DID WE FIND ROLEX? In $1600 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit AND FOUND ROLEX

watch how can we make any money giving
it away for free Tony Hoss is crazy ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages it’s your captain speaking time to start
this unit again let’s see if we get our money back
nice looks like I might have been used once or twice so today we’re gonna play
junk junk goose and we’re gonna be looking for only good box junk junk junk kitchen all right as we take this trip
down the elevator because one of the third floor I’m gonna introduce
everybody working today hi I’m storage option buyer hi everybody
I’m Mike this is your captain speaking I am all out here at the home doing this
unit that’s why we’re kind of in a rush mode I have a plan with this what I’m
gonna do is we will be at the flea market and I will be out there selling
so I’ll make a full-on video everything spread out what we sold how much money
we made in just one load and kind of show you both sides and everything
spread out because so far this unit to me seems like a lot of regular stuff
kitchen stuff et cetera et cetera that’s why I haven’t been filming each box I’m
trying to keep it a little bit entertaining but you have to stay tuned
find out how much we made on the first load I don’t think that’s a teen care I think
it’s something to look after one of the
biggest pots I’ve seen a while full pots nice soon is heavy heavy having a lot of
regular kitchen stuff clothes just like miscellaneous nothing gonna tie off and
start taking down my trailers gonna be way too heavy today
Xbox alright that’s something that’s a load right there that’s what we’re
bringing out tomorrow and we’re done loaded with that unit for the now I will
definitely be selling that tomorrow I will go through the boxes more intently
I will show you things they need to be shown in its entirety with what this
load was worth mind you I spent $1,600 on this storage unit
I’ve got back about 200 and gold 210 in gold and well yeah
that’s alright so soon tomorrow be in this video whatever now we’re here the
next morning we are gonna unload this unit boom I didn’t get a chance to go
through a box I told you oh we’re gonna go through them a little bit here I’ll
show you it and then we’re gonna show you what we made in this first low
before we go pick up the second load which we’ll do tomorrow so we’re going
through your stuff right off the mat future Rolex ladies and gentlemen Rolex
we’re gonna put this aside and go to all the cool stuff at the end and here we
are here found drugs there’s house right here we’re just sorting stomach attorney
vigorously going through every little pocket and every little nook and cranny
everywhere so the cabinet people are digging through boxes michaelis sort and
pricing hey let’s let her go stir box before we get any further please okay
now we’re gonna to see why I didn’t want to go through each box individually
let’s go through real quick and get a chance to see everything it’s just junk
all junk everywhere now when I say junk I don’t mean I’m
throwing it away what I mean as a man you’re selling it to just threw it on
the ground we’re gonna have a big dollar sale and all this stuff to disappear we
have sound found some jewelry so we’ll go through that here shortly we found a
little bit of jewelry maybe some gold maybe some silver you good sale so far
before we get to that point where we say that a word in the F word got a sequence
is how we do it can you tell the whole world you should
be thankful that you got something to drink and you could be having nothing huh almost good shoes right here but
almost good shoes they’re coming apart in the hand
definitely found we got a Wii 360 you saw this already
you saw that that’s all the good stuff the trailer is empty that’s some gold
for a guy to go do Silver’s etc he’s oh man he’s like we found this
morning show you guys a little
something-something see if we find any gold silver and gems this is not for
sale yet sir until my guy looks at it I got to cut
that open there’s something in there where’s my knife there was a penny in
there yeah oh hell no what is it what is careful that could be somebody that
astronaut he gnashes right is that ashes that’s creepy yeah this one yeah but I
don’t even want out because it might belong to this part it is 14-karat right
there check that baby out to see this go ahead watch got the emblem there nothing there and
nothing on the back chances are we pop this off it’s gonna be the battery and
yep ladies and gentlemen we have found another Folex which’ll someday give us
some rolex maybe now that we have separate everything we got cost in here
and he’s got two gold and silver over here all the costing is over 40 bucks in
gold because we are so technical here so there’s 328 got from the gold
wouldn’t mind you I sold this out of my own pile so that was really got 228 and
gold so far out of this unit again I offered it with you last time I think to
ten children we haven’t had a chance to do silver I’m sorry Jenna I can’t just
go piece by piece there’s some cool pieces here don’t get me wrong
silver silver you see a price tag of 99 cuz the store plates everything and then
you buy it and then you appreciate it and you wasted your money stop buying
gold silver at the store I’m gonna say it anyway nonetheless five hundred and
golden silver not bad negotiated 45 on the sewing machine we
are making money ladies today you’re gonna collect that money he’s gonna spit
in his pocket and that big old messy wad he creates looking watches gonna shove
it in there yeah he just does that he can shove it’s
like it’s like when you go to work and you put the uh what do they call that
when you make the notes no not a piggy bank but when you put all the notes and
complaints in a boss as he does that but it was with money it’s gonna look so sad
and mad whatever you can get Tony dollar each yeah try to spin down
Tony’s over there trying to get 1992 bucks for a puzzle is yourself for a
buck and over here we got more customers gonna have a dollar sale here waiting
for the solvent system Charles you wanna say hi to the whole world
what’s up get it for a dollar get it for a dollar beat it Charles always here for
the dollar say yeah I think it’s dollar sales gone yeah I think they’re like
they shop so hard that we should write the free one dollar what do you think
how you doing on sales so low still though hopefully Tony pulled through I
can’t wait to count his she says she’s excited to count your wahad today Tony no way
while we do that how can we make any money giving it away for free Tony I
don’t know the boss is crazy boss is crazy
gratis rupees if you can kindly put it back in a box it would be much
appreciated if you pick it up we love you up for the fun part of the
day counting Tony’s sale just put them right there
we gotta count all of Tony’s so this is Tony learned how to keep money and track
back when I was in fifth grade mm-hmm and he just does this he just pulls out
of his pocket he’s very meticulous how he works in
there’s a 50 in there he says there it is sound 50 stuff is leaving by the car
we’re down to flea market about to start loading our second load and we did 10
1052 dollars after expenses Tony Mikayla George for the dumps and the
flea market entry not bad gotta love money right


