Daryl Callahan from DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota – ACV Auctions Testimonial

The ability to get on board with ACV was extremely easy. Our cars that we wanted shot, we got them on run sheets, they did the CRs fast. And we were able to log in and sell those cars almost immediately. I think the biggest thing that we don’t have enough of is time and the ability to take a vehicle that you want to move on from, get the CR done. Get it up there and run it online and see what your bids are, is great sell a car quick. When a car goes past and you don’t meet the reserve, people at ACV will help you
negotiate the terms of a fair sale. So, yes it definitely saves you
time. So, certainly we appreciate the ease of selling cars. Things that were not interested in
for the frontline through ACV. It’s very nice to have them come to you, the CR done on site, you know, everything is convenient, fast and obviously people bid for the cars. So, you win when that happens. They do a great job with the CR reports. Certainly when I’m looking at cars
to buy as well like you know the peace of
mind of knowing that it’s very detailed
and, you know, they come here and inspect a bunch of our cars for
sale as well and they’re right on the money every time. Well I think that anybody who’s in a dealership in the northeast, especially if you do a good truck
volume, knows the importance of getting good
shots of the undercarriage it’s my most frequently asked question for
shoppers on my website for our used vehicles is, you know, can I get some
additional pictures of the undercarriage? So, if it’s important to, you know, the end buyer then
obviously it’s important to the dealer as well. I absolutely believe that the way they have it set up anybody could get in there and use it. I don’t think you have
to be techie to understand how the ACV tool works. You know, I think that the people at
ACV do a great job, seem to always be looking out for, you know, the relationships that
they have. And if we ever run into a snag
there’s always somebody to reach out to. So, there is strength behind that and it makes it comfortable when
you’re buying and selling cars.

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