Deploying ASP.NET apps on Google Compute Engine

Let’s see how to deploy an ASP.NET app on Google Compute Engine Go to Cloud Launcher and search for ASP.NET Click on Launch on Compute Engine Give your deployment a name, select the zone And click deploy. This will deploy Windows Server IIS, SQL Express, and ASP.NET on Compute Engine instance Once deployed, go to Compute Engine instance And create a Windows user and password Note down the password Also, note down the external IP of the instance. Go to Visual Studio where we have a simple HelloWorld ASP.NET app Right click on the project, select publish and create a custom profile Enter external IP as server and destination URL Give a site name, enter Windows username and password And validate connection. Finally, select “Remove additional files at destination” Hit Publish. Once Visual Studio is done your ASP.NET app is published to Google Cloud Compute Engine


Please my aim is to deploy and host my application with the database to google cloud platform.. How do i make it possible!

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