Diecast Cars at Kmart Cars 2 Die-Cast Cars Sale Cartney Brakin #40 Chase Car Kids Toys

Hello, today I want to show you some awesome
cars I got at K-Mart today. I got a message from another channel, and the channel is partyrocker1992,
and they told me that K-Mart was having a special this week of 99 cent die-cast cars.
Which is a huge deal, because my K-Mart normally sells them for I think $3.90, or just about
four dollars. So it’s three dollars off, and normally my K-Mart only has Mater and Lightning,
so I wasn’t exactly expecting too much there. But I actually got a really good haul there,
and one of which is my favorite. this is a Chase Cartney Brakin, and he is number 40,
and he’s in Cars 2. It’s the little remote control car, and he comes with a little lightning
bolt that you can place on the top of his head. My son was really excited to see this,
and I actually already had it, so I’m going to give it to my nephew’s, they don’t have
it yet. And then the rest of these cars I have, but for 99 cents they are perfect for
birthday parties, and we’ve been invited to six birthday parties back-to-back, so this
is perfect. I got Holley Shiftwell number 5, Raoul Caroule number 9, Acer number 12.
And then Miguel, and I actually, I haven’t even seen him in stores for a really long
time, I think since Cars 2 came out, so I was pretty excited to see him. And then Max
Schnell, who’s one of my favorite race cars, and then Miles Axlerod. So, for 99 cents this
is a great deal. And I just wanted to put just a little plug in for partyrocker1992.
Check out his channel, he has some cool cars toys and toy reviews. So, check it out. And
also, check out your local K-Mart, see if you can find really awesome cars like I did
too. Thank you, and have a good day.

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