a good cause yes no one’s famous apple pies Ellen’s name is
Owen and why are they famous Ellen well they’re famous because she makes lots of
them and everybody loves them really good Ellen is a recently retired
minister who has come to worship with us oh and that they were there she and her
husband were there early on before she was a pastor and then they moved on so
they could do their work yeah and now they’re back with us and we had a
pie-making session last week we made thirty apple pies we have orders for
most of those and now we’re going to do it again to have some to sell at the
fair oh sure okay and if the money raised go to any one particular place
yes the money the money raised goes to partly stays in our church for different
projects but this year half of the money is going to go to the I to ISS Oh
interpretive services right we don’t we don’t ever keep all of our money yeah
for us we and some of the money will also be going to the new project that
our churches just heard about which is build a bed oh okay sure I have heard of
that like they had a project last year in
Quincy or at the Quincy Credit Union they had I don’t know a couple hundred
people show up and actually build them yes and we’re going we have some a group
of people who are going to be going to win I believe it is to build beds
oh that’s wonderful so some of our money will be going there yeah that’s great
just you know some of the basic needs that you’d take for granted that you
don’t even think of but for refer a child it’s so important yeah so that’s
that’s great it’s this is a long event this is nine
to three so it’s six hours it’s nonstop packed with entertainment I’m betting
well we have we have many things going on we don’t have a lot of entertainment
but the actual we set it up in kind of a boutique kind of way we do have free
coffee this year we’re having a car-free coffee
bar okay so if you are so inclined you can have pumpkin pie coffee of course
and there’s always good things to buy at the bake table to go along with the
coffee and we have a wonderful lunch counter okay so and lunch goes from
11:00 to 2:00 and you’ll see and they’re having a free lunch and enjoying it very
much in addition you have obviously many
different crafts that are available and you’ve brought some examples with you
yes we we always have a fiber arts table fiber art so are wonderful that’s
Deanna’s phrase which I love okay and it’s handmade items so there will be
knitted items there would be crocheted items this year I had invited the church
schoolchildren to help me with a project connected with trailside Museum in the
Blue Hills there is a small owl called a saw wet and that’s the littlest owl in
New England and she was hit by a car this spring on Martha’s Vineyard and a
policeman founder contacted Norman Smith at the trailside Museum she
unfortunately lost an eye and injured her shoulder so that she can’t be
released in the wild anymore okay now they have a special program a trailside
for animals that that can’t be released into the wild it’s possible for them to
become animal ambassadors if they are able to be trained and feel comfortable
around human beings which most wild creatures are not initially then they
become part of what’s called the animal ambassadors and they go with one of the
staff members or volunteers to schools move to senior centers to programs and
those little creatures help teach people about caring about nature and about
protecting the habitats of the wild creatures so our Sun is goal raised
money to be the wildlife guardians of this tiny tiny little saw an owl who is
now an animal ambassador despite her injuries and so we are selling hats on
what else lots of fun and other knitted and crocheted I’d okay but anybody wants
to talk about owls I love to talk about our that’s our logo for the fear this
year yes a pickup truck yes with pumpkins yes and yes Diana says well
just truck on over to the fear and come see us and have a chat and hopefully buy
something and so we have a number of items that have our logo on them let’s
see this and then we talked about well where we have we seen pickup trucks in
the holidays before and often around December
you see pick up a red pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the back so we’re
going to have a red truck Christmas table too with all kinds of items with
red trucks and Christmas trees in the back so if you’re thinking about the
holidays early come get something okay yeah knows they’re actually going to be
a pumpkin patch at the pumpkin patch we do have fun okay do have pumpkins and
we’ll have a pumpkin table that will have all different kinds of pumpkin
foods book on it and some other pumpkin surprises pumpkin surprises
we have to leave a few things at the event oh is the Great Pumpkin coming no
we did that on Sunday we did that on Sunday so no there is not any carving
going okay so it’ll be no no knives and sharp rocks no because it is after
Halloween yes that’s right so November 2nd yeah yeah is this typically when the
fair is held the statistical usually it’s usually sometime early November
okay mm-hmm so here we go they’re the first ones of the month pretty much
pretty much yeah pretty much yeah we do want to extend our our best wishes to
Reverend Kim Murphy who was unfortunately was supposed to be with us
here today but this is not feeling well unfortunately so we hope she gets better
soon and is able to be at the at the fair certainly and we we are hoping so
too yeah yeah absolutely yeah tell us a bit more about what’s
going on together well one of the things that I am quite excited about is we have
a young girl it’s a 6th grader that is making t-shirt bags mm-hmm so that we do
not have to use plastic bags right and so you are going to be able to pick up
