Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo


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so sad for him, i wake up at 6:15, sometimes 6:30, arrive the office before 8, do some amazing work, have some coffee on the office balcony and leave at 17, buy grocery on my way home, cook and eat and finish before 19, play game or watch tv show or do some learning and go to bed at 21:45.

This is sad! What a sad video. And what's even worse is your upbeat tone when you're describing his extra work at home as being a typical Japanese salaryman Spirit. That's gross. I living in Japan now for about 3 years and I have more of a life than this person as it's portrayed in your video and a average salary man's life still sucks. Japan is overly uptight and overworked unnecessarily. I laugh at the part when he made his purchases sound seamless when he uses that card at the convenience store and train station. Japan has the worst banking convenience system in the modern world. To many cards to many different ways on how to collect points all of which you have to manually upload cash to each card (well at least the ones I've seen) . It's so sad. I hate purchasing items in Japan. It's not as simple as getting your salary direct deposited into your bank account and using your cash card to make purchases in every store. After which if you want points, you can just register a points card after. But back to the working life style, a real hard worker get the job done at work in during his shift. And a non black listed company will pay proper overtime when overtime is needed.

Feeling sorry for poor souls slaving their life away for some company, so sad. What a miserable experience such life is.

Let me just be as frank as possible because after watching this video I feel so fucking depressed for those salary guys working in Japan and I know there are millions of them probably doing the exact same thing as Mokoto every single day 365 days a week. This is fucking insane because there are more meaning to life then this. And when Mokoto smiles in front of the camera I can almost see the bitterness behind those wrinkles of his not so young face for a 27 year old. Down voted the video because this is FUCKED.

Im not a hottie or anything like that. But am I the only one whos disturbed everytime the creator shows his face on video? It sound really mean and im sorry.

> doesn't take shower in the morning
> Very hot summers
> Goes by bike to the subway station

I can imagine the odour on the public transportation

I don't understand why they would demand so much of each other outside of regular work, it's not like they will make more money, and 80% of that stuff doesn't even increase productivity.

Lol wtf. The dude seems happy, but looking at this from an outsider perspective makes me wonder how any japanese live over 30 years old without committing suicide if their average day is literally: Wake up – go to work – go to sleep.

I live in Indonesia and this is pretty much my life, yes we got bored, but theres always something to enjoy in daily life, things most young people these days doesnt understand and consider this 'hell' LOL, grow up.

This would be a nightmare to live like this. Thank GOD I work outside in a beautiful national park. Fresh air, freedom.

I'd have the interns making the coffee. And when the Interns are not there. I'll make the coffee every now and then but not every darn day. The boss will have to get off his behind and do it some time. Expecially since I cannot drink coffee (unless it is decaf because regular coffee has too much caffeine for me), so why would I be the one making it?

There are soooooo, many rules in japan. It makes you think if you ever go there to work, live, or go to school, you will constantly embarrass yourself because you're not used to their customs.

No wonder japan is ahead in everything. They are extremely had workers. I would probally off myself if I had to work all those hours each day. I don't even think they get as many days off as we do or weekends.

I love Japan and miss it a great deal, but life for most people there is not that great. Living in Japan is great if you work for your embassy or for a foreign company with foreign rules, and have friends and acquaintances. If not, cope or rope.

Huh. Don't see why everyone views this as soulless. Though I don't mind my job as a supply chain administrator in Canada. Getting up at 6am, and not getting home till 6pm five days a week. This is pretty similar to how the vast majority of responsible adults live in developed countries.

Makoto's got it easy. Please do a video on the day in the life of a salaryman at a large Japanese company, like Mitsubishi or Matsushita, where staying at the office until midnight everyday is common. Huge difference.

I liked this but would also like to see the contrast of what he does for fun! I want to see Makoto dancing at the clubs or in his most comfortable habitat, not just work! I think this would apply to any video of this sort to get an idea of their actual life. I left this video feeling inspired by his work ethic but also saddened, not knowing what else there is for him.

LOL I work for Hitachi in Europe and I recognize these massive meetings with 10+ people from dealer and supplier side, quite inefficient if you ask me

In Italy, my workplace in particular, if i was asked to "do cofee for everyone because i was the youngest" i would simply ignore the request and go on with my day. People should accept to work for the money and do their requested work, nothing less nothing more. Once the work-hours are done, fuck off to everyone.

I really could NOT do this – it's not the work, it's having to come home from work and live with people. (I have aspergers).

I enjoy owning my house and driving my car, as well as having spare time to squander.

Thank god I live alone. If I didn't, I think I would hate life.

That's crazy, he has no time for anything, that's no life. That being said, anyone know if this is normal or is this one of those "freak situations"?

"Makoto is fresh out of university, works for a sim card provider and he plan to stay at this company all his life"…. now i understand why suicuide rate is so high in Japan,… i just change my job for a third time this year, leaving behind a big salary , just because i didn't like the office job… but i am free, japanese not…

How the fuck does Japanese people even have children? When would you even find the time to care for one? Or even meet someone to have children with? Now I know why the birthrate is so low over there!

aside from attending meetings, what else does he do at work? He answers emails but is there any other work involved?
Just answering emails sound pretty nice.

Maybe the Japanese should work a bit less? The transportation do also take time.
I think it must be nice to live in the countryside in Japan. Imagine a cozy little town, where you live in beautiful scenery, with mountains in the background, green meadows, birds are singing and the sun is glittering. You cycle 10 minutes to the workplace. #unhoused #veterans #werise2 #metoo #himtoo #gresham #501c3 #church #temple #portland #oregon #donate #tonyparks

Just came to say, in case you didn't know, that it could take you up to 5 months to get internet installed in home. Japanese efficiency .

didn't realize their day starts that late in japan.. get to work at 820 and still the first one…? i get to work at 7am and im not even the first one

The best parts of the day and your life wasted doing irrational menial labor you don't really want to do. All so there can be 35 of basically the same simcard cell service. Capitalism.

I appreciate their discipline but this much work gives you no free time to enjoy life I've done it before and it's not worth the money unless it's for a known dedicated amount of time and your getting a lot of money. Otherwise it's just modern day slavery.

This reminded of my days when I interned at one of the Big Fours for three years. It was all work and no life. Worked anywhere between 50-60 hours a week, apart from attending college and private classes. The only shots my team and I had on Friday were Cadbury chocolate shots. 🤣🤣

I work as a nurse, private duty. I work 12 hour shifts, 5 days a week. 60 hours average, I wake up at 7am to get ready, I shower, eat breakfast at home while my family is sleeping (stay at home mom and two little boys) I leave the house 15-20 minutes early to work, I commute 1 hour on my. I leave at 745 am and arrive 10 minutes earlier than scheduled. I get report from the nurse who worked overnight. Then I begin my duties as a nurse, private nurses do laundry and even cook for the patient if they are not able to, provide medication and so on. I get off work at 9 pm drive 1 hour back home. Usually around 10:30 pm is when I arrive, i refill my gas after work not before. I never want to be late for work. All my clocks in my house are set 5 minutes ahead of the normal time. That makes me be in time for anything I plan.
That's the life of a Nurse at least for me and so many other ones.

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