To determine if it's a real Rolex , open it up and run a numbers match that will tell you what ya need to know

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When do you think you may know what the grand total profit you made on the 7000.00 unit. I am looking forward to seeing how succesful you were in that one unit.

Know what is creepy is you find a bag with some coins in it and some dust you think it might be somebody's ashes and it could very well be what is a creepy thing is why would you divide someone's ashes up in the 20 or more pouch

God bless you and your family and another great video and great sales to keep them great videos coming and I send you and your love ones lots of blessings always 👍👍👍👍

Why are you rushing through your stuff again? This was a hurry-hurry unit…love you and yours, but this felt cray-cray😘😘😘

Pirate,what was in that red bag that was creepy i believe i would have found a dumpster or the Pacific a good place for it. Congrats on the Rolex,hope you find many more bless your kids with it

I think the free is nice but if people know you are doing the free why would they buy the stuff for the buck i would would wait for the call for free

Be sure to tune in tomorrow Sunday nights Live 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern for Pirate's Huge Announcement! https://youtu.be/o-oglk_Rmr0 👍

Enjoyed this video Mike thanks 👍
Lol junk=flea market stuff , I know all about that to well, was tooo hot at the flea market today😱
Keep on Grindin💪👍💪♥♥♥♥

A real Rolex will say SWISS MADE on either side of the 6 at the bottom of the watch. That watch was blank at the bottom, no need to take the back off.

I cannot understand why anyone gives the entire of left over stock away? why do they not take it to goodwill and get a tax write off with stuff you donate to them? Those people know week after week that they can just hang around and wait for free stuff,just crazy giving money away.

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