one of these bags to carry the items in that you buy at the fair for a donation
if you so choose and I I think that’s fun because not only is she going to
have them there but she’s also going to show people how to make their own own
okay so you can go home and make your own t-shirt bag okay and therefore get
rid of the plastic bags oh whatever I need to in Quincy soon story in the news
you may have heard about the band that looks like it’s going to be approved
that’s right that’s right but I’m off I’m all for that sure we also have some
other equal eco friendly things we have an eco friendly area and we’ll be having
some reusable straws that come with a brush so you can clean them oh really
okay so well we’re going to try and get people into these kinds of things I’ll
have some bamboo items as well okay so well some of them I know some of the
major chain restaurants are eliminating plastic straws now you know for that
reason so it seems to be the trends it is so we’re we’re trying to be right up
there with everyone else including fair trade
Deanna yes yes the fair trade table we have a we buy our coffee at the church
from Equal Exchange which is a fair trade company that’s here in this area
okay and they also sell wonderful chocolate and we will have also some
items that are from third world countries with a serve table that’s SE
rvv i believe okay and there’s many things that are bought
from third world countries that are going to be available to sell and that
money all goes to the third world we do not keep any of that money for ourselves
cutting out the middleman essentially sell their products directly to the
consumers very good and a silent auction a silent auction this is for things that
maybe people have gotten in their travels that they want to bring back
okay we also have many gift certificates from area companies and restaurants or
establishments that want to help that will help out our fare okay so that’s
that’s what you’re going to find in this in the silent auction
since our beloved bruins are doing so well now yes we have a hockey puck
signed by David Pasternak oh and it comes from the game that they do once a
year on January 1st that’s outside and Bruins played in it last year it’s a the
New Year’s Day game when any question went to classic and it was played at
Notre Dame last year so the hockey puck has the Notre Dame insignia on it and
David Pasternak number 88 so for the sports fans it’s a little something for
you at the cyllage and one of the other highlights of the silent auction is a
photograph that our Reverend Kim took and is framed and that’s going to be a
silent auction item oh so she does very good very nice photography Oh what is
the photograph it is a center of a flower oh okay
the the petals of the flower just kind of splay out and you just concentrate on
that Center it’s very beautiful yeah very calming and peaceful but very
pretty and there’s a Nova Scotia basket and Deana can tell you more about this
there’s a special special basket with a ukulele in it and ukulele lessons
seriously yes that’s right straight from Hawaii straight from one of the people
that are in our church okay that plays the ukulele is a teacher yeah
and so that’s gonna be that’s gonna be a highlight but we love our music at
Quincy point Congregational Church so now we’re thinking that maybe we need to
be the first church ever with their own ukulele BM are the ups and so I think
that might be coming next year look for it at a church near you see that sounds
like a lot of what we have just a little bit time left but I know you wanted to
touch also on your Thanksgiving ecumenical service tell us about that
yes that is held with st. Joe’s and st. John’s and it will be at our church this
year okay on Tuesday November 26 at 7:30 and we give a community service award
every year and this year we’re very pleased to give it to Leslie Brinson
from the Quincy Public Schools she is the coordinator of the mckinney-vento
program and she’s also the contact for the foster care oh okay
for the Quincy public school Quincy Public Schools very good people don’t
realize there there are hundreds of kids in our system that that are technically
homeless yes and this is what this project this is what she this is what
her project is very good so that’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Tuesday
before Thanksgiving 7:30 and there will also be wonderful music there because it
will be the combined choirs of the three churches oh wow okay very good
yeah but and for the fair this saturday logistically where two folks
park where do they go in the church where’s the actual activity happening
yes there’s a parking lot our churches on the corner of southern artery and
Washington Street which is a major corner on the way to the bridge just and
and there’s a good-sized parking lot right there and the door that’s near the
street side of Washington Street will be open and decorated and we will be there
to welcome you okay and actually the long-range forecast looks looks okay thank you both really appreciate the
opportunity thank you you’re welcome hopefully get the word out for you just
enough time to recap the forecast for you for the rest of the day today kind
of what you see is what you get out there clouds maybe a shower highs only
in the upper 50s a chilly raw night tonight ditto
tomorrow worse on Wednesday and even worse on Thursday snow there you go but
it’s getting better for the weekend I try trust me it’s gonna be fine thanks
to Anne zoos Adel Indiana and jaqen for joining us from Quincy Point
Congregational Church thanks to our crew and thank you for watching on Friday at
11:30 we’ll learn about this year’s Quincy Veterans Day Parade on another
edition of currently in Quincy we’ll see you then

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