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Hi everyone, I’m Noreen welcome back to my kitchen you asked for it and here it is today, I’m gonna share with you How we break down and grill those? Petite tenderloins of beef that we get from Sam’s Club You know the ones that we shared in our last haul and a couple of times before that This is how we deal with them This is how we break down the filet and we wrap it in bacon and how Rick rolls it We’re really not this is just how we do it. This isn’t a recipe It’s just a technique because you all asked so I’m accommodating that so let’s go see how this all comes together Okay in a recent Sam’s Club Hall. I showed you guys that we really love these members mark roasted garlic petite tender beef fillets, and I told you if you wanted to see how we Grill these up And how I cut them up to do that that to leave me a comment and so many of you Requested that I share how I do this, then I’m just gonna go ahead and do it It doesn’t make it right or wrong It just makes it how I do it, so what we’re gonna do cuz we’re gonna have some some steak for dinner We’re gonna go ahead, and I just thought this out In my sink today, but the first thing you want to do is you want to make sure you have a super sharp knife So I have my stubby butcher knife here. This is my favorite knife for cutting up meat or Processing meat and then I like to usually rinse it off under some cool water, but today I’m gonna go ahead and use a damp paper towel to do that this this is my raita knife sharpener, and it is awesome, and I have even sharpened like kitchen shears with that and What else did I sharpen oh I sharpen this this uh This is my grandmother’s old fashioned slicer, and I I sharpen that with it and it works quite well, so what I like to do is I usually get about I Don’t know. What do I usually get I usually cut this? I usually cut about that much I eyeball it okay So then what you’re gonna. Do is you’re just gonna kind of stand it up on its end and give it a press alright Give it a press Just like that you can this this little end here cut that off and Then press it this will throw on the grill and that’ll be Cook Street. That’ll be you know the grill masters treat And if you end up with a with a piece that’s narrower on one end then on the other Then make sure that narrow end goes up on the top before you press it down This piece I’m just gonna leave just like that. It’s got a little bit of sinew on it But we are not gonna let that go to waste again with this little tiny piece on the end we’re gonna cut that off, and then we’re going to just cut I Don’t know inch and a half is that what I’m about what I’m doing yeah And all these weird little odd pieces just go ahead and cook them off And honestly one nice sized piece is enough for me because we’re having baked potato sauteed mushrooms and sundae onions everything’s ready to go on the grill and I’m gonna wrap my bacon today So just you know get you a piece of bacon you don’t have to do this, and it’s as easy as just wrapping it around And then grabbing a toothpick Boom that’s it and I when I whenever I sent Rick up for grilling I get a pan a sheet pan, and I line it with foil and then I line it with a couple of Layers of parchment paper that way no matter if he’s grilling burgers or sausages or chicken then he can he can just take the parchment paper away, which touch the raw meat and He can just use the foil underneath it to pull the meat off the grill, and he doesn’t have to have a separate a separate pan So there’s not a lot of you know in-and-out going on and these are not gonna take long to cook at all About how long honey for a medium medium-rare? These really don’t take long to cook at all so you don’t want to be going off and watching the game you Do what Rick does? Tell him what you do And sometimes if he’s cooking something like a London royal he will also take one of my kitchen timers and Carry it around in his pocket Now when you finish pulling these off the grill make sure you remove the The toothpicks or At least make sure that your teenagers know there’s toothpicks in there, okay? But these are going to be ready to go on the grill and we’re gonna We’ll take you outside when we get ready to throw them on and we’ll be right back Okay, these beef tenderloin filets are going on the grill right now and Rick’s gonna attend to them And we’ll be back when they’re ready to come off and well we’ll probably just meet you back in the kitchen and we’ll show you what they look like and There you have it hot off the grill and ready to eat I can’t wait for dinner tonight like I said we’re having baked potatoes Sunday onions and sautéed mushrooms to go along with this It’ll be delicious So that’s how we process those beef tenderloins And how we grill them wrapped in bacon you don’t have to do that you don’t need to season these because they already came seasoned And they’re perfectly delicious I that you give them a try And I hope this encourages you to try them I want to thank you for joining me today, and if you like the video Please consider giving me a thumbs up if you’re new to my kitchen welcome Please consider hitting that subscribe button And if you’re a tried-and-true member of the Noreen’s kitchen family be sure and hit that Bell Notification button because we don’t want you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope that the next time you see these in sam’s club You’ll give them a try and I know that you’re gonna love them so until next time. I’ll see ya


Noreen, Are you from South Carolina or the UK? Also does Rick have a Vlog? I am a subscriber and have liked every video I have watched which is about a years worth. I am not trying to be nosey just read this info somewhere and am confused about the info! Thank You

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Noreen, I rewatched this video this morning because I have plans to stop at Sam's later on and wanted to pay attention to the packaging so I could try to find them and I realized you Rick Rolled us!! Please tell me you get this (whether the Rick Roll was intentional or not). I love your sarcasm and sense of humor!!

OMG your knife! I bought some knives like that 35 years ago and gave a set to my in Laws my Father In Law loved those knives when he died I got what was left of them back. The pairing knife didn't have much left of it. They used those knives every single day several times a day. Best Knives ever! Now my Adult children have made off with them.

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