Darling’s Auto Group Career Exploration Video featuring Mario Sales Specialist

My name is Mario Panero and I’m a sales specialist at Darling’s. My job is selling new as well as certified preowned Ford, Volkswagens, and Audi’s as well as any used vehicles. Those are my responsibilities is customer service and selling vehicles On the sales portion of it, we’re the first person that they see so based on their experience with us and getting into a new vehicle, that’ll dictate whether they come back for service come back for parts or come back to their next new vehicle from us. It’s not only service that time of sale, you know helping them find a vehicle Select the right vehicle this that and the other thing, but it’s also service after the sale. You have a lot of followup with your customers on a day to day basis, questions they may have down the road problems they might run into down the road and helping take care of them then too. { speaking – inaudible} The type of person that would be a good for this job is anybody who is not afraid of diving into a conversation with anybody. We have a deal Whether they have ten million dollars in the bank and they’re looking at a 80 to 100 thousand dollar Audi or they’re on the other side of that and they’re looking for the cheapest car they can find and you’re on a budget all walks of life. You got to be able to connect with everybody. {side conversation} Hey doesn’t the deal here for Amanda looking into a 16 month term 0% through 40. [Mario] I don’t think I have any prior education or training that actually makes me qualified before I was doing this. I’ve done a number of different jobs. I was in the restaurant and hospitality industry. I’ve worked shipping and receiving for warehouses, parts rooms at an aerospace company. Right before I started with Darlings. I was actually buying and selling precious metals – gold, silver, platinum. But really to do this job, you just got to be good with people and be outgoing and not afraid to talk to people

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