Cut the Waste with Manheim Express

(Auctioneer calling) When margins aren’t what they used to be,
it might be time to change what you’re used to doing. And when that’s buying and selling wholesale,
one change is sure to help your bottom line: the all-new Manheim Express, designed to help
you cut the waste and keep your margins. More than just a dealer-to-dealer network,
more than just mobile access to the nation’s largest wholesale marketplace, Manheim Express
is the best of both and more. Sellers, cut your holding costs and depreciation
when you know you can move any vehicle inside 48 hours with the industry’s only Guaranteed
First Bid (SM). Cut your transportation costs and extra logistics,
because now you can sell right from your lot! And, cut lots of busy work out of your day
with in-person support from the Manheim Express Concierge Service. (#BidSquad!) Buyers, cut the time you spend searching for
the right cars. Our all-new buying experience is the industry’s
fastest way to get the freshest local inventory on your lot. Cut the risks of buying remotely and have
total confidence in every vehicle’s condition with the industry’s only 360-degree imaging. So start the change today with everything
you need to wholesale outside the lanes. Cut the waste. Keep your margins with Manheim Express.

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